2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

P4P Seth Gross

Gross' loss to DeSanto means we have a new P4P #1 for the first time this season. Gross falls to #7, bellow Kollin Moore, who doesn't have a national championship like Gross does, but has also not lost to someone who was not a national champ since 2018. 

DeSanto moves up to #12 behind Nick Piccininni, who with a win over Spencer Lee last year has a similar magnitude victory on his resume. 

Gable Steveson has been removed from the rankings until he returns to collegiate action. Ryan Deakin slides into the vacant spot at #25. Why Deakin and not Kaleb Young, who beat Deakin twice at NCAAs, or David Carr, who just beat Carr? Because P4P is less about 'what have you done for me lately?' as the weight class rankings are, and more about long term dominance and career body of work. P4P is operates literally whimsical, so no need to think about it too much either way. 

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