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Mar 27

Christian Pyles, Ben Askren, and Kyle Bratke discuss all of the biggest and latest news in wrestling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

882. Why Brayden Thompson Really Transferred

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What Is Suriano Doing? + Why Brayden Thompson Really Transferred | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 882)

Jan 12, 2023

David Bray joins FRL for some good high school wrestling talk and Suriano and D1 topics as well.

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(0:00) Nick Suriano is back in the news and will be competing soon

(6:17) SDSU got a facility update

(9:10) Bray tells the truth about Brayden Thompson

(12:50) why there are so many different high school weights and which is the best

(21:30) why so many top high school guys are out and the ideal yearly high school training cycle

(38:05) matches and events Bray is looking forward to the most the rest of the high school season

(48:50) voicemails, emails, and Twitter questions