2024 U23 Nationals and U20 World Team Trials (Men's)

The College Fan Guide To The 2024 U20 World Team Trials & U23 Nationals

The College Fan Guide To The 2024 U20 World Team Trials & U23 Nationals

Follow your favorite NCAA D1 college wrestling program's wrestlers and committs at the U20 World Teams Trials with this handy guide!

May 29, 2024 by Andrew Spey
The College Fan Guide To The 2024 U20 World Team Trials & U23 Nationals

The U23 Nationals and U20 World Team Trials brackets will be both massive (mostly the U23 ones) and stacked with some of the most talented and credentialed college wrestlers in the country. 

To help you, the wise and learned college wrestling fan, better keep track of everything happening this weekend in Geneva, Ohio, we've crafted this college wrestler's fan guide. 

Competitors had to qualify for the U20 World Team Trials, with the 2024 US Open being the primary means for qualification, so their brackets will be smaller and more easily navigable than U23s.

We'll start with a list of all the wrestlers registered to compete at the U20 World Team Trials in men's freestyle who are either committed to or currently enrolled in an NCAA D1 program. Unless noted, all rankings are from the national high school rankings (in which case they are from the NCAA national rankings). 

It's a big list so it's possible -- likely even! -- that we may have missed someone. Let us know if we did! 

You also might want to use the 'Ctrl + F' function to find the school you're interested in and save yourself some scroll-time. 

