Gavin Teasdale Back Soon?

A local Penn State area newspaper reports that Gavin Teasdale may be back sooner than later.

The Centre Daily Times quotes Head Coach Cael Sanderson as saying that Gavin could be back on the roster as soon as Saturday, when finals are over.

“Yeah, he could wrestle” Sanderson said when asked if Teasdale could compete at the Jan. 1-2 Southern Scuffle. “I think he could get back on our team maybe Saturday, once finals are over and it’s a new semester.”

A rare four-time state champion and a top recruit coming out of Jefferson-Morgan High School, it's been rumored that Teasdale has had off the mat issues. Three weeks ago he announced he was stepping away from school to refocus. 

By withdrawing from school Teasdale could apply for a hardship waiver which would, if approved, preserve this year's eligibility.

Expected to compete for a spot at 125, Sanderson sounds optimistic that Gavin could compete at the Southern Scuffle, one of the toughest tournaments in the country.