NCAA Prospect Rankings

NCAA Prospect Rankings - 165 Pounds

We're now into the backhalf of the the weight class rankings. David Carr heads off to Iowa State as probably the second best guy from the Class of 2018 and entering a weight class that he can absolutely dominate in a few years. Carr is one of the best in the country at being able to go out and get a takedown whenever he needs it.

Jacori Teemer on the other hands is one of the best defensive wrestlers in the country, to the point he will literally just give opponents his legs so he can counter. Teemer has put on quite a bit of size since his freshman year, and also has an excellent cross body ride on top.

Joe Lee went the same route as his brother Nick, spending the year living in State College and training with the Nittany Lion WC. Lee got a win over Carr last spring and could be the heir apparent to Vincenzo Joseph for PSU.

Jesse Vasquez is just a sophomore, but has the frame to grow, can scramble, attack with both legs, and generally looks like he will be college ready right away in two years. Connor Brady rounds out the Top-5 and just committed to Virginia Tech.

Keeping it young at #6, freshman Victor Voinovich won a big school Ohio state title at 145. The Brecksville middleweight is already years ahead of his peers in terms of his ability to ride, and knows how to control and gameplan matches. Kevon Davenport is due for a growth spurt and could very well end up as one of the most coveted recruits from the Class of 2019.

Overall this is a solid and accomplished weight that will very likely end up being top heavy. The top three-to-six guys will dominate the podium, and the difference in everyone else will depend on weight management, cultural fit, health and training situation.

Please remember that these are prospect rankings and not the same as the high school weight class rankings. Wins and losses play a part, but this is more about the long-term potential for these young men. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM @wrestlingnomad on Twitter or email me at

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