U20 Freestyle

97: Soren Herzog, Air Force

61: #3 at 132 Kyler Larkin, Arizona State

65: #3 at 144 Pierson Manville, Arizona State

125: #8 at 285 Nicholas Sahakian, Arizona State

97: Max Ramberg, Augustana

79: Carter Baer, Binghamton

79: #19 at 165 (NCAA) Noah Mulvaney, Bucknell

86: Daschle Lamer, Cal Poly

70: #8 at 150 Paul Kelly, California Baptist

70: Drayden Morton, California Baptist

92: Patrick Brophy, Citadel

125: Vincent Mueller, Columbia

57: #1 at 120 Anthony Knox, Cornell

57: #8 at 126 Isaiah Cortez, Cornell

61: #HM at 132 Elijah Cortez, Cornell

61: #3 at 138 Sergio Vega, Cornell

65: #3 at 150 Jaxon Joy, Cornell

79: Simon Ruiz, Cornell

92: Michael Dellagatta, Cornell

125: #16 at 285 Rocco Dellagatta, Cornell

125: Connor Barket, Duke

74: Sean Coughlin, George Mason

70: #11 at 149 (NCAA) Kannon Webster, Illinois

79: Chris Moore, Illinois

125: #11 at 285 Nicholas Pavlechko, Indiana

57: Allen Calderon, Indiana Tech

57: #2 at 120 Leo DeLuca, Iowa

79: #6 at 174 (NCAA) Gabe Arnold, Iowa

125: #14 at 285 (NCAA) Bradley Hill, Iowa

125: Ben Kueter, Iowa

57: #12 at 120 Christian Castillo, Iowa State

79: #11 at 174 (NCAA) MJ Gaitan, Iowa State

86: Tate Naaktgeboren, Iowa State

61: Isaias Torres, Ithaca

61: #2 at 133 (NCAA) Nasir Bailey, Little Rock

86: #4 at 190 Tucker Hogan, Lock Haven

65: #8 at 141 Sergio Lemley, Michigan

70: #1 at 150 Brock Mantanona, Michigan

70: Dylan Gilcher, Michigan

74: #24 at 165 (NCAA) Beau Mantanona, Michigan

92: Kael Wisler, Michigan State

125: Joshua Terrill, Michigan State

70: #2 at 150 Landon Robideau, Minnesota

74: #4 at 157 Charlie Millard, Minnesota

86: #9 at 184 (NCAA) Max McEnelly, Minnesota

125: #5 at 285 Koy Hopke, Minnesota

57: #2 at 126 Seth Mendoza, Missouri

74: #18 at 157 (NCAA) Cameron Steed, Missouri

86: #1 at 190 Aeoden Sinclair, Missouri

86: Payton Thomas, Navy

65: #1 at 138 Daniel Zepeda, NC State

65: Koy Buesgens, NC State

70: #7 at 165 (NCAA) Antrell Taylor, Nebraska

70: #7 at 157 Kody Routledge, Nebraska

79: Ethan DeLeon, Nebraska

97: Camden McDanel, Nebraska

61: #23 at 125 (NCAA) Spencer Moore, North Carolina

57: Christian Guzman, North Central

57: #HM at 120 Ezekiel Witt, North Dakota State

57: Garret Rinken, Northern Iowa

61: Cory Land, Northern Iowa

70: #6 at 144 Logan Paradice, Northern Iowa

79: Nicholas Fox, Northern Iowa

61: #10 at 138 William Dekraker, Northwestern

57: Vincent Kilkeary, Ohio State

61: #1 at 132 Benjamin Davino, Ohio State

74: #2 at 157 Vince Bouzakis, Ohio State

86: #15 at 184 (NCAA) Ryder Rogotzke, Ohio State

61: #16 at 132 Jake Hockaday, Oklahoma

61: Cael Hughes, Oklahoma State

61: JJ McComas, Oklahoma State

74: #2 at 165 Ladarion Lockett, Oklahoma State

97: #2 at 285 Cody Merrill, Oklahoma State

70: Ethan Stiles, Oregon State

97: #22 at 197 (NCAA) Justin Rademacher, Oregon State

125: Aden Attao, Oregon State

57: #HM at 120 Davis Motyka, Penn

70: #17 at 157 Isaias Jimenez, Penn

57: #7 at 120 Nathan Desmond, Penn State

57: #1 at 126 Luke Lilledahl, Penn State

57: Cael Nasdeo, Penn State

61: Kyison Garcia, Penn State

70: #4 at 157 (NCAA) Tyler Kasak, Penn State

70: #1 at 157 PJ Duke, Penn State

74: #3 at 165 Joseph Sealey, Penn State

79: #1 at 175 Zack Ryder, Penn State

79: #5 at 175 William Henckel, Penn State

86: #24 at 184 (NCAA) Joshua Barr, Penn State

92: #2 at 190 Connor Mirasola, Penn State

97: #3 at 285 Cole Mirasola, Penn State

86: Kole Mulhauser, Princeton

79: Orlando Cruz, Purdue

86: James Rowley, Purdue

79: Bradley Gillum, SIUE

92: Nick Nosler, SIUE

61: Brady Roark, South Dakota State

70: Colin Dupill, South Dakota State

97: Thomas Dineen, South Dakota State

65: #2 at 144 Aden Valencia, Stanford

70: #5 at 157 Grigor Cholakyan, Stanford

74: Zach Hanson, Stanford

79: #20 at 174 (NCAA) Lorenzo Norman, Stanford

86: #HM at 215 Lars Michaelson, Stanford

61: Gable Porter, Virginia

97: Steven Burrell Jr, Virginia

57: #5 at 120 Aaron Seidel, Virginia Tech

70: #5 at 150 Collin Gaj, Virginia Tech

125: Jimmy Mullen, Virginia Tech

61: Zan Fugitt, Wisconsin

79: Lucas Condon, Wisconsin

And because they are of great interest to many college wrestling fans, below is a list of the highest ranked uncommitted high school wrestlers registered for the U20 World Team Trials. 

57: #3 at 113 Haakon Peterson, uncommitted

57: #3 at 126 Jax Forrest, uncommitted

61: #2 at 132 Marcus Blaze, uncommitted

61: #7 at 132 Matthew Botello, uncommitted

65: #1 at 144 Bo Bassett, uncommitted

Next, an extremely long list of all the NCAA D1 wrestlers and graduates we could find registered for U23 Nationals. It would be surprising if we DIDN'T miss anyone from this extremely long list, so once again please let us know if we need to make any corrections!

Rankings are from the national NCAA rankings. 

