Class Of 2019 Big Board

Super 32 Data

By the time they enter the final year of high school, we have a pretty good grip on the pecking order. That being said, Who's #1 and Super gave us much more data, resulting not so much 'new' discoveries, but kids that jumped levels.

This Big Board will be the first in a series of five as we'll roll out Juniors thru Junior High over the next month.

The next update will come sometime after Ironman.

At the Top

Cohlton vs. Kerk - It bears repeating. In my estimation their long-term potential is neck-and-neck. Take your pick.

Surprises. If I told you a year ago that Carson Kharchla, JoJo Aragona, Andrew Alirez, and Jacob Cardenas would be ranked Top 50 heading into their final campaign you wouldn't have been surprised. But if I told you all four of them would be Top 10? I don't know if I've ever seen that many 'surprises' all make the SR Top 10 in the same year.

Big Movers

#6-JoJo Aragona - from #15 - Who's #1 four-man winner

#9-Connor Brady - from #21 - Super 32 Champ

#18-Devin Winston - from #31 - Who's #1 Winner

#21-Lucas Byrd - from #45 - Super 32 Champ

#28-James Whitaker - from #48 - Super 32 Runner-Up

#38-Wyatt Hendrickson - from #66 - Super 32 Runner-Up

New Faces

Thirteen wrestlers are new to the Big Board.

#86 - Aidan Conner, TX - Super 32 Champ

#87 - Talon Borror, OK - Fall Brawl Champ

#88 - Kohlton Clark, AL - S32 Placer

#89 - Lance Runyon, IA

#90 - Johnny Lovett, FL - S32 Placer

#92 - Jace Punke, IL

#93 - Mateusz Kudra, MA - Journeymen Winner, S32 3rd

#94 - Legend Lamer, OR

#95 - Martin Wilke, MT 

#96 - Patrick Gould, PA

#97 - Sean Harman, OR

#98 - Antonio Lorenzo, CA

#100 - Matt Cover, OH

Still On the Market

Nine of the Top 100, including two in the Top 20, are uncommitted.

#15-Carter Starocci, PA

#18-Devin Winston, MO

#61-Devin Schwartzkopf, MO

#80-Sean Pierson, PA

#87-Talon Borror, OK

#88-Kohlton Clark, AL 

#90-Johnny Lovett, FL

#92-Jace Punke, IL

#96-Patrick Gould, PA

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