2021 Junior World Championships

LIVE From Russia: Day 5 Junior Worlds Updates

LIVE From Russia: Day 5 Junior Worlds Updates

Get updates live updates from the Junior Worlds in Ufa, Russia.

Aug 19, 2021 by Kyle Klingman
LIVE From Russia: Day 5 Junior Worlds Updates

Follow along here for the latest happenings from the 2021 Junior World Championships in Ufa, Russia. Day 5 features the first five wrestlers in the Greco-Roman competition, including Billy Sullivan (55 kg), Chase LaJoie (63 kg), Matthew Singleton (77 kg), Kodiak Stephens (87 kg), and Luke Luffman (130 kg). 

Kennedy Blades (72 kg) will wrestle for a gold medal while Jaslynn Gallegos (53 kg),  Korina Blades (62 kg), and Alara Boyd (65 kg) are in contention for bronze. The U.S. women lead India by three points so it should be a sprint to the finish on the final day of women's freestyle action. 

The competition begins at 1 a.m. Central with prelims and quarterfinals. Semifinals begin at 6:45 a.m. and medal matches begin at 8 a.m.

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Round of 32 (77 kg): Andreas Vasilakopoulos (GRE) over Matthew Singleton, 7-0

Vasilakopoul scored first off a snap down and go-behind for a 2-0 lead. A correct throw attempt yields two more points for a 4-0 lead entering the break.

A passivity against Singleton yields another point but he defends in the par terre and doesn’t give up any turns or throws, but he’s still behind, 5-0. A caution and two against Singleton gave Vasilakopul a 7-0 win.

Round of 32 (87 kg): Tyrone Sterkenburg (NED) over Kodiak Stephens, 8-0

Sterkenburg hit Stephens with a four-point arm throw and ended the match with a four-point headlock.

Round of 32 (55 kg):  Iskhar Kurbayev (KAZ) over Billy Sullivan, 11-2

Kurbayev scored on a pass-by for the first two points of the match. He gets an additional point when Sullivan is hit for passivity, taking a 3-0 lead into the break.

Sullivan gets his crack on top when Kurbayev is hit with passivity, yielding the first point of the match for Sullivan. Sullivan is awarded another point for a step out after a challenge but Kurbayev ended it with two four-point lifts and an 11-2 tech.

Round of 16 (63 kg): Iman Hossein Khoon Mohammadi (IRI) over Chase LaJoie, 8-0

LaJoie got hit with passivity (one point) and was turned three times to fall behind 7-0. The match ended on a step-out. Mohammadi won 8-0

Round of 16 (130 kg): Razmik Kurdyan (ARM) over Luke Luffman, 6-1

Luffman got on the board first when Kurdyan was hit was a passivity but he’s unable to get a turn. He took a 1-0 lead into the break.

Kurdyan gets the passivity point back and gets consecutive turns for a 5-1 lead. The American corner challenged one of the turns. The challenge was lost, giving Kurdyan a 6-1 lead and, eventually, the win. 


Repechage (65 kg): Alara Boyd over Yana Tretsiak (BLR), 12-1

Boyd scored four points off a single then added a gut wrench for a 6-0 lead. Tretsiak got one back with a step-out but Boyd got on a roll with a go-behind and two turns for a 12-1 technical superiority. Boyd will wrestle for a bronze medal.

Bronze medal match (53 kg): Choigana Tumat (RUS) over Jaslynn Gallegos, FALL

Gallegos stepped over a whizzer for a takedown and the first two points of the match. Tumat went feet to back on a front headlock of four points as Gallegos fought off her back. Gallegos got one back a few seconds later with a step out. Tumat led 4-3 at the break. 

Tumat hit a four-point feet-to-back throw then Gallegos hit a lefty headlock but Tumat reversed the position to eventually secure a fall. 

Bronze medal match (62 kg): Korina Blades over Viktoria Oeverby (NOR), 11-1

Blades got right to work with a pass-by and two step-outs for a 4-0 lead. Two more takedowns made it 8-0 but Oeverby got one back on a step out, making it 8-1 at the break. 

Blades picked up the first point of the period on a step-out 58 seconds in for a 9-1 lead. A few seconds later she countered a throw attempt for two points, which ended the match in an 11-1 technical superiority and a bronze medal for Blades. 

Bronze medal match: Alara Boyd (65 kg) vs. Viktoria Vesso (EST)

Vesso spun behind on a shot attempt by Boyd and Boyd defended the leg lace. Boyd took the lead on criteria with a single leg takedown but Vesso scored two on an exposure ad Boyd attempted a turn. Vesso was hit with a caution and one for a 4-3 lead but Boyd ended the period with a takedown for a 5-4 lead. 

Boyd got caught in a two-point counter as she was nearing a takedown. Boyd fought off her back for several seconds before Vesso secured a fall. 

Gold medal match (72 kg): Kennedy Blades vs. vs. Lilly Schneider (GER)

Blades shot a double to a half for fall in 17 seconds.