2022 USMC/USAW Junior and 16U National Championships

A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo

A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo

All the wrestlers we could find in the registration who have already committed to wrestler at a DI NCAA school.

Jul 13, 2022 by Andrew Spey
A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo

Fargo is often the last major tournament before incoming freshman-level up to college competition. It's also an event where committed underclassmen in high school test their might against the rest of the country.

All of which is to say that it's an excellent opportunity for college wrestling fans to see the stars of tomorrow, today.

Below is a list of all the committed wrestlers we could find in the latest list of registered men's freestyle wrestlers, along with their national rank and state team, in alphabetical order by college team.

Arizona State, #4 Kaleb Larkin, Team Arizona

Arizona State, #4 Nicco Ruiz, Team California

Arizona State, #19 Jacob Meissner, Team Minnesota

Army West Point, #18 Samuel Cartella, Team Ohio

Augustana, HM Max Ramberg, Team Wisconsin

Bucknell, #20 Noah Mulvaney, Team Wisconsin

California Baptist, HM Max Acciardi, Team New Jersey

Columbia, #13 Richard Fedalen, Team Maryland

Columbia, #8 Nolan Neves, Team Ohio

Cornell, #9 Simon Ruiz, Team New Jersey

Cornell, #13 Michael Dellagatta, Team New Jersey

Cornell, HM Aiden Hanning, Team Massachusetts

Clarion, HM Chase Cordia, Team Missouri

Duke, HM Connor Barket, Team Indiana

Illinois, #3 Kannon Webster, Team Illinois

Illinois, HM Kole Brower, Team Illinois

Indiana, #13 Tyler Lillard, Team Ohio

Indiana, #18 Gabe Sollars, Team Indiana

Iowa, #1 Nathanael Jesuroga, Team Iowa

Iowa, #10 Ryder Block, Team Iowa

Iowa, #5 Aiden Riggins, Team Iowa

Iowa, #8 Kolby Franklin, Team Iowa

Iowa, HM Bradley Hill, Team Iowa

Iowa State, #8 Tate Naaktgeboren, Team Iowa

Lehigh, HM Kimo Leia, Team California

Little Rock, #19 Brennan Van Hoecke, Team Florida

Little Rock, #6 Kyle Dutton, Team Missouri

Little Rock, #10 Brendon Abdon, Team Florida

Little Rock, HM Kodiak Cannedy, Team Tennessee

Little Rock, #19 Stephen Little, Team Kentucky

Michigan, #15 Cameron Catrabone, Team New York

Michigan, #5 Caden Horwath, Team Michigan

Michigan, #11 Beau Mantanona, Team California

Michigan, #5 Dylan Gilcher, Team Michigan

Michigan, #11 Beau Mantanona, Team California

Michigan, HM Codei Khawaja, Team Indiana

Michigan, #3 Rylan Rogers, Team Idaho

Michigan, #15 Hayden Walters, Team Oregon

Michigan State, HM Braden Stauffenberg, Team Illinois

Minnesota, #2 Cody Chittum, Team Tennessee

Minnesota, #6 Gavin Nelson, Team Minnesota

Missouri, #5 Zeke Seltzer, Team Indiana

Missouri, HM Carter McCallister, Team Missouri

Missouri, HM J Conway, Team Indiana

Navy, #3 Ryder Rogotzke, Team Minnesota

NC State, #4 Vincent Robinson, Team Illinois

NC State, HM Jeremiah Price, Team North Carolina

NC State, #8 Koy Buesgens, Team Minnesota

North Dakota State, HM Maxwell Petersen, Team Minnesota

North Dakota State, HM Gavin Drexler, Team Wisconsin

Nebraska, #6 Kael Lauridsen, Team Nebraska

Nebraska, #14 Alan Koehler, Team Minnesota

North Carolina, #3 Nasir Bailey, Team Illinois

Northern Colorado, HM CJ Hamblin, Team Washington

Northern Iowa, #3 Cory Land, Team Alabama

Northern Iowa, #6 Wyatt Voelker, Team Iowa

Northwestern, #13 Joseph Martin, Team California

Ohio State, #15 Vincent Kilkeary, Team Pennsylvania

Ohio State, #3 Rocco Welsh, Team Pennsylvania

Oklahoma, #9 KJ Evans, Team Oklahoma

Oklahoma, #14 Anthony Santaniello, Team New Jersey

Oklahoma, #7 AJ Heeg, Team Oklahoma

Oklahoma, #13 Dylan Russo, Team Ohio

Oklahoma State, #2 Cael Hughes, Team Oklahoma

Oklahoma State, HM Jersey Robb, Team Oklahoma

Oregon State, #18 Nash Singleton, Team Oregon

Oregon State, HM DJ Gillett, Team Oregon

Pennsylvania, HM Jude Swisher, Team Pennsylvania

Penn State, #3 Braeden Davis, Team Michigan

Princeton, HM Drew Heethuis, Team Michigan

Princeton, #7 Ty Whalen, Team New Jersey

Princeton, HM Holden Garcia, Team Pennsylvania

Princeton, HM Christopher Martino, Team Idaho

Purdue, #17 Brody Baumann, Team Indiana

Rutgers, #15 Luke Gayer, Team California

South Dakota State, HM Kail Wynia, Team Minnesota

SIU Edwardsville, HM Bradley Gillum, Team Illinois

Stanford, #11 Lorenzo Norman, Team New Jersey

Stanford, #10 Jack Darrah, Team Missouri

Virginia, #10 Gable Porter, Team Iowa

Virginia Tech, HM Logan Frazier, Team Indiana

Wisconsin, #9 Nicolar Rivera, Team Wisconsin

Wisconsin, #19 Greyson Clark, Team Wisconsin

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!