Class Of 2019 Big Board

Cadet World Champs Reign Supreme

Now that Ironman is over, it's time to update the nation's Top-100 juniors. At the top remain our three Cadet world champs from this grade. 

With career Ironman placings of 4th, 5th and 4th, Jordan Decatur drops a few spots. He is clearly a tremendous freestyle talent, but he loses enough folkstyle matches to warrant a little drop. The same applies to Julian Ramirez, a spectacular wrestler who is always in fun matches, but tends to get second and third more often than he gets first.

In their stead, we bet on potential with Carter Starocci and Chris Foca, who have among the highest ceilings in this class. Right behind them are two PA boys who I have no idea what to make of their weight. Julian Chlebove looked undersized at Super 32, but I still think he ends up a 141 at Arizona State. Ryan Anderson wins Super 32 at 138, then drops to 132 for Ironman and finishes third, and still looks like he could make 126.

The mayor of Greensboro Adam Busiello is back in the Top-10 as he looks to be one of the best 125lb prospects regardless of grade. I really would have liked to see Connor Brady at Ironman, so hopefully his Ohio schedule allows him to hit some of the top guys this season. Brevin Balmeceda backs up what we thought about him by winning Super 32.

After Fargo, it was easy to dismiss Jaden Abas. But then he made the finals of both Super 32 and Ironman, reminding us he can cradle anyone from anywhere. He'll be a handful to deal with as a full grown 149 pounder. Oh and speaking of cradles, a fully healthy Michael Colaiocco is problems.

Two big movers are Carson Kharchla and Travis Ford-Melton. Kharchla is up to 19 from 45 and Ford-Melton is up to 24 from 63. On episode 5 of Who's #1: The Show, Willie and I discussed those two as well as some new faces, guys like Owen Trephan, Sean Pierson and Isaiah Perez.

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