2021-2022 International Rankings - Men's Freestyle

57 Zaur Uguev

No movement in the rankings at 57kg. Although the competitors at the 2021 Henri Deglane weren’t ranked, the results are worth mentioning. Nick Suriano raises his stock after beating two of Azerbaijan’s top 57kg guys - Makhir Amiraslanov and Islam Bazarganov. Suriano has yet to notch a signature, ranked win, but has put himself in a position to enter the top 20 soon.

It’s also worth noting that Aryan Tyutrin competed in and won the Belarus National tournament. Tyutrin has undergone the process to change his country of representation from Russia to Belarus. He’s placed in the top 3 of Russian Nationals numerous times and has won many international tournaments over the past five years. Tyutrin representing Belarus on the World/Olympic level adds depth to an already talent-filled 57kg field.

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