picture of Kyle Dake - US Olympian 74kg

Kyle Dake won four NCAA titles at four different weights. He won two consecutive world titles and now will represent the United States at the Tokyo Olympics.

Bad Blood: Dake vs Burroughs

Bad Blood: Dake vs Burroughs

Jun 11, 2020

Jordan Burroughs vs Kyle Dake.  It's deeper than a rivalry.  Since 2013 this beef between 5x World/Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs and 4x NCAA Champion Kyle Dake has been escalating.  In April of 2020, Kyle Dake let it all out on FloWrestling Radio Live saying he was going to retire JB, and attributed many of his losses to the "process" in which Team USA selects their representative.  While Burroughs results speak for themselves as he's become one of the most decorated wrestlers in US history, JB didn't back down from Dake's challenges and barbs.

The cameras have been along for this journey since 2013, capturing every key moment that created the animosity and fierce rivalry between Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Dake.  Bad Blood puts in full display the moments of controversy and triumph between these two legends.