2022-23 Iowa Wrestling

#2 Iowa Hawkeyes vs #14 Penn Quakers Match Notes

#2 Iowa Hawkeyes vs #14 Penn Quakers Match Notes

A game #14 Penn Quaker squad travels to Carver-Hawkeye Arena to face an Iowa team missing a few starters.

Nov 26, 2022 by David Bray
#2 Iowa Hawkeyes vs #14 Penn Quakers Match Notes

The first big dual after Thanksgiving is a good one. Penn is solid at every weight. The Quakers are the #14 ranked dual team in the nation. They have ten returning NCAA qualifiers, nine of whom are in the lineup this season. They appear well-equipped to take on a #2 Hawkeye side whose published probable lineup is missing #1 Spencer Lee, #11 Brody Teske, #3 Real Woods, and #19 Nelson Brands.

The team score for this contest is very much up in the air. While the matches are going down live in Carver and on BTN Plus, we'll have updates right here. Refresh your page often if you aren't able to watch the action while it's happening.

*UPDATE: The drama has started before the dual as #19 Nelson Brands has been listed as the probable starter at 174 lbs instead of the combination of Drake Rhodes and Carter Martinson.

165 - #15 Patrick Kennedy, Iowa major dec Lucas Revano, Penn 14-5

First Period - In the preseason press conference, Tom Brands predicted that Patrick Kennedy would become a fan favorite for the Hawks this season. He'll kick things off this afternoon with the opportunity to get the team off on the right foot in what should be a highly competitive dual. Revano takes a double off the whistle, but Kennedy absorbs it. Revano works the action to the edge, but Kennedy circles in and now Revano's on the edge. Kennedy snaps, drives him out, and earns a stall call against Revano. Now Kennedy fires off a single leg off the restart. He works for the finish and goes up 2-0. Revano is out with about a minute and a half left to make it 2-1. Revano changes levels but can't get past the head-hands defense of Kennedy who scores on a go-behind to make it 4-1 with a little over 30 seconds left. Kennedy rides out the period to push riding time past a minute.

Second Period - Revano starts the second period on bottom. Kennedy lets him go and immediately snags a single. He finishes on the edge and cuts again out of bounds. It's 6-3. Revano looks for a high-crotch and gets locked, but the action is stalemated with 54 seconds left. Kennedy is warned for hands to the face. Kennedy works for a front headlock, but Revano weathers the attempt. The score remains 6-3 at the end of the period.

Third Period - Kennedy starts underneath. Revano gets two quick cautions on top. After a clean start, Kennedy is out in 4 seconds. Revano shoots, but Kennedy re-attacks with a single. He was close to a neutral danger takedown but the action is stalemated. Kennedy shoots a head-outside single and finishes in a crack-back position with a minute to go. It's 9-3. Kennedy cuts to make it 9-4 to look for bonus points. He's in on another single and finishes quickly to make it 11-4. He cuts to make it 11-5 and gets an ankle pick to make it 13-5. Kennedy finishes the period on top. Riding time gives him a 14-5 major decision, and he remains undefeated on the season.

Iowa: 4

Penn: 0

174 - #19 Nelson Brands, Iowa dec Nick Incontrera, Penn 5-1

First Period - Nelson Brands comes out with a wrapped left elbow in his first match of the 2022-23 season. The first minute was a hand-fighting contest without any real attacks. Incontrera tested a single with a couple of minutes left but let go after feeling Brands' defense. The rest of the first period was as uneventful as the first minute. It's 0-0 at the start of the second.

Second Period - Incontrera starts on bottom. He works to his feet, but Brands returns him. Incontrera is back to his feet and escapes. The clock isn't working, so I'm not sure where riding time sits, but it's way less than a minute. Incontrera leads 1-0. With 42 seconds left we get a fresh start with an incidental eye-poke against Incontrera. Brands hits a quick leg-attack with less than 30 seconds left and finishes quickly. He ends the period on top to make it 2-1 for Brands. 

Third Period - Brands on bottom. Icontrera switches between a spiral ride and an ankle ride. He's ridden for the first 40 seconds. Brands stands up and escapes with 1:08 remaining to make it 3-1 for Brands. Incontrera goes slide by to a double leg, but Brands' sprawl stops that action. Incontrera attempts to go big late, but Brands defends and gets a takedown. He wins 5-1.

Iowa: 7

Penn: 0

184 - #9 Abe Assad, Iowa dec Maximus Hale, Penn 5-0

First Period - Hale hits a single 30 seconds into the period. They're scrambling, but the official sees a knee in jeopardy and calls it potentially dangerous. Assad digs an underhook with a minute left in the period. He looks for a single but has to let it go. Assad now threatens with double unders and almost works the action out bounds. Now Assad drops to a single with less than 20 seconds left. He can't finish and it's 0-0 at the end of the period.

