2023-24 National Girls High School Wrestling Rankings

155 pounds

The high school regular season has ended. All of the official and unofficial girls state high school championships have been held, finishing off in March with the Ohio and Pennsylvania state meets. This ranking was heavily influenced by the results of those state championship events, which led to considerable changes in every weight class. 

Also influencing the selections was the first of the major post-season events, the 2024 USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Championships for high school wrestlers in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The first of the USA Wrestling Regional events has been held, as well as some all-star competitions.

There are three new No. 1 ranked wrestlers in the March rankings: Aubre Krazer of Pennsylvania (130), Bella Williams of Oklahoma (135) and Sydney Perry of Illinois (145). 

One of the No. 1 wrestlers changed weight classes, and remained at No. 1, Taina Fernandez of Maryland, who is now ranked at 125 pounds.  

The No. 1 ranked athletes who remained at the top of their weight class are Jaclyn Bouzakis of Pennsylvania (100), Morgan Turner of Illinois (105), Audrey Jimenez of Arizona (110), Isabella Marie Gonzales of California (115), Everest Leydecker of Arizona (120), Kaidance Gerg of Idaho (140), Eduarda Rodrigues of California (155), Piper Fowler of Tennessee (170), Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (190) and Gemma Templeman of California (235). 

There are only a few changes in the Pound-For-Pound (P-4-P) rankings. No. 1 Audrey Jimenez of Arizona remains on top. The only new athletes added to the list are Jordyn Fouse of Pennsylvania, who comes in at No. 24 in the P4P and Molly Allen of Iowa, who is the new No. 25.

The next National Girls High School Ranking will be in early May, which will feature many of the large post-season events held in April, including the USA Wrestling Women’s Nationals in Spokane, Wash., the USA Wrestling Girls National High School Recruiting Showcase in Las Vegas, the NHSCA Nationals in Virginia Beach and many others. 

The next rankings may include the re-introduction of the 95-pound weight class, which was not posted during the regular season, because no state associations use that weight class during the regular season. 

Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking or updates on their achievements, please send it by email to girlsrankings@usawrestling.org. The quality of these rankings continue to improve as people choose to share updated information.

1Eduarda RodriguesSRNewport BeachCANewport Harbor1 at 155
2Nebi TsarniSRMontgomery VillageMDWatkins Mill1 at 145
3Mishell RebischSRWashingtonMIRomeo3 at 155
4Sarah HenckelSOSouthburyCTBlair Academy4 at 155
5May CuylerSRBristowVABrentsville District6 at 145
6Skylar Little SoldierSRWelchMNHastings7 at 155
7Millie AzlinSOBixbyOKBixby8 at 155
8Mya BethelJRMiamiFLNorth Miami5 at 155
9Skylar SladeSOAltoonaIASoutheast Polk13 at 155
10Nicole OlsonSR IAMissouri Valley11 at 155
11Haylee McGrewJRAnkenyIAAnkeny12 at 155
12Sage RosarioJRManhattanKSManhattan18 at 155
13Jayci SheltonFRCentraliaMOCentralia6 at 155
14May PradoSRMariettaGA.Lassiter10 at 155
15Maddie HaydenSOCaledoniaMICaledonia14 at 155
16Calyese DupreeJRNixaMONixa15 at 155
17Desza MunsonSRArvadaCOPomona20 at 155
18Brynn ShepardsonJRLittle FallsNYLittle Falls16 at 155
19Katie LawSOHerrimanUTHerriman19 at 155
20Kylee TaitSRMariettaOHWarren21 at 155
21Josie HoukSRTorringtonWYLingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast22 at 155
22Avry RyhalSRMercerPAHickory27 at 155
23Sara PulkFRStrathconaMNBadger-GB-MR26 at 155
24Leyna RumplerSRWexfordPANorth Allegheny23 at 155
25Mallory WinnerJRRidgevilleINJay County24 at 155
26Clarissa WangenSRUniversity PlaceWACurtis25 at 155
27Isabella GretzingerSRMechanicvilleNYShenendehowa29 at 155
28Peighton MullinsSRPark HillOKFort Gibson30 at 155
29Hailie KruegerJRNew LondonWINew LondonNR
30Kelly AsprasSRMilfordCTForanNR