2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

125 2 Leegit 2 Quit

Brandon Courtney had a day on the mat. Also on the diamond. Arizona State wrestled in a baseball stadium this weekend, and Courtney batted a thousand, going four for four on the week and knocking off Alex Mackall in the process.

Jacob Schwarm lost to Danny Vegas of SDSU. Vega has a few more unranked losses on his record to keep him from jumping into the rankings and Schwarm has a win over Camacho and no other losses to wrestlers ranked below him, so he does not drop yet.

Cardani's victory over Meredith earns him a ranking, while Meredith's victory over Colaiocco earlier in the year keeps him just inside the top 25. 

Mancio's loss to Dom Lajoie uses up the last of his slack from a red hot start to the season. Conversely, Lajoie and Vega are on the cusp of a ranking. 

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