Class Of 2018 Big Board

Final 2018 Big Board

It's Gable's World, and it has been. Gable Steveson has lived at the top of the Class of 2018 Big Board his entire high school career. And, in contrast to most high school/recruiting rankings discussions, it hasn't even been questioned. 

Of course the class is brimming with talent. It's just that Gable has been so good, for so long, without a blip on his ledger.

Our first real 'debate' comes at the #2 spot, where we place Aaron Brooks. Like Gable, he was a talent we saw coming as early as Junior High. But it was really the last two years where Brooks started ascending. After a Cadet World title last summer, he punctuated his career with his 4th NHSCA title and a crown at Vegas Juniors in perhaps the tournament's most loaded weight.

Nomad and I debated where Parris falls. We ultimately put him 3rd. Nomad lobbied he's not the #1 prospect in his weight class and I countered that he looks like a perennial Top 4 guy - something I wouldn't guarantee with just about any other prospect.

I always try to write a finer point before each final Big Board or Recruiting Class ranking. And our back-and-forth conversation regarding Parris prompts me to explain a bit about position 'scarcity'.

The two best weights this year were heavyweight and 157/165. Ten 285's appear in the Top 100. From Gable to Parris, and Cassioppi and Nevills, heavyweight at the DI level will get a shot in the arm with this class and Schultz and Kerkvliet coming next year. In that way, Cassioppi and Nevills, the 'other' heavy prospects (Emerson, Reid, Whitman, Elam) get knocked down a bit.

Here are the projected weight classes that appear in the Top 100. Keep in mind, the totals will be greater than 100 as some are listed as, for example 125/133.

125: 10

133: 7 

141: 11

149: 11

157: 18

165: 16

174: 14

184: 13

197: 11

285: 10

For the first time, I've also included the wrestlers' final weight class rank. This can help the reader understand which guys we are bullish and bearish on.

Let's talk about those (bullish) we like much more as a prospect than what their high school career win-lose ledger had them ranked at.

#23-Jakob Camacho: His weight class ranking was a little misleading. He suffered two losses wrestling injured but, losses are losses and I had to drop him. You know him better as Super 32 and FloNationals Champ who should excel at the lightweights for the Pack.

#39-Peyton Mocco: Late bloomer who is just scratching the surface. Majored Tyler Dow in state finals before winning FloNationals. High positional awareness and an unconventional style a la his club coach, Ben Askren.

#50-Tyler Dow: After a runner-up finish to David Carr last year, Dow took in-season losses to Franek and Mocco. He's coming off a great performance in Vegas with a win over Merola. I really like his intangibles and think he has a career in college that surpasses his #16 weight class rank.

#62-Kolby Ho: Quiet, yet crafty, I think Ho's best days are ahead of him. Excellent grab by George Mason. 

Our discussion on Who's #1 this week (Wednesday) will be centered around this Big Board.

Upcoming rankings include recruiting class rankings followed by new weight class rankings.

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