U23 Freestyle

57: Nicholas Gonzalez, Air Force

61: Bubba Wright, Air Force

61: Gavin Caprella, Air Force

61: Logan Attisano, Air Force

70: Bryce Shelton, Air Force

57: Bryson Terrell, App State

57: Colby McBride, App State

57: Noah Luna, App State

61: Chad Bellis, App State

65: Aldo Hernandez, App State

65: Ethan Shell, App State

65: Riley Edwards, App State

65: Sean Carter, App State

70: Anthony Conetta, App State

70: Ayson Rice, App State

70: Jeremiah Price, App State

70: Kaden Keiser, App State

70: Kailan O'Dell, App State

74: Jayden Dobeck, App State

74: Nicholas Grizales, App State

79: Alexander Hopper, App State

79: Joseph Zovistoski, App State

79: Logan Eller, App State

79: Lucas Uliano, App State

79: #13 at 165 - Will Miller, App State

86: Dalton Battle, App State

86: Tomas Brooker, App State

92: Gunnar Pool, App State

125: Levi Andrews, App State

57: Caleb Uhorchuk, Army

57: Charlie Farmer, Army

61: Ethan Berginc, Army

65: Richard Treanor, Army

70: Zach Keal, Army

74: Dakota Morris, Army

79: #21 at 165 - Gunner Filipowicz, Army

86: Andrew Christie, Army

92: Wolfgang Frable, Army

97: Austin Kohlhofer, Army

97: Thomas Godbee, Army

125: #21 at 285 - Lucas Stoddard, Army

57: Micah Medina, Bellarmine

61: Shay Korhorn, Bellarmine

74: Grant O'Dell, Bellarmine

74: Gray Ortis, Bellarmine

74: Lucas LeClerc, Bellarmine

74: Zach Cowan, Bellarmine

79: Cole Nance, Bellarmine

86: Evan Grazzini, Bellarmine

57: Carson Wagner, Binghamton

65: Nathan Lucier, Binghamton

70: Jordan Brown, Binghamton

74: Fin Nadeau, Binghamton

92: Andrew Bailey, Binghamton

61: Hunter Adrian, Brown

65: Austin McBurney, Brown

65: Sam McMonagle, Brown

70: Blake Saito, Brown

74: Keegan Rothrock, Brown

79: Drew Clearie, Brown

79: Harrison Trahan, Brown

86: Colby Isabelle, Brown

57: Kade Davidheiser, Bucknell

61: Kurtis Phipps, Bucknell

65: Trevor Nugent, Bucknell

65: #21 at 141 - Dylan Chappell, Bucknell

70: Aiden Davis, Bucknell

70: Cade Wirnsberger, Bucknell

92: Dillon Bechtold, Bucknell

125: Logan Shephard, Bucknell

57: Max Elton, Buffalo

57: Troy Guerra, Buffalo

65: Aaron Lanster, Buffalo

70: Caine Tyus, Buffalo

70: Sam Ewing, Buffalo

74: Hunter Shaut, Buffalo

74: Rafael Knapp, Buffalo

79: Marcus Petite, Buffalo

125: William Hotaling, Buffalo

70: #9 at 149 - Chance Lamer, Cal Poly

74: Kendall Larosa, Cal Poly

97: Cole Jackson, Cal Poly

57: Isaiah Kainoa Medina, California Baptist

61: Eli Griffin, California Baptist

61: Hunter Leake, California Baptist

86: Nathan Haas, California Baptist

92: Eli Sheeren, California Baptist

57: Cooper Shore, Campbell

61: Hudson Waldrop, Campbell

70: Wynton Denkins, Campbell

74: Christopher Earnest, Campbell

79: Logan Heckert, Campbell

79: Riley Augustine, Campbell

86: Conor Maslanek, Campbell

92: #24 at 197 - Levi Hopkins, Campbell

74: Chandler Amaker, Central Michigan

74: Cole Hopkins, Central Michigan

74: Tyler Swiderski, Central Michigan

125: Caden Ferris, Central Michigan

57: Marcus Wright, Citadel

61: Genaro De La Garza, Citadel

61: George Rosas, Citadel

65: Brayton Killiri, Citadel

65: Thomas Termini, Citadel

70: Carson DesRosier, Citadel

70: Dillon Roman, Citadel

70: Hayden Watson, Citadel

70: Jacob Silka, Citadel

74: Thomas Snipes, Citadel

79: Benjamin Haubert, Citadel

79: Brodie Porter, Citadel

86: Jet Galbreath, Citadel

86: Micah DiCarlo, Citadel

97: Adam Ortega, Citadel

97: Mason Ayers, Citadel

57: Robert Gardner, Jr., Clarion

61: Joseph Fischer, Clarion

61: Mason Prinkey, Clarion

61: Scott Johnson, Clarion

65: Jack Martinec, Clarion

70: Alejandro Herrera-Rondon, Clarion

70: Kyle Schickel, Clarion

74: John Altieri, Clarion

74: Wesley Barnes, Clarion

86: Adrian Gacek, Clarion

86: Kaeden Berger, Clarion

86: Patrick Cutchember, Clarion

92: Ethan Wiant, Clarion

97: Connor Jacobs, Clarion

125: John Meyers, Clarion

70: Andrew Parish, Cleveland State

125: Mason Cover, Cleveland State

