picture of Dave Habat
Dave Habat

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Dave Habat | The Bader Show (Ep. 132)

Dec 1, 2020

0:01 Dave Habat’s life and training during this pandemic
0:07 Habat’s approach to film study
0:09 When Dave Habat decided to compete for Slovenia
0:12 How Habat’s international confidence has grown
0:16 Habat’s thoughts on his upcoming training with Bajrang
0:17 Sergei Beloglazov’s impact on the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
0:28 Habat is increasing his technical skillset and not just sharpening it
0:32 How Habat is approaching the RTC Cup
0:36 Habat is excited to compete in a team format for the first time in a long time
0:41 Dave Habat is planning to compete in the UWW Individual World Cup
0:45 Habat’s international travel stories
0:50 Dave Habat’s wins & whoopins
0:57 Habat’s final word