2017 Big Ten Championships

Top Quarters And Semis Of 2017 Big Tens

Top Quarters And Semis Of 2017 Big Tens

The top quarterfinal and semifinal matches of the 2017 Big Ten wrestling championships in Bloomington, Indiana, this weekend.

Feb 28, 2017 by Christian Pyles
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A quick look at the Big Ten Championships' pre-seeds has every fan hypothesizing (and drooling) over the conference tournament's potential quarterfinal and semifinal matchups in Bloomington, Indiana, this weekend. It's a given that Big Ten finals will be fire. What is unique about the Big Ten is how incredible some of the matches are before you reach that final round on Sunday.

Top Big Ten Quarters

Thomas Gilman, Iowa vs. Jose Rodriguez, Ohio State -- If only because of the tense moment before and after their last meeting. More psychological warfare?

Eric Montoya, Nebraska vs. Mitch McKee, Minnesota -- This is the time of year that true freshmen start to show their improvement. McKee's time for an upset?

Zane Richards, Illinois vs. Stevan Micic, Michigan -- Apart from 184, this is the best quarter in terms of skill. I like Micic in this rematch.

Brian Murphy, Michigan vs. Tyler Berger, Nebraska -- Pretty tough quarter for Berger. An on-point Murphy could pull the upset.  

Zac Brunson, Illinois vs. Jordan Pagano, Rutgers -- Pagano pulled the upset over Preisch. Is he a real contender or was that a one-off victory?

Myles Martin, Ohio State vs. TJ Dudley, Nebraska -- An NCAA champion against an NCAA finalist in Big Ten quarters. Cause why not?

Sammy Brooks, Iowa vs. Nick Gravina, Rutgers -- Gravina is always a threat to at least put some points on the board; the question is can he put together seven minutes? 

Top Big Ten Semis

Thomas Gilman, Iowa vs. Ethan Lizak, Minnesota -- Need I say more?

Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State vs. Stevan Micic, Michigan -- They had a tight one at CKLV.  NATO escaped with the win in his 133 debut, but Micic gave him his toughest match of the year.

Cory Clark, Iowa vs. Eric Montoya, Nebraska -- Revenge time for Clark?

Brandon Sorensen, Iowa vs. Micah Jordan, Ohio State -- Jordan needs a takedown here or figure out how to get out on bottom. The implications in this matchup are huge. The loser likely is on Zain Retherford's side.

Michael Kemerer, Iowa vs. Tyler Berger, Nebraska -- These two wrestled the match of the year already: Who wouldn't want to see it again?

Isaiah Martinez, Illinois vs. Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State -- The tight win in the dual gave PSU fans hope that IMAR was vulnerable. Is it time for IMAR to slam the door?

Logan Massa, Michigan vs. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin -- Will Zeke Jordan go 0-3 against the freshman?

Sammy Brooks, Iowa vs. Nate Jackson, Indiana -- It's a rubber match between these two point machines.

Brett Pfarr, Minnesota vs. Matt McCutcheon, Penn State -- Last time, McCutcheon was close but never finished. Does he improve here, or will Pfarr pull away?

Connor Medbery, Wisconsin vs. Nick Nevills, Penn State -- Nevills nearly pulled off the upset in their previous meeting. How will tactics change for the PSU heavy?

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