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Rob Koll knows about the haves and have-nots in the sport of collegiate wrestling. He says that when he started coaching, he was definitely in the formerly mentioned group. Koll had to work hard through the years to produce what is now a national powerhouse wrestling program. In the series premier, episode 1 of The Program on Dake and the Big Red, go behind-the-scenes with Koll, Kyle Dake and the Big Red as they operate inside and out of the wrestling room. Watch as the team scraps in the wrestling room and later takes to classroom to show of their telemarketing skills at the phone-a-thon!


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The Program: Cornell (Episode 3)

Mar 14, 2013

There has never been a more heated rivalry in NCAA wrestling history than that between Kyle Dake and David Taylor. Dake came into this season a 3x NCAA Champion, one of the greatest college wrestlers of all time. Taylor came in an undefeated national champion and the 2012 Hodge Trophy Winner. After two razor-thin decisions, Dake sits at 2-0 vs. David Taylor. He knows this isn't enough. Everything comes down to NCAA's. In this episode, watch as Dake breaks down how he beat Taylor at the Southern Scuffle and discusses what opportunities he needs to take advantage of to do it again when it matters most: the NCAA Finals in Des Moines, IA.