2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

133 Gross Pointe Blank

A pair of 133-pounders made their mark at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic and enter the top 25. Sammy Alvarez and Josh Kramer both excelled in Troy, NY, and debut at #11 and #12 respectively. 

There was quite the 'ranker's delight' at the Collegiate Classic, as Nick Farro beat Alvarez, who beat Krammer and Alex Madrigal, who both beat Farro. Fun!

Elsewhere, Mario Guillen upset Noah Gonser, creating an intractable logjam from #10 to #19. Your best guess for the order there is as good as ours!

Additionally, Devan Turner enters the rankings thanks to his wins over Codi Russell and Tim Rooney, the latter of whom is forced out of the top 25. Todd Small beat Colin Vladiviez, and Valdiviez drops into the bubble. Drew Bennet beat Jevon Parish, but there isn't enough room for either of them in the top 25. Not that any of them aren't deserving of a ranking, it's just that there are only so many spots to go round!

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