2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

174 Better Call Hall

#9 Kaleb Romero beat #8 Anthony Valencia, resulting in the easiest decision a ranker must make by flip-flopping the two spots. Perhaps this situation should be called a 'ranker's delight' and an 'A>B>C>A' situtation should be called a 'ranker's lament'? Anyway, something to ponder.

In other news, Sammy Colbray enters the fray. Colbray, who started his varsity career at 285, has just a 3-1 record at 174. His career resume warrants a ranking, however, so we slotted him at #11. We will monitor his results closely and the results of those around him, and make adjustments ad necessary. 

Elsewhere, Clay Lautt and Andrew McNally enter the rankings on the stength of their recent performances, whereas Joe Grello and Kevin Parker are nudged out of the top 25 due to recent losses. 

Questions or comments about the rankings? Get in touch with the rankers Andrew Spey (Twitter: @speywrestle; email: andrew.spey@flosports.tv) and Christian Pyles (Twitter: @cpyles8; email: christian.pyles@flosports.tv).

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