57: Sulayman Bah, Columbia

61: Zack Witmer, Columbia

65: Kai Owen, Columbia

86: Joe Curtis, Columbia

125: Billy McChesney, Columbia

57: Ernest Perry, Cornell

57: Gregory Diakomihalis, Cornell

57: Marcello Milani, Cornell

61: Foster Cardinale, Cornell

61: Tyler Ferrara, Cornell

61: #16 at 133 - Brett Ungar, Cornell

65: Carter Tate, Cornell

65: George Oroudjov, Cornell

65: Joshua Saunders, Cornell

65: Mark Botello, Cornell

70: Benny Rogers, Cornell

70: Cole Handlovic, Cornell

70: Ethan Fernandez, Cornell

70: Macario Calavitta, Cornell

70: Nate Wade, Cornell

74: Benjamin Shvartsman, Cornell

79: Brody Oleksak, Cornell

79: Evan Canoyer, Cornell

79: Justin Mayes, Cornell

79: Zahir McLean-Felix, Cornell

79: #5 at 165 - Julian Ramirez, Cornell

86: Carson Crace, Cornell

86: Colt Barley, Cornell

97: Aiden Hanning, Cornell

125: Ashton Davis, Cornell

79: Guillermo Escobedo, CSU-Bakersfield

65: Trey Friedman, Drexel

70: Justin Soriano, Drexel

79: Jasiah Queen, Drexel

79: Tate Nichter, Drexel

86: Ethan Wilson, Drexel

86: George Rhodes, Drexel

86: Justin Griffith, Drexel

97: Ibrahim Ameer, Drexel

125: Shane Whitney, Drexel

57: Caleb Edwards, Edinboro

65: Amonn Ohl, Edinboro

65: Anthony Ferraro, Edinboro

70: Ryan Michaels, Edinboro

74: Alex Garee, Edinboro

79: Joey Arnold, Edinboro

125: Kade Sottolano, Edinboro

57: Jack Parker, Franklin & Marshall

61: Eric Howe, Franklin & Marshall

65: Aidan O'Shea, Franklin & Marshall

65: Bryce Kresho, Franklin & Marshall

70: Josh Hillard, Franklin & Marshall

70: Pat Phillips, Franklin & Marshall

74: Tyler Shea, Franklin & Marshall

79: Dominic Wheatley, Franklin & Marshall

79: Josh Palmucci, Franklin & Marshall

79: Michael Duggan, Franklin & Marshall

86: Jake Allred, Franklin & Marshall

86: #20 at 184 - James Conway, Franklin & Marshall

92: Noah Fox, Franklin & Marshall

92: RJ Moore, Franklin & Marshall

57: Joshua Dragovich, George Mason

57: William Chambers, George Mason

61: Charlie Bunting, George Mason

65: Dominic Hargrove, George Mason

70: Cale Roggie, George Mason

70: James Chance, George Mason

74: Andrew Dickson, George Mason

74: Damon McGee, George Mason

79: Evan Maag, George Mason

79: Logan Messer, George Mason

79: Nick Foster, George Mason

86: Malachi DuVall, George Mason

97: Donovan Sprouse, George Mason

125: Colin Pedersen, George Mason

61: Blaine Frazier, Indiana

61: Joey Buttler, Indiana

65: Henry Porter, Indiana

70: Aidan Torres, Indiana

70: Anthony Bahl, Indiana

74: Bryce Lowery, Indiana

74: Derek Gilcher, Indiana

79: Magnus Kuokkanen, Indiana

79: Nick South, Indiana

79: #18 at 165 - Tyler Lillard, Indiana

92: Gabe Sollars, Indiana

125: Jacob Bullock, Indiana

57: Joey Cruz, Iowa

61: Jesse Ybarra, Iowa

61: #2 at 125 - Drake Ayala, Iowa

65: Jace Rhodes, Iowa

70: #19 at 149 - Caleb Rathjen, Iowa

74: Drake Rhodes, Iowa

74: Isaiah Fenton, Iowa

79: Patrick Kennedy, Iowa

79: Sebastian Robles, Iowa

92: #12 at 197 - Zach Glazier, Iowa

57: Ethan Perryman, Iowa State

65: Jacob Frost, Iowa State

65: Zachary Redding, Iowa State

70: #10 at 157 - Paniro Johnson, Iowa State

57: Sheldon Seymour, Lehigh

65: Carter Bailey, Lehigh

70: Griffin Gonzalez, Lehigh

70: Matthew Repos, Lehigh

70: Zachary Martin, Lehigh

74: Richard Grungo, Lehigh

74: #20 at 157 - Max Brignola, Lehigh

79: Liam Gil-Swiger, Lehigh

79: Owen Quinn, Lehigh

86: Jack Wilt, Lehigh

92: Remy Brancato, Lehigh

97: Dontae Hoose, Lehigh

125: #8 at 285 - Nathan Taylor, Lehigh

57: Jeremiah Reno, Little Rock

57: Reid Nelson, Little Rock

61: Hayden Flaherty, Little Rock

61: Justin Shaw, Little Rock

61: Shad Cano, Little Rock

65: James Anderson, Little Rock

70: Caleb Andrews, Little Rock

70: Jaivon Jones, Little Rock

70: Jake Romig, Little Rock

74: #24 at 157 - Matthew Bianchi, Little Rock

79: Austin Keal, Little Rock

79: Brendon Abdon, Little Rock

79: Joey Bianchi, Little Rock

86: Nicholas Thompson, Little Rock