Second Period - Hale starts on bottom. Hale was worked to a quad pod throughout the first 30 seconds and now finally gets to his feet, but Assad continues to follow. His riding time ticks over a minute. Assad continues to ride after the restart, and he'll take the full period's worth of riding time into the second period. It's still 0-0.

Third Period - Assad starts on bottom. He's out in 6 seconds to make it 1-0. He drops in on a single right away and finishes to make it 3-0. Hale is hit with stalling with under a minute to go in the match. It's his first warning. He's hit again, and it's 4-0 for Assad. He rides out and wins 5-0. 

Iowa: 10

Penn: 0

197 - #3 Jacob Warner, Iowa dec HM Cole Urbas, Penn 11-10

First Period - Warner has weighed in now four times in ten days. He takes Urbas off the mat with underhooks, but action is the call. On the restart, Warner gets a single leg and grinds out a finish. They're out of bounds again with 2:25 left. Warner leads 2-0. Warner cuts Urbas to make it 2-1. Warner hits a nice drag go-behind and makes it 4-1. He was close to scoring on a cross-wrist tilt but couldn't secure the two-seconds he needed for more points. Urbas looks to roll through, with short time left, but Warner uses a claw to expose Urbas for 4 seconds and take 8-1.

Second Period - Urbas takes top. He's riding tough and now has Warner in a tilt position. He secures a 4 second nearfall and makes the match 8-5. He's going for the tilt again! Urbas secures a 4-second nearfall and leads 9-8. Another two-second buzzer-beater tilt makes it 11-8 for Urbas as time expires. Iowa is challenging that time was out. The challenge was good, and it's now 9-8. They're starting the second period again with 2 seconds left.

Third Period: Warner takes neutral. Urbas gets deep on a single, but Warner scrambles to a takedown and leads 10-9. He flattens Urbas out and earns a stall call. Both guys have been hit for stalling. 48 seconds remain. Urbas doesn't seem to have a solution for Warner's ride, and Warner can win with a rideout. Urbas crawls out and gets hit for stalling. It's now 11-9 for Warner. Urbas escapes but has no time to score. Warner takes it 11-10.

Iowa: 13

Penn: 0

285 - #4 Anthony Cassioppi, Iowa major dec #24 Ben Goldin, Penn 9-0

First Period - Cassioppi throws an underhook to a single and finishes on the edge with about 2 minutes to go in the first. It's 2-0. Cassioppi puts on a hard ride for the second minute of the first, and NCAA qualifier Goldin can't seem to figure out how to get to his feet. He gets a restart with 29 seconds left. Cassioppi finishes the period on top.

Second Period - Cassioppi takes bottom. He's up and out in less than ten seconds. He shoots a single right away and drives Goldin out of bounds. It's 3-0. Cassioppi hits a high crotch with 15 seconds left and converts. He finishes the period on top and it's 5-0.

Third Period - Goldin takes neutral. Cassioppi goes high-crotch to double and takes a 7-0 lead with 1:45 left in the period. Riding time is secured for Big Cass. Goldin is hit with his second stalling call, and now it's 8-0 with 44 seconds left. Cassioppi tries to pull the wrist out to look for a turn, but he can't get it. He secures the 9-0 major though and gives the Hawks some more breathing room heading into intermission.

Iowa: 17

Penn: 0

125 - #23 Ryan Miller, Penn tech fall Aidan Harris, Iowa 20-5

First Period - NCAA qualifier Miller comes out with a big opportunity to get Penn back in this dual. Harris gets in on a single with 2 minutes left and secures the takedown to make it 2-0. He cuts Harris, and it's 2-1. Harris gets in on another single. Harris tries scramble to a stalemate, but Miller finishes to make it 4-1 with 25 seconds left. Miller rides out the period.

Second Period - Harris starts on bottom. After a caution, Harris gets out right away. He shoots, but Miller scores on the go-behind to make it 6-2. Harris shots again, and Miller scores. It's 8-3. Harris is out again to make it 8-4. Miller scores on a single, then cuts again. It's 10-5, and riding time is over a minute. Miller hits another single to make it 12-5 at the end of the period.

Third Period - Miller takes bottom. He's out right away, and it's 13-5. He shoots again and finishes to make it 15-5. Miller hits a roll-through tilt and will have a full compliment of back-points. It's 19-5. Miller can ride or turn for the tech. Miller sinks in an arm bar. He can't score, but it's academic. Miller earns the tech with riding time. It's 20-5.

