2020 Domestic Rankings - Greco-Roman

60 Kilograms

Too many high-level, established wrestlers in the top-10 (including six Army “Ninja Squad” members) meant that it was going to be exceedingly difficult for Coralville’s results to rock the boat. Thus, there are no changes among not only the top-10, but also the top-12. Taylor LaMont (3rd), who dropped a startling second-round affair to eventual champ Alex Thomsen, stays put at #8 and collects an additional 18 points to bring his total to 151.28. Randon Miranda (5th) likewise remains at #10 and is credited with 6 points and a tally of 216.26.

It is anyone’s guess whether or not we see the likes of Thomsen, runner-up Mosha Schwartz, or 4th place Chance Rich in a Senior tournament again anytime soon. Even still, glimmering performances need to be rewarded. Thomsen, Schwartz, and Rich all crack into the top-15 after receiving baseline point values relative to their respective placements. 

Transparency Report: The ‘20 Nationals -- for everyone -- was obviously an event held under unique circumstances. Wrestlers from military programs were not permitted to compete, and many top athletes chose not to enter due to a variety of reasons, be it travel restrictions, lack of adequate training, dissatisfaction with the event’s place on the calendar -- or in some cases, the absence of prize money and procedural incentives. 

Because of this, an effort was made not to penalize those who decided to sit out of the tournament. This is not to say that all athletes who declined to participate kept their prior ranking. In several weight categories, there are athletes who dropped a spot or two. One in particular was ‘18 US National Team member David Tate Orndorff, who competed in Iowa but bypassed Greco in favor of freestyle. And given their results, some wrestlers have deservedly moved up in their respective weight classes. Such is how rankings operate. 

At the same time, one fortuitous byproduct of the encouraging amount of participation was that it now allows for rankings to go from #1 to #15, which was the original objective for this endeavor upon conception.

For a full overview on how the ranking system works, please view this article.

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