86: Parker Henry, Little Rock

125: Keith Miley, Little Rock

125: Robert Hild, Little Rock

61: Gable Strickland, Lock Haven

61: #3 at 125 - Anthony Noto, Lock Haven

65: #24 at 141 - Wyatt Henson, Lock Haven

70: Chase Burke, Lock Haven

70: Connor Eck, Lock Haven

70: James Hogan, Lock Haven

70: Lucas Kapusta, Lock Haven

70: Wyatt Fox, Lock Haven

74: Nick Stampoulos, Lock Haven

79: Brett Barbush, Lock Haven

86: Cael Black, Lock Haven

86: James Lledo, Lock Haven

57: Robert Sagaris, Long Island

61: Christopher Betancourt, Long Island

70: Devin Matthews, Long Island

70: Drew Witham, Long Island

79: Donavan Smith, Long Island

79: James Johnston, Long Island

86: Anthony DAlesio, Long Island

125: Aeden Begue, Long Island

125: Christopher Powell, Long Island

61: #14 at 133 - Braxton Brown, Maryland

65: Dario Lemus, Maryland

92: Matthew McKenna, Michigan

92: #3 at 197 - Jacob Cardenas, Michigan

125: Ira Jenkins, Michigan

125: Lance Trost, Michigan

61: Andrew Hampton, Michigan State

61: Bryce Shingleton, Michigan State

61: Caleb Weiand, Michigan State

74: Brady Benson, Michigan State

79: Ceasar Garza, Michigan State

79: Martin Larkin, Michigan State

79: Roland Denker, Michigan State

79: Ryan Boucher, Michigan State

86: Lucas Daly, Michigan State

86: Luke Vanadia, Michigan State

125: Max Vanadia, Michigan State

79: #13 at 174 - Clayton Whiting, Minnesota

57: Luqman Masud, Missouri

65: Kollin Rath, Missouri

65: Zeke Seltzer, Missouri

86: #11 at 184 - Colton Hawks, Missouri

125: Jarrett Stoner, Missouri

125: Seth Nitzel, Missouri

57: Vincent Robinson, NC State

61: Troy Hohman, NC State

65: #5 at 141 - Ryan Jack, NC State

70: AJ Kovacs, NC State

70: #6 at 149 - Jackson Arrington, NC State

70: #7 at 157 - Edward Scott, NC State

74: Luke Ahrberg, NC State

74: #16 at 165 - Derek Fields, NC State

86: #8 at 184 - Dylan Fishback, NC State

92: Chase Horne, NC State

57: Alan Koehler, Nebraska

65: Ismael Ayoub, Nebraska

70: Scott Robertson, Nebraska

74: Dez Gartrell, Nebraska

74: Jagger Condomitti, Nebraska

79: Adam Thebeau, Nebraska

79: #17 at 174 - Bubba Wilson, Nebraska

79: #6 at 184 - Lenny Pinto, Nebraska

57: Marco Tocci, North Carolina

61: Derek Guanajuato, North Carolina

61: Max Martin, North Carolina

79: Cade Tenold, North Carolina

79: Isaias Estrada, North Carolina

79: Marcus Murabito, North Carolina

79: Nick Fea, North Carolina

79: Nolan O'Boyle, North Carolina

79: Omaury Alvarez, North Carolina

92: Cade Lautt, North Carolina

57: #15 at 125 - Stevo Poulin, Northern Colorado

61: #21 at 133 - Dominick Serrano, Northern Colorado

70: Brady Hankin, Northern Colorado

70: Rudy Lopez, Northern Colorado

97: Tyler Perry, Northern Colorado

125: Remington Peterson, Northern Colorado

57: Blake West, Northern Illinois

61: Markel Baker, Northern Illinois

61: Nathaniel Genobana, Northern Illinois

70: Collin Arch, Northern Illinois

74: Kavan Troy, Northern Illinois

86: Shane Moran, Northern Illinois

92: Matthew Zuber, Northern Illinois

57: Trever Anderson, Northern Iowa

61: Julian Farber, Northern Iowa

65: Connor Thorpe, Northern Iowa

65: #7 at 141 - Cael Happel, Northern Iowa

74: Jack Thomsen, Northern Iowa

74: #6 at 157 - Ryder Downey, Northern Iowa

86: Carson Babcock, Northern Iowa

86: John Gunderson, Northern Iowa

92: #19 at 197 - Wyatt Voelker, Northern Iowa

97: Adam Ahrendsen, Northern Iowa

97: Kalob Runyon, Northern Iowa

125: Cameron Geuther, Northern Iowa

57: #19 at 125 - Brendan McCrone, Ohio State

61: Garett Lautzenheiser, Ohio State

61: #12 at 133 - Nic Bouzakis, Ohio State

65: Andre Gonzales, Ohio State

70: Brandon Cannon, Ohio State

74: Carter Chase, Ohio State

74: Patrick Downing, Ohio State

86: Gavin Bell, Ohio State

92: Cole Robertson, Ohio State

92: Seth Shumate, Ohio State

125: #3 at 285 - Nick Feldman, Ohio State

57: Christian Forbes, Oklahoma

61: Carter Schmidt, Oklahoma

61: Vinny Citrano, Oklahoma

70: John Wiley, Oklahoma

