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Completed · Jan 4

Here's how to watch the 2022 Arizona State vs Michigan broadcast on FloWrestling. The 2022 Arizona State vs Michigan broadcast starts on Jan 3, 2022 and runs until Jan 4, 2022. Stream or cast from your desktop, mobile or TV. Now available on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV. Don’t forget to download the FloSports app on iOS or Android! If you can’t watch live, catch up with the replays! Video footage from the event will be archived and stored in a video library for FloWrestling subscribers to watch for the duration of their subscription.

736. What Happened Yesterday + Tiers

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What Happened Yesterday + 125-141 Midseason Tiers | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 736)

Jan 4, 2022

Shane Sparks joins the show to talk about what happened with Arizona State - Michigan, how our tiers have changed since the off-season, and much more.

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Run of Show
(2:10) What happened with ASU vs Michigan, masks, etc.
(29:05) elite wrestlers’ mindset towards competition
(36:30) should there be a penalty for failed challenges in folkstyle?
(41:30) we sort of did pre-season tiers, so now we’re going to do midseason tiers
(42:22) 125
(1:05:15) 133
(1:09:36) 141
(1:21:65) ranking Iowa wrestlers by their probability of making the finals
(1:15:50) Hodge Talk
(1:22:30) back to 141
(1:26:17) the greatest transitive property path of all time