2021 Super 32

Super 32 Middleweight Preview & Predictions

Super 32 Middleweight Preview & Predictions

The group from 138 lbs to 170 lbs at this year's Super 32 averages more than 10 ranked wrestlers per weight. You won't want to miss these loaded brackets.

Oct 18, 2021 by David Bray

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The middleweights at Super 32 will be electric. These five brackets average over 10 ranked wrestlers per weight. Find out who's sitting at the top and who might make a big move.

138 lbs

Jesse Mendez was registered initially, but now it's looking like he won't be in Greensboro. While that eliminates the front-runner, it doesn't diminish the depth of this incredible bracket that still has 15 ranked studs looking to bring home the belt.

138 - #3 Michael Gioffre, Buchanan High School, CA

138 - #5 Joel Adams, Millard South High School, NE

138 - #5 (145) Richard Fedalen, McDonogh School, MD

138 - #6 Tyler Kasak, Bethlehem Catholic High School, PA

138 - #8 (132) Beau Mantanona, Palm Desert High School, CA

138 - #10 Tom Crook, Tampa Jesuit, FL

138 - #10 (132) Dylan Gilcher, Detroit Catholic Central, MI

138 - #12 Kole Brower, Moline, IL

138 - #12 (132) Zach Hanson, Lakeville North, MN

138 - #13 Daniel Sheen, Wyoming Seminary, IL

138 - #15 Alex Almeyda, Saint Joseph Regional, NJ

138 - #18 Maxwell Petersen, Byron, MN

138 - #20 Jaydon Robinson, Homewood Flossmoor, IL

138 - HM Ismael Ayoub, Dublin Coffman, OH

138 - HM Jacob Bostelman, Ponderosa, CO

138 - HM Mark Botello, Hingham High School, MA

138 - HM Gabriel Bouyssou, Scituate, RI

138 - HM Weston Dalton, Pueblo East, CO

138 - HM Gavin Drexler, Stratford High School, WI

138 - HM Joe Fongaro, Boonton High School, NJ

138 - HM Nick Hart, Marysville, OH

138 - HM August Hibler, Bergen Catholic High School, NJ

138 - HM Evan Holloway, New Kent High School, VA

138 - HM Brayden Ivy, Lakeway Chrisitian Academy, TN

138 - HM Carter McCallister, Rock Bridge High School, MO

138 - HM Smokey McClure, South Whidbey High School, WA

138 - HM David Panone, Lassiter High School, GA

138 - HM Alessio Perentin, Delbarton, NJ

138 - HM Jackson Polo, Cold Spring Harbor High School, NY

138 - HM Matthew Repos, Central Dauphin High School, PA

138 - HM Cael Robb, Owatonna High School, MN

138 - HM Luke Simcox, Central Mountain, PA

138 - HM Cameron Steed, Collinsville High School, OK

138 - HM Cross Wasilewski, Delbarton, NJ

138 - HM Ty Watters, West Allegheny High School, PA

Virginia commit Michael Gioffre sits on the top of the ranked list. He's coming off losses up at 145 at the California Super 32 Qualifier and at Freakshow but will look to flex his folkstyle skills in Greensboro.

We could see a Fargo finals rematch between high-flying Joel Adams and super savvy Tyler Kasak. Adams took home the stop sign over Kasak in dramatic fashion this summer, but Kasak tends to be even better in folkstyle than he is in the international styles, so he'll look to capitalize on that potential advantage should the two meet.

Joel Adams' dramatic Fargo final with Tyler Kasak


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That rematch is not inevitable given this deep field. #5 Richard Fedalen is back down at 138 after spending the summer at 145. The ever-dangerous #8 Beau Mantanona, #10 Tom Crook, and #10 (132) Dylan Gilcher round out the top 10 ranked wrestlers, but don't be surprised if this insane field keeps any one of them off the podium. All in all, 138 lbs should be insanely fun, and its unpredictability means you won't want to take your eyes off the action in this bracket.

Predictions: 1) Tyler Kasak 2) Joel Adams 3) Michael Gioffre 4) Richard Fedalen 5) Beau Mantanona 6)Tom Crook 7) Dylan Gilcher  8) Zach Hanson

145 lbs

This weight class might be the best combination of top talent and depth in the entire tournament. Fans of high-paced wrestling won't want to miss the best matches at 145 lbs.

