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1,017. How Will The High Schoolers Do At OTT?

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How Will The High Schoolers Fair At Olympic Trials? | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 1,017)

Apr 8, 2024

Jon Kozak joins the show to talk about the Last Chance Qualifier and Olympic Trials.

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(0:00) Last Chance Qualifier & how the guys will do at Olympic Trials

(29:00) why people hate the transfer portal

(31:45) European Qualifier takeaways. Was Chamizo robbed?

(39:21) our Penn State draft results

(42:21) where are Bo Bassett and Jax Forrest going to go to college?

(45:50) is "Iowa style" dead?

(51:30) why Bo Bassett is the most popular high school wrestler ever

(1:08:00) Russia vs Penn State in folkstyle. Who wins?

(1:18:12) back to transfer talk