Iowa: 17

Penn: 5

133 - #10 Michael Colaiocco, Penn dec Cullan Schriever, Iowa 6-0

First Period - Schriever has a big test with top-ten Colaiocco. A win here for the Hawkeye would make a Penn upset almost impossible. Colaiocco hits an ankle-pick and takes the early 2-0 lead. He's putting a tough ride on, and so far, Schriever doesn't have an answer on bottom. Schriever gets a restart with 45 seconds left, but Colaiocco keeps riding tough. Schriever gets to his feet late in the period but Colaiocco returns him and finishes the period with a 2-0 lead and a mountain of riding time.

Second Period - Colaiocco starts on bottom. He escapes quickly and takes a 3-0 lead. Schriever takes a single with 45 seconds left. Colaiocco defends to a stalemate with 27 seconds left. 

Third Period - Schriever takes neutral. Action goes out of bounds, and Schriever is hit for stalling. Schriever hits a single, transitions to a double, but can't score. Colliaocco is close to scoring, but it's ruled potentially dangerous. He earned a stall call in the process. Colaiocco scores at the whistle. With riding time he wins 6-0. 

Iowa: 17

Penn: 8

141 - Carmen Ferrante, Penn dec Drew Bennett, Iowa 4-1

First Period - With about a minute to go, Ferrante gets in on a deep attack and scores to take a 2-0 lead. Ferrante's riding time goes over a minute as the action goes out of bounds with less than a minute to go. Ferrante finishes the period on top.

Second Period - Ferrante takes bottom. He gets to his feet, but Bennett drives him out of bounds. Ferrante gets out on a hard-earned escape 30 seconds into the period to make it 3-0. Bennett shoots, but Ferrante stuffs him. Ferrante warned for hands to the face. Ferrante gets to a single but can't score. Action is stopped with 7 seconds left.

Third Period - Bennett takes bottom. Switch attempt, but Ferrante follows, and they go out of bounds. Bennett gets to his feet, Ferrante drops down, and they go out of bounds with 1:14 left in the period. Bennett finally earns an escape on the edge, and it's 3-1. Riding time is locked for Ferrante, so it's essentially 4-1. Ferrante is warned for stalling with short time left, but he wins 4-1.

Iowa: 17

Penn: 11

149 - #6 Max Murin, Iowa dec #10 Doug Zapf, Penn 6-4 in OT

First Period - This is the premier match of the dual. Zapf took out super freshman Caleb Henson at the Keystone Classic, but Murin owns a 7-1 victory over Zapf in the past. Zapf takes a shot a little over a minute into the period, but he can't score. Murin hits a double with around 30 seconds left and scores cleanly. He leads 2-0. Zapf gets out on a restart to make it 2-1. Murin is close to a takedown at the end of the period but can't get the double to go.

Second Period - Zapf starts on bottom. He's out right away, and it's 2-2. Zapf gets to a single and finishes quickly. He takes a 4-2 lead, but Murin escapes right away to make it 4-3. Zapf attacks again, but Murin scrambles to a stalemate. Here we go, it's going to come down to the third period!

Third Period - Murin chooses bottom. He's out in 5 seconds, and it's 4-4. Both guys are looking for openings but can't get to their shots in the first 40 seconds of the period. Murin looks for a single with 25 seconds left, but Zapf defends. We're headed to OT!

Sudden Victory - Murin drops to a single early, but Zapf defends. Hawkeye fans want a stall call, and they get it. Fiirst warning of the match. Murin hits a single at 1:15. Zapf is scrambling and almost gives up a neutral danger takedown. Now Murin gets around behind and earns the 6-4 OT win to secure Iowa's win in this dual. Penn is challenging something. They're denied, and Murin's victory is now official.

Iowa: 20

Penn: 11

157 - Cobe Siebrecht, Iowa fall #10 Anthony Artalona, Penn

First Period - A Siebrecht scramble results in a stalemate, and we have no score a minute into the match. With less than a minute to go, Siebrecht attacks, but Artalona re-attacks and scores to take a 2-0 lead. Siebrecht escapes with 16 seconds left, and it's 2-1 headed to the second period. 

Second Period - Artalona takes bottom. Artalona stands up 20 seconds into the period. He puts Siebrecht on his back from his feet, but now Siebrecht recovers, puts Artalona on his back and earns the fall! Both guys could have been pinned there, but it's Siebrecht putting the exclamation point on the dual for Iowa!

Iowa: 26

Penn: 11