79: Mannix Morgan, Oklahoma

86: Deanthony Parker, Oklahoma

125: Juan Mora, Oklahoma

125: Ryder Wiese, Oklahoma

57: Jayce Caviness, Oklahoma State

57: Sam Smith, Oklahoma State

70: Cutter Sheets, Oklahoma State

86: Benjamin Mower, Oklahoma State

86: Brayden Thompson, Oklahoma State

92: Christian Carroll, Oklahoma State

92: Trevor Dopps, Oklahoma State

57: #16 at 125 - Maximo Renteria, Oregon State

65: Nash Singleton, Oregon State

79: Graham Gambrall, Oregon State

79: Sergio Montoya, Oregon State

86: Timothy McDonnell, Oregon State

92: #3 at 184 - Trey Munoz, Oregon State

57: Brady Pruett, Penn

57: Max Gallagher, Penn

61: Alex Almeyda, Penn

61: #24 at 133 - Ryan Miller, Penn

65: Evan Mougalian, Penn

65: #19 at 141 - CJ Composto, Penn

70: Hunter Gandy, Penn

70: Jackson Polo, Penn

70: Jude Swisher, Penn

70: Sean Seefeldt, Penn

74: Reed Fullmer, Penn

79: Lance Urbas, Penn

86: #22 at 184 - Maximus Hale, Penn

92: Martin Cosgrove, Penn

125: Matthew Cruise, Penn

125: Zachary Delsanter, Penn

61: Gary Steen, Penn State

61: #7 at 133 - Aaron Nagao, Penn State

65: Matthew Rodriguez, Penn State

70: Connor Pierce, Penn State

79: Erik Gibson, Penn State

92: Lucas Cochran, Penn State

125: #1 at 285 - Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State

57: Evan Tallmadge, Pittsburgh

70: Dylan Evans, Pittsburgh

70: Jack Marlow, Pittsburgh

70: Jack Pletcher, Pittsburgh

74: Grant MacKay, Pittsburgh

86: #16 at 184 - Reece Heller, Pittsburgh

65: Tyler Vazquez, Princeton

70: Christopher Martino, Princeton

70: Cody Tavoso, Princeton

70: #8 at 149 - Ty Whalen, Princeton

74: Rocco Camillaci, Princeton

86: Mikey Squires, Princeton

61: Jacob Macatangay, Purdue

74: Colton Washleski, Rider

57: Davian Guanajuato, SIUE

61: Marcel Lopez, SIUE

65: Danny Martinez, SIUE

70: Aaron Gandara, SIUE

70: Alec Peralta, SIUE

70: Braxton Strick, SIUE

70: Brock Woodcock, SIUE

70: Eric Almarinez, SIUE

74: Lane Robinson, SIUE

79: Aaron Cramer, SIUE

79: Hayden Shepherd, SIUE

79: Hayden Trezek, SIUE

125: Daniel McKiernan, SIUE

61: Derrick Cardinal, South Dakota State

65: Avery Allen, South Dakota State

65: Caleb Gross, South Dakota State

65: Julian Tagg, South Dakota State

70: Moses Espinoza-Owens, South Dakota State

74: Jacob Fistler, South Dakota State

74: Marcus Espinoza-Owens, South Dakota State

74: #9 at 157 - Cael Swensen, South Dakota State

79: Connor Gaynor, South Dakota State

79: Riggin Boger, South Dakota State

86: Brock Fettig, South Dakota State

86: Shane McConville, South Dakota State

92: Jared Thiry, South Dakota State

97: Cody Donnelly, South Dakota State

125: Kail Wynia, South Dakota State

125: Luke Rasmussen, South Dakota State

70: #3 at 157 - Daniel Cardenas, Stanford

74: #3 at 165 - Hunter Garvin, Stanford

86: Abraham Wojcikiewicz, Stanford

86: Tye Monteiro, Stanford

92: Jack Darrah, Stanford

92: Luke Duthie, Stanford

97: #13 at 197 - Nick Stemmet, Stanford

61: Sam Herring, uncomitted

65: Kyren Butler, Virginia

70: Luke Roberts, Virginia

74: Nick Sanko, Virginia

79: Dylan Newsome, Virginia

79: Parviz Niyozzoda, Virginia

86: Griffin Gammell, Virginia

86: Joe Burch, Virginia

125: Cooper Rudolph, Virginia

125: Ryan Catka, Virginia

65: Hunter Mason, Virginia Tech

70: Tom Crook, Virginia Tech

74: Bryce Andonian, Virginia Tech

79: Ty Finn, Virginia Tech

86: Samuel Fisher, Virginia Tech

97: Christopher Smith, Virginia Tech

57: Matthew Dolan, West Virginia

70: Samuel Hillegas, West Virginia

86: Brian Finnerty, West Virginia

57: Nicolar Rivera, Wisconsin

97: Massoma Endene, Wisconsin

61: David Saenz, Wyoming

61: Josh Kyle, Wyoming

61: Stockton O'Brien, Wyoming

70: #14 at 149 - Gabe Willochell, Wyoming

74: Brett McIntosh, Wyoming

74: Cooper Voorhees, Wyoming

We also included tables of the above information below, sorted by registered weight class, in case that makes it easier for anyone. U20s are first, followed by U23s.


