2023-24 NCAA Women's College Wrestling Rankings

101 pounds

1. Iowa is here. You’ll see some of the Hawkeyes' names throughout the rankings from top to bottom, and there will be more coming as results continue to roll in throughout the college season. Currently, the Hawkeyes hold three #1 spots: Felicity Taylor at 123, Ella Schmit at 143, and Marlynne Deede at 155.

2. Returning national champ North Central still tops with four #1’s. Returning national champions Madison Avila and Jaslynn Gallegos are both #1 at 101 and 116, respectively. Returning national runner-up Yele Aycock is #1 at 136, and returning runner-up Traeh Haynes is #1 at 191.

3. Most of the weights are deep, especially 116, 123, and 130. Making the national tournament will be harder than ever this year. Cracking the podium will be a feat.

4. There are some notable ranked transfers: Olivia Shore (101), Faith Cole (109), Nichole Moore (130), Solana Mottola (130), and Viktorya Torres (136) all to McKendree, Central Methodist NAIA champ Caitlyn Thorne (116) to Lindenwood, Nanea Estrella and Emily Patneaud to Iowa at 136 along with Jaycee Foeller at 191, and of course, McKendree national champ Felicity Taylor at 123 and Augsburg champ Marlynne Deede at 155 are both Hawkeyes now. California and Cerritos star Aine Drury (143) goes to King.

5. Freshman who have wrestled college matches are already starting to crack the rankings. Notable: King freshman Virginia Foard #3 at 123 and Sacred Heart freshman Love Daley #2 at 170. More will likely be coming next round.

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1Madison AvilaSONorth Central
2Emilie GonzalezSOIowa
3Sterling DiasSOIowa
4Jenavi AlejandroSOTiffin
5Jennesis MartinezJRColorado Mesa
6Samantha MillerJRMount Olive
7Olivia ShoreSOMcKendree
8Jessica CorredorSOKing
9Isabella MoralesSOColorado Mesa
10Mia ZunigaFRKing