145 - #1 Jackson Arrington, Forest HIlls, PA

145 - #4 (138) Ty Whalen, Clearview Regional High School, NJ

145 - #9 William Henckel, Blair Academy, CT

145 - #9 (138) Jude Swisher, Bellefonte, PA

145 - #10 Pierson Manville, State College Area High School, PA

145 - #12 Kelvin Griffin, The Hill School, ME

145 - #13 (152) Kaleb Larkin, Valiant College Preparatory, AZ

145 - #13 Kal Miller, Park Hill, MO

145 - #15 Noah Tolentino, Poway, CA

145 - #12 Dylan Evans, Chartiers Valley, PA

145 - #17 (138) Joel Jesuroga, Southeast Polk, IA

145 - #19 Gavin Brown, Legacy Christian Academy, OH


145 - #20 (152) KJ Evans, Heritiage Hall, OK

145 - HM Francisco Ayala, Ellensburg High School, WA

145 - HM Joey Blaze, Perrysburg High School, OH

145 - HM Nate Burnett, Elyria, OH

145 - HM James Chance, Western Reserve Academy, OH

145 - HM Cody Chittum, APEX homeschool, TN

145 - HM Tommy Curran, Dekalb HS, IL

145 - HM Miguel Estrada, Frontier HS, CA

145 - HM Clayton Gabrielson, St. Mary's Ryken, MD

145 - HM Nathan Jerore, Woodhaven High School, MI

145 - HM Kyler Lake, Buchanan High School, CA

145 - HM Latrell Schafer, Veterans High School, GA

145 - HM Ethan Stiles, Conant High School, IL

145 - HM Kael Voinovich, Stillwater HS, OK

145 - HM Hayden Watson, Center Grove High School, IN

At the top of this weight, Jackson Arrington looks to defend his #1 ranking for the first time since taking over that honor at Who's Number One. That will be a tall order since Cody Chittum is returning to the mat at Super 32. That potential matchup is enticing as both Arrington and Chittum love nothing more than to let it fly. Chittum has held the #1 spot for a long time himself, so the winner of this potential final would settle the #1 debate definitively, if both can navigate the insane minefield that awaits.

Jackson Arrington's Who's Number One victory over Hunter Garvin


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The field below Arrington and Chittum is comprised of 12 ranked wrestlers, 4 of whom are positioned in the top ten. Ty Whalen is as tough as they come and Jude Swisher, William Henckel, and Pierson Manville are surging after strong summers in Fargo.

Speaking of Surging, #15 Noah Tolantino is coming off a Freakshow title as well as a victory over Michael Gioffre at the California Super 32 Qualifier. He could shake things up here. The top work of Kelvin Griffin is also among the best of high school wrestlers and could become a big-time factor. There are too many tough guys to mention, but this weight should have fireworks.

Prediction: 1) Cody Chittum 2) Jackson Arrington 3) Ty Whalen 4) Jude Swisher 5) Kelvin Griffin 6) Noah Tolantino 7) Kyler Larkin 8) Pierson Manville

152 lbs

The field at 152 lbs might have the most legitimate contenders of any weight at Super 32. Matchups will matter here, and any number of top talent could come away with the belt.

152 - #3 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Arrowhead High School, WI

152 - #5 Erik Gibson, Bishop McCort, PA

152 - #6 Nicco Ruiz, St John Bosco, CA

152 - #7 Zack Ryder, Minisink Valley, NY

152 - #8 Joseph Sealey, Wyoming Seminary, NC

152 - #11 Nick Fea, Bergen catholic HS, NY

152 - #12 Michael Kilic, Woodward Academy, GA

152 - #18 (145) Fin Nadeau, Flathead High School, MT

152 - HM Dominic Bambinelli, Mill Creek High School, GA

152 - HM Cole Becker, St. Michael-Albertville High School, MN

152 - HM Duncan Christensen, Malvern Prep, VA

152 - HM Isaias Jimenez, Valiant College Prep, AZ

152 - HM Murphy Menke, Ponderosa High School, CO

152 - HM Thor Michaelson, Bremerton High School, WA

152 - HM Chris Moore, Mchenry, IL

152 - HM Jeremy Paradice, Colquitt County High School, GA

152 - HM Alex Poore, Caravel Academy, DE

152 - HM Derek Raike, Point Pleasant High School, WV

152 - HM Braden Stauffenberg, Aurora Christian, IL

152 - HM Braxton Strick, Ozark High School, MO

152 - HM Mark Takara, Temecula High School, CA


The #3 ranked wrestler at this weight, Mitchel Mesenbrink, didn't place at Fargo after losing to two tough guys who are now college freshmen. He's coming off an undefeated performance at the AWA Duals and will look to keep his winning streak going.

#6 Nicco Ruiz recently balled out at Journeymen in a performance that included a solid victory over #8 Joe Sealey. Both Sealey and #7 Zack Ryder announced themselves as national threats as freshmen last year, and both are capable of winning this whole bracket.

#5 Erik Gibson has been on the scene for a long time but is still looking for a tournament title at an event as big as Super 32, and based on how close he was to making the Fargo finals this summer, this could be his time. Every year there also seems to be a Georgia boy who has been close and gets it done at Super 32. If that trend holds, #12 Michael Kilic is an excellent contender to punch through. This bracket was very tough to pick, so take these predictions with a grain of salt.

