2017 WCWA Wrestling Championships

2017 WCWA Wrestling Championships

Feb 10-11, 2017

2017 WCA Nationals
Quarterfinal, semi and finals results for 2017 WCWA Nationals

Team Scores

1) King 187.5
2) Simon Fraser 170.5
3) Campbellsville 153
4) Wayland Baptist 142.5
5) Menlo 124.5
6) McKendree 115.5
7) Oklahoma City 110.5
8) Cumberlands 107
9) Missouri Valley 81.5
10) Southern Oregon 76

Finals Results

101lbs: Marina Doi (King) 5-0 Regina Doi (King)
109lbs: Breonnah Neal (King) 4-1 Amy Fearnside (Jamestown)
116lbs: Haley Augello (King) 8-3 Cady Chessin (Menlo)
123lbs: Andribeth Rivera (Campbellsville) 10-10 Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser)
130lbs: Cheyenne Youngblood (Missouri Baptist) 10-3 Megan Black (McKendree)
136lbs: Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) 10-0 Nicole Depa (Simon Fraser)
143lbs: Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser) 10-0 Jessi Kee (King)
155lbs: Tamyra Mensah (Wayland Baptist) 10-0 Niauni Hill (Lindenwood Belleville)
170lbs: Jessika Rottier (Cumberlands) 8-1 Forrest Molinari (King)
191lbs: Payten Smith (Simon Fraser) Fall 2:52 Paige Baynes (Lindenwood)

Semifinal results

101lbs: Marina Doi (King) 7-0 Hiba Salem (Menlo)
101lbs: Regina Doi (King) 6-0 Sarah Allen (Cumberlands)

109lbs: Breonnah Neal (King) 12-1 Cassidy Jasperson (Oklahoma City)
109lbs: Amy Fearnside (Jamestown) 12-1 Maria Vidales (Emmanuel)

116lbs: Haley Augello (King) Fall 0:39 Jathiya Isaac (Wayland Baptist)
116lbs: Cady Chessin (Menlo) 2-1 Abby Lloyd (Simon Fraser)

123lbs: Andribeth Rivera (Campbellsville) 5-4 Hanna Grisewood (King)
123lbs: Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser) 12-0 Tarkyia Mensah (Wayland Baptist)

130lbs: Megan Black (McKendree) Fall 0:31 Shelby Hall (Campbellsville)
130lbs: Cheyenne Youngblood (Missouri Baptist) 17-7 Alicia Reyes (Missouri Valley)

136lbs: Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) 10-0 Solin Piearcy (Menlo)
136lbs: Nicole Depa (Simon Fraser) 12-5 Koral Sugiyama (Campbellsville)

143lbs: Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser) 12-0 Desiree Zavala (Southern Oregon)
143lbs: Jessi Kee (King) 10-0 Montana Drum (Missouri Baptist)

155lbs: Tamyra Mensah (Wayland Baptist) 12-1 Hannah Gladden (Cumberlands)
155lbs: Niauni Hill (Lindenwood Belleville) Injury default 0:45 Kiera Gabaldon (Warner Pacific)

170lbs: Jessika Rottier (Cumberlands) 9-2 Brittany Marshall (Wayland Baptist)
170lbs: Forrest Molinari (King) 5-0 Janelle Fuamatu (McKendree)

191lbs: Paige Baynes (Lindenwood) 10-0 Monica Mason (Oklahoma City)
191lbs: Payten Smith (Simon Fraser) 5-2 Kierra Boyce (Wayland Baptist)

Event Info
The Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association will once again take place in Oklahoma City with King University looking to win their fourth consecutive national title.
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