2018-2019 Prospect Rankings

Prospect Rankings By Weight

A little about "Prospect Rankings":

The Prospect Rankings are markedly different from the weight class rankings (which are all grades with wrestlers at their current weights and based entirely on results) and the Big Board rankings (which are grade specific and opinion-based).

Prospect Rankings take wrestlers from all grades and project them to their college weights. We then rank them based on what we think (opinion/assessment) their potential is.

A good measure to understand what I'm assessing, is to find a valuation to a senior, and then to take all the other wrestlers and project what level they will be at when they are a senior.

It's certainly an inexact science - one that is ever evolving and full of factors (none more obvious than the difficult in projecting physical growth). But Prospect Rankings just might be the most important one to recruiters, who have to not only target each weight, but have to deliberate on signing that weight this year, or waiting a year or two on someone who might turn out to be better.

The Turnover at 141:

- Seven of the previous Top 20 graduated

- Five of the previous Top 20 remained ranked at the same weight

- Four of the current Top 20 were ranked at other weights

- Eleven of the current Top 20 are new to the Prospect Rankings

At The Top:

Josh Saunders was always known as a future star. He's been ranked at or near the top of his class his entire career. But throughout last season, he was in a sea of tough guys he'd split matches with. Since then, they've all graduated or moved up in weight. In combination with his sensational freestyle season in which he's beaten Vito Arajau and made a Cadet World team, Saunders stands alone (at least at this point in time) as the best future 141lber now in high school.

Mastro has had Crookham's number, so a tough call there. But whereas Mastro has just two more years before college, Crookham has his entire high school career to develop and he's already at a freaky high level - especially in folkstyle. 

Gabe Tagg had a fantastic Fargo, vaulting him up the board from unranked to 3rd. 

FloNationals and Fargo Champ Serrano checks in at 5th with two more years of high school left. And the Ohio boys D'Emilio and Crace round out a very tough Top 7.

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