2020-21 High School Rankings

Pound for Pound

Six new faces enter the pound-for-pound rankings this week after Who's #1. Drake Ayala comes in all the way up at #8. His consistent career combined with his outstanding overtime win over previous p4p #1 Richie Figueroa prove that he's one of the nation's best. I've gone back and forth on Gallagher and Facundo. First I kept Paddy at 2, then a compelling office argument about Facundo's win over Valencia (who beat Paddy at Doc B) had Facundo at 2. Ultimately, Paddy's more recent head-to-head win over Facundo keep him at #2, not to mention the fact that he looked dominant on Saturday night.

Tate Picklo comes in at #12. He has an impressive folkstyle unbeaten streak, but it was hard to tell how good he was compared to the p4p field until Saturday night when he could not be taken down, even by Seth Shumate, the #13 man on this list.

Chase Horne's high-scoring win over Kyonte Hamilton plus his rock-solid results in high school earn him the #14 spot. I hope he and Kyonte square off again as they promise to bring fireworks every time. Lenny Pinto also cracks the list, and maybe he should have been here already. After winning the toughest state tournament bracket in the country in March, he followed that up with his third win over Rylan Rogers at Who's #1.

Victor Voinovich and Cody Chittum were both middle-weight winners on Saturday, and they've earned their way into the p4p conversation. Voinovich has been near the top of the weight class rankings for a long time and proved why against Jagger Condomitti. Chittum beat Wyatt Henson once again and is the only sophomore on this list.

The new top man in the land is Shayne Van Ness who was unfortunately unable to compete due to injury. Hopefully we'll get to see him defend his #1 ranking against Jesse Mendez who just won thrillers against Jordan Williams and Joel Vandervere.

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