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Dec 12-Jan 4, 4:00 PM UTC

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Teague Moore

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Teague Moore | The Bader Show (Ep. 272)

Feb 7, 2022

Watch the The Bader Show replay on FloWrestling with Teague Moore.

0:01- Coaching at a variety of different schools

0:06- The unique perspective of coaching at Harvard

0:09- Coaching at American University

0:13- Trying to find the Dali Lama

0:14- The Wrestling Consultant

020- teagues recruitingi expreoemce

0:24- Teague was a bone head at OSU

0:25- Iowa vs Ok State the greatest dual ever

0:38- The loss that still stings

0:40- John Smith and Brands brothers

0:43- Wins and whoopins