2023 NAIA Women's Wrestling Rankings

155 pounds

These rankings were produced by a committee working with AmericanWomensWrestling.com for FloWrestling.

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Welcome to the inaugural FloWrestling NAIA Women’s Rankings!

We’re about to watch history. When NAIA women that qualified at conference tournaments last weekend head to Jamestown, North Dakota, March 10-11, they’ll participate in the first sanctioned NAIA Women’s Wrestling National Championships.

Along with this monumental moment, we’re releasing our first NAIA women’s rankings. This ranking includes results from a cross-section of the entire college season, including over a dozen opens, the Midlands, Soldier Salute, National Duals and most importantly, NAIA conference tournaments. Heavy weight was given to the conference tournaments in these rankings.

As with any ranking, our criteria includes: head-to-head results, giving the most weight to the most recent result, common opponents, success against the field in comparison to others, dominance, and body of work. We do not penalize a wrestler who took a loss due to medical forfeit. Also, keep in mind that results from last season start to lose their luster if new results are providing fresh info about an athlete’s level. That said, previous All-American finishes and national titles do carry some weight when considering where to put someone in the rankings. 

Even though it’s only top 10 at this time, we might consider expanding it as we continue providing this service to the women’s wrestling community. For now, to all the young women and programs that made our first NAIA rankings, congrats!

A few interesting things to note. First, the #1 and #2 at 101 are both Providence. Talk about being tough at a weight! Providence has two at #1, with Ira Navarro at 101 and Ashley Gooman at 116. Life University also has two #1’s, with Peyton Prussin at 109 and Latifah McBryde at 155. Southern Oregon only has one #1 (Carolina Moreno at 123), but has the most in the top three with 5—Esthela Trevino #3 at 101, Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez #3 at 109, Carolina Moreno #1 at 123, Emily Se #2 at 143, and Joye Levendusky #2 at 170.

So take a look and get ready for Jamestown. It’s going to be a memorable inaugural national championship!

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