2021-22 Greco-Roman Domestic Rankings

130 kilograms

Donny Longendyke (Minnesota Storm) at #3 and the fearsome Illinois duo of West Cathcart and Tanner Farmer follow the no-brainer combo of Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist) and Jacob Mitchell (Army/WCAP) owning #1 and #2, respectively. The real head-scratcher for heavyweight is Dan Miller (Marines) all the way down at #7. Miller is a two-time Open winner and was a top contender one weight class lower throughout the Tokyo quad. But he went 130 for the Nationals, falling via decision to Malcolm Allen (LOG) in the final. It is odd to slot someone like Miller in so low; but if heavyweight is where he is planting his flag, he will have to re-establish his presence. Brandon Metz (Bison WC) had been a tough, skilled age-grouper and his showing in April was one of 130’s biggest silver linings. Metz is a fine athlete who may eventually develop into a legitimate force should he remain committed to this discipline. 

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