picture of Who's Number One Training

The FloWrestling team hit the road to catch up with several Who’s Number One athletes before the nation’s premier high school wrestling event.


Oklahoma RTC Roll Call With Eric Guerrero

Sep 9, 2021

Eric Guerrero runs down the kids who are at practice today at the Oklahoma RTC. Including but not limited to:

  • Jordan Williams 
  • Meyer Shapiro
  • Rocco Welsh
  • Kal Miller
  • Treshaun Tecson
  • Mac Church
  • Jayce Caviness
  • Cole Brooks
  • Ishmael Guerrero 
  • Garrett Washington
  • Jordan Cullers
  • A.B. Stokes
  • K.J. Evans
  • Gage Walker
  • E.J. Tecson
  • Cascia Hall
  • Christian Forbes
  • Carter McCallister
  • Brady Roark