2022 U23 World Championship

U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 6

U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 6

Trent Hidlay and Jacob Cardenas reach the finals, Carter Starocci wins bronze and Tanner Sloan wins silver.

Oct 22, 2022 by Kyle Klingman
U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 6

Day 6 of the U23 World Championships will see five men's freestylers compete for medals. Tanner Sloan (97 kg) is wrestling for gold while Yahya Thomas (70 kg) and Carter Starocci (79 kg) compete for bronze. Trent Hidlay (86 kg) and Jacob Cardenas (92 kg) are in the semifinals. The action begins at 10:45 a.m. Eastern. 

SEMIFINAL (86 kg): Trent Hidlay (USA) tech Ivan Ichizli (MDA), 11-1

First period: Hidlay scores on a throw-by then picks up a pair of trapped-arm gut wrenches for a 6-0 lead 57 seconds into the bout. Hidlay adds another point late in the period with a step-out for a 7-0 lead then counters a throw by Ichizli and the counter is awarded two points. However, Moldova challenges the call. The challenge is won and Ichizli is given a point on the step-out but Hidlay still leads 7-1 into the break. 

Second period: Hidlay scores two points on a throw-by for a 9-1 lead with 2:28 remaining. Hidlay has a single leg up in the air for several seconds before he finally scores the takedown with 44 seconds left. Trent Hidlay wins 11-1 and will wrestle for a gold medal tomorrow. 

SEMIFINAL (92 kg): Jacob Cardenas (USA) over Miriani Maisuradze (GEO), 8-0

First period: Cardenas hits a single and scores on a step-out to take a 1-0 lead halfway through the period. A well-timed single yields another step-out for a 2-0 lead with 45 seconds remaining. He's taking that lead into the break. 

Second period: Cardenas hits a blast single out of bounds and finally picks up a takedown and leads 4-0 with 2:30 remaining. Cardenas counters a shot for another takedown and leads 6-0 with 56 seconds to go. Cardenas counters a shot with a low double for an 8-0 win and a spot in the gold medal finals. 

BRONZE MEDAL MATCH (70 kg): Kota Takahashi (JPN) over Yahya Thomas (USA), 4-0

First period: Takahashi strikes first with an activity clock violation for a 1-0 lead with 50 remaining in the period. That score holds into the break. 

Second period: Takahashi drives Thomas out of bounds for a step-out point and a 2-0 lead. with 2:16 remaining. Takahashi blows through on a double for a 4-0 lead with 1:05 to go. Thomas nearly scores at the end of the match but Takahashi holds on for a 4-0 win and the bronze medal. Thomas places fifth. 

BRONZE MEDAL MATCH: Carter Starocci (USA) tech Valentyn Babii (UKR), 11-0

First period: Starocci strikes first with a step-out within the first 45 seconds and adds another a few seconds later for a 2-0 lead. Starocci counters a shot a slaps on a side cradle but comes out with a takedown and exposure for a 6-0 lead with 1:16 to go in the period. A lengthy scramble ensues at the end of the period but no points are scored. Starocci leads 6-0. 

Second period: Starocci snags his seventh point on an activity clock violation then scores a takedown halfway through the period for a 9-0 lead. Starocci adds two more on a go-behind at the end of the match for an 11-0 tech. Carter Starocci wins a bronze medal. 

GOLD MEDAL MATCH: Amirali Azarpira (IRI) over Tanner Sloan (USA), 5-3

First period: Azarpira hit an arm drag but Sloan came out of a scramble with a two-point takedown for a 2-0 lead within the first minute. Sloan takes a 2-0 lead into the break. 

Second period: Azarpira scores on a step-out followed by an activity clock violation then scores another step-out to take a 3-2 lead with 1:29 to go. Another step-out makes it 4-2 in favor of Azarpira. Sloan strikes back with a step-out to cut the lead to 4-3. Sloan fights valiantly for a takedown and had a low double at the end of the period that wasn't scored. The U.S. corner challenges the call. Challenge is lost, which gives Azarpira a 5-3 win and a gold medal. Tanner Sloan wins silver.