picture of FloWrestling: 2020 RTC Cup Presented by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

Dec 4-5, 2020

Six of the best Regional Training Center's, New Jersey RTC, Spartan Combat, Ohio RTC, Wolfpack RTC, Minnesota Storm, and the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club will do battle at the RTC Cup presented by the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club with $200,000 in payouts on the line.

All times Eastern

Day 1

Pool competition

Pool B:

2:00 PM - Ohio RTC vs NJRTC/SERTC

3:00 PM - Ohio RTC vs Spartan Combat RTC

4:00 PM - Spartan Combat RTC vs NJRTC/SERTC

Pool A:

6:00 PM - Cliff Keen WC vs Gopher WC

7:00 PM - Cliff Keen WC vs Wolfpack RTC

8:00 PM - Wolfpack RTC vs Gopher WC

Day 2

Bracket competition

8 Team bracket, winners of Pool A & B receive byes to the semifinals


1:00 PM - Pool A #2 vs Pool B #3

2:00 PM - Pool A #3 vs Pool B #2

Winners to the semifinals

4:00 PM - Quarterfinal losers wrestle for 5th place


5:00 PM - Pool A #1 vs winner of 2:00 PM Dual

6:00 PM - Pool B #1 vs winner of 1:00 PM Dual


7:00 PM - Semifinal losers wrestle for 3rd place

8:00 PM - Semifinal winners wrestle for 1st place

Pool and dual meet tiebreaking will follow UWW criteria