57Anthony KnoxCornell
57Luke LilledahlPenn State
57Leo DeLucaIowa
57Seth MendozaMissouri
57Haakon Petersonuncomitted
57Jax Forrestuncomitted
57Aaron SeidelVirginia Tech
57Nathan DesmondPenn State
57Isaiah CortezCornell
57Christian CastilloIowa State
57Davis MotykaPenn
57Ezekiel WittNorth Dakota State
57Allen CalderonIndiana Tech
57Cael NasdeoPenn State
57Christian GuzmanNorth Central
57Garret RinkenNorthern Iowa
57Vincent KilkearyOhio State
61Benjamin DavinoOhio State
61Marcus Blazeuncomitted
61Nasir BaileyLittle Rock
61Kyler LarkinArizona State
61Sergio VegaCornell
61Matthew Botellouncomitted
61William DekrakerNorthwestern
61Jake HockadayOklahoma
61Spencer MooreNorth Carolina
61Elijah CortezCornell
61Brady RoarkSouth Dakota State
61Cael HughesOklahoma State
61Cory LandNorthern Iowa
61Gable PorterVirginia
61Isaias TorresIthaca
61JJ McComasOklahoma State
61Kyison GarciaPenn State
61Zan FugittWisconsin
65Bo Bassettuncomitted
65Daniel ZepedaNC State
65Aden ValenciaStanford
65Jaxon JoyCornell
65Pierson ManvilleArizona State
65Sergio LemleyMichigan
65Koy BuesgensNC State
70Brock MantanonaMichigan
70PJ DukePenn State
70Landon RobideauMinnesota
70Tyler KasakPenn State
70Collin GajVirginia Tech
70Grigor CholakyanStanford
70Logan ParadiceNorthern Iowa
70Antrell TaylorNebraska
70Kody RoutledgeNebraska
70Paul KellyCalifornia Baptist
70Kannon WebsterIllinois
70Isaias JimenezPenn
70Colin DupillSouth Dakota State
70Drayden MortonCalifornia Baptist
70Dylan GilcherMichigan
70Ethan StilesOregon State
74Ladarion LockettOklahoma State
74Vince BouzakisOhio State
74Joseph SealeyPenn State
74Charlie MillardMinnesota
74Cameron SteedMissouri
74Beau MantanonaMichigan
74Sean CoughlinGeorge Mason
74Zach HansonStanford
79Zack RyderPenn State
79William HenckelPenn State
79Gabe ArnoldIowa
79MJ GaitanIowa State
79Noah MulvaneyBucknell
79Lorenzo NormanStanford
79Bradley GillumSIUE
79Carter BaerBinghamton
79Chris MooreIllinois
79Ethan DeLeonNebraska
79Lucas CondonWisconsin
79Nicholas FoxNorthern Iowa
79Orlando CruzPurdue
79Simon RuizCornell
86Aeoden SinclairMissouri
86Tucker HoganLock Haven
86Max McEnellyMinnesota
86Ryder RogotzkeOhio State
86Joshua BarrPenn State
86Lars MichaelsonStanford
86Daschle LamerCal Poly
86James RowleyPurdue
86Kole MulhauserPrinceton
86Payton ThomasNavy
86Tate NaaktgeborenIowa State
92Connor MirasolaPenn State
92Kael WislerMichigan State
92Michael DellagattaCornell
92Nick NoslerSIUE
92Patrick BrophyCitadel
97Cody MerrillOklahoma State
97Cole MirasolaPenn State
97Justin RademacherOregon State
97Camden McDanelNebraska
97Max RambergAugustana
97Soren HerzogAir Force
97Steven Burrell JrVirginia
97Thomas DineenSouth Dakota State
125Koy HopkeMinnesota
125Nicholas SahakianArizona State
125Nicholas PavlechkoIndiana
125Bradley HillIowa
125Rocco DellagattaCornell
125Aden AttaoOregon State
125Ben KueterIowa
125Connor BarketDuke
125Jimmy MullenVirginia Tech
125Joshua TerrillMichigan State
125Vincent MuellerColumbia