Prediction: 1) Zack Ryder 2) Nicco Ruiz 3) Erik Gibson 4) Joe Sealey 5) Mitchell Mesenbrink 6) NIck Fea 7) Michael Kilic 8) Fin Nadeau

160 lbs

Levi Haines was so close to the belt last year, but now he's in pole position. With Aiden Riggins out of the field, he'll be a pretty big favorite, but a hungry group awaits

160 - #1 Levi Haines, Biglerville High School, PA

160 - #9 (152) Jonathan Ley, Lake Highland Prep, FL

160 - #9 Tyler Lillard, Aurora High School, OH

160 - #11 Domonic Baker, New Kent High School, VA

160 - #13 Sergio Desiante, Jesuit High School, FL

160 - #13 M.J. Gaitan, Temecula Valley HS, CA

160 - #15 (152) Grant MacKay, Laurel, PA

160 - #16 Kodiak Cannedy, Greeneville High School, TN

160 - #17 Gunner Filipowicz, Woodward Academy, GA

160 - #19 Daschle Lamer, Crescent Valley, OR

160 - HM Drake Acklin, Collinsville High School, OK

160 - HM Cole Cochran, Woodland, GA

160 - HM Angelo Ferrari, Stillwater Oklahoma High School, OK

160 - HM Roman Garcia, Palmetto ridge high school, FL

160 - HM Landen Johnson, Owatonna, MN

160 - HM Jared Keslar, Connellsville, PA

160 - HM Max Magayna, Columbus Catholic, IA

160 - HM Lars Michaelson, Bremerton High School, WA

160 - HM Dakota Morris, Kingsway, NJ

160 - HM Tyler Secoy, Columbus High School, GA

160 - HM Travis Stipetich, North Allegheny, PA

160 - HM Jed Wester, STMA, MN

160 - HM Peyton Westpfahl, Liberty High School, MO

The crowd chasing Levi Haines at 160 lbs is talented and chock full of capable competitors. Campbell bound Dom Baker racked up victories over Paniro Johnson and Erik Gibson at Northeast Regionals in the spring and could make a big impact here.

Levi Haines' Who's Number One victory over Josh Barr


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Nobody should overlook Jonathan Ley, one of last year's breakout stars at Super 32. The Lake Highland Prep senior hasn't hit his ceiling yet despite finishing third here a year ago.

Tyler Lillard is another obvious contender. After spending some time up at 170 lbs, he's back down in pursuit of a Super 32 title. The tough group behind these guys is sure to make things interesting.

Prediction: 1) Levi Haines 2) Jonathan Ley 3) Tylar Lillard 4) Dom Baker 5) MJ Gaitan 6) Daschle Lamer 7) Kodiak Cannedy 8) Sergio Desiante

170 lbs

While nothing is certain, this bracket looks like one where the top few guys should have relatively clear paths to the quarterfinals. If that happens, we would have some seriously exciting bouts to look forward to.

170 - #2 Rocco Welsh, Waynesburg Central High School, PA

170 - #3 Matthew Singleton, Woodward Academy, GA

170 - #5 Brayden Thompson, Lockport High School, IL

170 - #7 Hunter Lyden, Stillwater, MN

170 - #8 Cody Merrill, Gilroy High School, CA

170 - #9 Tate Naaktgeboren, Linn-Mar High School, IA

170 - #12 (160) Ceasar Garza, Oakdale, CA

170 - #12 Rune Lawrence, Frazier, PA

170 - #18 (160) Louie Cerchio, Delbarton, NJ

170 - #19 Justin Rademacher, West Linn, OR

170 - HM Noah Duke, Ryle High School, KY

170 - HM Nolan Lear, Benton, PA

170 - HM Noah Mulvaney, Arrowhead, WI

170 - HM Lorenzo Norman, Blair Academy, NJ

170 - HM Toby Schoffstall, Liberty Christian Academy, VA

170 - HM Aeoden Sinclair, Milton, WI

Two members of this year's 4-man group at 170 lbs, Rocco Welsh and Brayden Thompson, are in the field, and they're joined at the top by Matt Singleton who's back at 170 lbs after spending time up at 182 lbs. One of those three seems like a relatively safe bet to win the belt.

Rocco Welsh's WNO victory over Manny Rojas


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#7 Hunter Lyden had a strong 4th place performance here a year ago, and he'll look to build on that. Cody Merrill was a runner up at Fargo to Gabe Arnold this summer and Tate Naaktgeboren's Folkstyle Nationals title included a victory over Brayden Thompson. Needless to say, that group presents a serious threat to the front runners.

Up-and-coming sophomores Rune Lawrence and Louie Cerchio could make even bigger names for themselves this weekend in a bracket you won't want to miss.

Prediction: 1) Matt Singleton 2) Rocco Welsh 3) Brayden Thompson 4) Rune Lawrence 5) Hunter Lyden 6) Tate Naaktgeboren 7) Cody Merrill 8) Caesar Garza