2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

157 Deakin-structing Harry

AC Headlee zoomed up to #12 after beating BC LaPrade in the battle of the ABCs. Going the other direction fo Justin Ruffin, who lost to Zac Carson of Ohio. Ruffin has a win over All-American Larry Early and Logan Parks. Parks beat Matt Zovistoski, so Ruffin lands right above Zov. 

Zovistoski also beat Jared Franek, who makes his rankings debut just below Zov after beating Justin Thomas. 

Zovistoski is responsible for many ranker's delights, as he lost to Wyatt Sheets who just lost to Keaton Geerts who lost to Fernie Silva who is 7-15 (I don't mean to pick on Fernie, who is very tough and could thrash me mercilessly). 

Franek and Carson's inclusion in the rankings mean Jahi Jones and Peyton Robb are pushed onto the bubble, despite them both notches victories this weekend and losing only to wrestlers ranked ahead of them. 

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