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736. What Happened Yesterday + Tiers

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What Happened Yesterday + 125-141 Midseason Tiers | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 736)

Jan 4, 2022

Shane Sparks joins the show to talk about what happened with Arizona State - Michigan, how our tiers have changed since the off-season, and much more.

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Run of Show
(2:10) What happened with ASU vs Michigan, masks, etc.
(29:05) elite wrestlers’ mindset towards competition
(36:30) should there be a penalty for failed challenges in folkstyle?
(41:30) we sort of did pre-season tiers, so now we’re going to do midseason tiers
(42:22) 125
(1:05:15) 133
(1:09:36) 141
(1:21:65) ranking Iowa wrestlers by their probability of making the finals
(1:15:50) Hodge Talk
(1:22:30) back to 141
(1:26:17) the greatest transitive property path of all time