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The past two seasons the University of Iowa has found itself behind a Penn State program that is coming on strong. Cael Sanderson and the Penn State Nittany Lions have compiled a group of blue chip recruits in a strong state and are regarded by many as a school that could be on top for a while. The Iowa Hawkeyes have a long tradition of winning and here we get to see how the Tom Brands and Terry Brands are getting their Iowa wrestling team ready to get back on top.


The Program: IOWA (Episode 2)

Nov 19, 2012

"Yea we are about winning. We're about winning the right way and the hard way...But we know what it feels like to get beat, and we don't like it." Tom and Terry Brands are going to do everything they can to win, they're going to do everything they can to get production out of their wrestlers so that they don't get beat. Here we see the lengths Tom and Terry will go to get the most out of last year's starter at 149lbs, Mike Kelly. Kelly had a disappointing Big 10 tournament in 2012. Tom and Terry know the pain that comes from losing when the stakes are high, and they are willing to work as hard as they possibly can with Kelly (and other Hawkeye wrestlers) to make sure that he does not get beat again when it matters most.