picture of Funky 2.0: Keegan Levels Up

Retention in wrestling can be a real problem at the youth level. Too often kids the focus is on winning when it should be more about developing a love for the sport. This happened to Keegan O'Toole and it almost turned him away from the sport at a young age. He found Askren Wrestling Academy and their philosophy was just what Keegan needed.


Funky 2.0: Keegan Levels Up

Mar 13, 2023

Keegan O'Toole had success as a youth wrestler, but it started to take a toll on him. He began to feel pressure to train hard and win from his dad and youth environment. He joined Askren Wrestling Academy, focused more on having fun and found a new passion for the sport.

He began to climb the ranks and compete at the national level in high school but continued to fall short despite being one of the best. After blowing a couple matches at the Cadet World Team Trials, Ben Askren had a talk with Keegan that changed everything.

His new perspective on the sport helped him to reach new heights in the sport including a Junior World title and NCAA title which he would have to earn after suffering a high ankle sprain early in the tournament.