2018-19 High School Wrestling Rankings

Plott, Figs Join the Club

Most of the rankings updates in this edition come from Super 32 with a few notable results from Freak Show, Fall Brawl, and Grappler Fall Classic. No results from PreSeason Nationals affect the rankings as there were no ranked head-to-heads nor ranked losses to unranked guys. 

Super 32 was a doozy and causes massive changes. Look for notes on each weight class for more details.

In P4P, four members came to S32 with Amos and Facundo winning titles, Vasquez taking 2nd for the second straight year, and returning champ Anderson, who improbably took 5th despite not surrendering an offensive point.

Vasquez lost in the finals last year to Joey Silva and this year to Jaden Abas. But Abas has too many recent losses to non P4P to get in. Anderson lost to Amine (who lost in finals to Connor Brady) and to Balmeceda in rideouts.

So two spots open up. I'm going with Plott who has wins over Kennedy and Starocci while his only loss in a year was to Kharchla. 

For the last spot I'm going with Figueroa, who truly embodies the P4P spirit. He didn't decide to go 113 until the day before when he though, 'why not just go up for the challenge?'

He hasn't lost since last year's Ironman and since then won Akron, medaled at Worlds, beat the Ironman Champ and former #1-Decatur, and won Super 32 over the clear #1 at 113.

I'm also giving Aragona a slight bump. While it's true that he has a loss to Manville, that's his last loss whereas Manville lost to Mayora in Akron. And Aragona's win (rather convincingly) over O'Toole is looking enormous now as O'Toole went on to torch the field at S32 at 145. He also beat Tagg who was 2nd in Fargo and 4th at S32.

The next up would have been O'Toole. I think he's leaps and bounds better now then he was in June at Akron, where he placed 5th (losses to Bartlett and Tal-Shahar). Plus he was 132lbs there. 138 when he won Fargo, and the S32 Champ at 145. However results are results, and they are rather fresh. Something tells me he'll eventually get in. 

One last observation - only five of the 14 in P4P are Seniors, and only six of them are committed. 

There were a ton of results to pour through, so if you think I missed something, as always, I'm happy to receive a message - email me at willie@flosports.tv or hit me on Twitter @WillieAtFlo

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