2022 High School Big Board

Freshmen BB: End of 2019

The Class of 2022 now has a full year of high school action in and guess what...they're the truth.

Many of them showed out at NHSCA's but they let their impact be felt in all-class settings as well. 16 of them placed at FloNationals with two champs and four finalists. Many will be in the hunt to make the Cadet World Team in Akron next month.

At The Top

Ryan Crookham maintains the #1 spot. We probably won't see him for a while as he's out with an injury.

The Top 5 features two guys that could be included in each of our sections here: Seth Shumate (from 27 to 3) and TJ Stewart (from HM to 5) have made huge gains.

Shumate (195) won a big school title in Ohio while Stewart (160) was 3rd at Preps. Both went on to win NHSCA's. 

Big Movers

Rylan Rogers spent the year in spot duty in Blair's crowded lineup. But he shined at NHSCA's and then at Journeymen World Classic. He went from 52 to 10.

Mitch Mesenbrink is all the way up to #12 after he went scorched earth at USAW (1st) and FloNats (3rd).

Clayton Whiting won 145 in Wisconsin D2 and then backed it up with a USAW Folk title. 

Matt Singleton shot up the board (49 to 18) by winning NHSCA's and reaching FloNats finals. 

New Faces

25% of the Board is new. 

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