picture of Emilio Ysaguirre Jr

A native of Elroy, AZ, the Valiant Prep product  has been something to watch for some years now. Ysaguirre finished sixth at the freakshow in 2017 at 102 pounds in the 15U division. At the schoolboy level, Ysaguirre won double title at the AZUSAW freestyle/greco state tournament in 2018.


The Eloy Boys (Episode 5)

Aug 8, 2023

In this episode we get to take a look at a typical day at Valiant Prep, meets some of the teachers and experience what it's like inside their classrooms.

The wrestlers get back to training in the garage and get a chance to play some wrestling related games on the mat. We then get out into the watermelon fields to understand what goes in to picking watermelons, followed by an off road trip where the boys do some fishing in the canals.

And finally we experience graduation day at Valiant Prep with their graduation class of a whopping five students.