57Nicholas GonzalezAir Force
57Bryson TerrellApp State
57Colby McBrideApp State
57Noah LunaApp State
57Caleb UhorchukArmy
57Charlie FarmerArmy
57Micah MedinaBellarmine
57Carson WagnerBinghamton
57Kade DavidheiserBucknell
57Max EltonBuffalo
57Troy GuerraBuffalo
57Isaiah Kainoa MedinaCalifornia Baptist
57Cooper ShoreCampbell
57Marcus WrightCitadel
57Robert Gardner, Jr.Clarion
57Sulayman BahColumbia
57Ernest PerryCornell
57Gregory DiakomihalisCornell
57Marcello MilaniCornell
57Caleb EdwardsEdinboro
57Jack ParkerFranklin & Marshall
57Joshua DragovichGeorge Mason
57William ChambersGeorge Mason
57Joey CruzIowa
57Ethan PerrymanIowa State
57Sheldon SeymourLehigh
57Jeremiah RenoLittle Rock
57Reid NelsonLittle Rock
57Robert SagarisLong Island
57Luqman MasudMissouri
57Vincent RobinsonNC State
57Alan KoehlerNebraska
57Marco TocciNorth Carolina
57Stevo PoulinNorthern Colorado
57Blake WestNorthern Illinois
57Trever AndersonNorthern Iowa
57Brendan McCroneOhio State
57Christian ForbesOklahoma
57Jayce CavinessOklahoma State
57Sam SmithOklahoma State
57Maximo RenteriaOregon State
57Brady PruettPenn
57Max GallagherPenn
57Evan TallmadgePittsburgh
57Davian GuanajuatoSIUE
57Matthew DolanWest Virginia
57Nicolar RiveraWisconsin
61Bubba WrightAir Force
61Gavin CaprellaAir Force
61Logan AttisanoAir Force
61Chad BellisApp State
61Ethan BergincArmy
61Shay KorhornBellarmine
61Hunter AdrianBrown
61Kurtis PhippsBucknell
61Eli GriffinCalifornia Baptist
61Hunter LeakeCalifornia Baptist
61Hudson WaldropCampbell
61Genaro De La GarzaCitadel
61George RosasCitadel
61Joseph FischerClarion
61Mason PrinkeyClarion
61Scott JohnsonClarion
61Zack WitmerColumbia
61Foster CardinaleCornell
61Tyler FerraraCornell
61Brett UngarCornell
61Eric HoweFranklin & Marshall
61Charlie BuntingGeorge Mason
61Blaine FrazierIndiana
61Joey ButtlerIndiana
61Jesse YbarraIowa
61Drake AyalaIowa
61Hayden FlahertyLittle Rock
61Justin ShawLittle Rock
61Shad CanoLittle Rock
61Gable StricklandLock Haven
61Anthony NotoLock Haven
61Christopher BetancourtLong Island
61Braxton BrownMaryland
61Andrew HamptonMichigan State
61Bryce ShingletonMichigan State
61Caleb WeiandMichigan State
61Troy HohmanNC State
61Derek GuanajuatoNorth Carolina
61Max MartinNorth Carolina
61Dominick SerranoNorthern Colorado
61Markel BakerNorthern Illinois
61Nathaniel GenobanaNorthern Illinois
61Julian FarberNorthern Iowa
61Garett LautzenheiserOhio State
61Nic BouzakisOhio State
61Carter SchmidtOklahoma
61Vinny CitranoOklahoma
61Alex AlmeydaPenn
61Ryan MillerPenn
61Gary SteenPenn State
61Aaron NagaoPenn State
61Jacob MacatangayPurdue
61Marcel LopezSIUE
61Derrick CardinalSouth Dakota State
61Sam Herringuncomitted
61David SaenzWyoming
61Josh KyleWyoming
61Stockton O'BrienWyoming
65Aldo HernandezApp State
65Ethan ShellApp State
65Riley EdwardsApp State
65Sean CarterApp State
65Richard TreanorArmy
65Nathan LucierBinghamton
65Austin McBurneyBrown
65Sam McMonagleBrown
65Trevor NugentBucknell
65Dylan ChappellBucknell
65Aaron LansterBuffalo
65Brayton KilliriCitadel
65Thomas TerminiCitadel
65Jack MartinecClarion
65Kai OwenColumbia
65Carter TateCornell
65George OroudjovCornell
65Joshua SaundersCornell
65Mark BotelloCornell
65Trey FriedmanDrexel
65Amonn OhlEdinboro
65Anthony FerraroEdinboro
65Aidan O'SheaFranklin & Marshall
65Bryce KreshoFranklin & Marshall
65Dominic HargroveGeorge Mason
65Henry PorterIndiana
65Jace RhodesIowa
65Jacob FrostIowa State
65Zachary ReddingIowa State
65Carter BaileyLehigh
65James AndersonLittle Rock
65Wyatt HensonLock Haven
65Dario LemusMaryland
65Kollin RathMissouri
65Zeke SeltzerMissouri
65Ryan JackNC State
65Ismael AyoubNebraska
65Connor ThorpeNorthern Iowa
65Cael HappelNorthern Iowa
65Andre GonzalesOhio State
65Nash SingletonOregon State
65Evan MougalianPenn
65CJ CompostoPenn
65Matthew RodriguezPenn State
65Tyler VazquezPrinceton
65Danny MartinezSIUE
65Avery AllenSouth Dakota State
65Caleb GrossSouth Dakota State
65Julian TaggSouth Dakota State
65Kyren ButlerVirginia
65Hunter MasonVirginia Tech
70Bryce SheltonAir Force
70Anthony ConettaApp State
70Ayson RiceApp State
70Jeremiah PriceApp State
70Kaden KeiserApp State
70Kailan O'DellApp State
70Zach KealArmy
70Jordan BrownBinghamton
70Blake SaitoBrown
70Aiden DavisBucknell
70Cade WirnsbergerBucknell
70Caine TyusBuffalo
70Sam EwingBuffalo
70Chance LamerCal Poly
70Wynton DenkinsCampbell
70Carson DesRosierCitadel
70Dillon RomanCitadel
70Hayden WatsonCitadel
70Jacob SilkaCitadel
70Alejandro Herrera-RondonClarion
70Kyle SchickelClarion
70Andrew ParishCleveland State
70Benny RogersCornell
70Cole HandlovicCornell
70Ethan FernandezCornell
70Macario CalavittaCornell
70Nate WadeCornell
70Justin SorianoDrexel
70Ryan MichaelsEdinboro
70Josh HillardFranklin & Marshall
70Pat PhillipsFranklin & Marshall
70Cale RoggieGeorge Mason
70James ChanceGeorge Mason
70Aidan TorresIndiana
70Anthony BahlIndiana
70Caleb RathjenIowa
70Paniro JohnsonIowa State
70Griffin GonzalezLehigh
70Matthew ReposLehigh
70Zachary MartinLehigh
70Caleb AndrewsLittle Rock
70Jaivon JonesLittle Rock
70Jake RomigLittle Rock
70Chase BurkeLock Haven
70Connor EckLock Haven
70James HoganLock Haven
70Lucas KapustaLock Haven
70Wyatt FoxLock Haven
70Devin MatthewsLong Island
70Drew WithamLong Island
70AJ KovacsNC State
70Jackson ArringtonNC State
70Edward ScottNC State
70Scott RobertsonNebraska
70Brady HankinNorthern Colorado
70Rudy LopezNorthern Colorado
70Collin ArchNorthern Illinois
70Brandon CannonOhio State
70John WileyOklahoma
70Cutter SheetsOklahoma State
70Hunter GandyPenn
70Jackson PoloPenn
70Jude SwisherPenn
70Sean SeefeldtPenn
70Connor PiercePenn State
70Dylan EvansPittsburgh
70Jack MarlowPittsburgh
70Jack PletcherPittsburgh
70Christopher MartinoPrinceton
70Cody TavosoPrinceton
70Ty WhalenPrinceton
70Aaron GandaraSIUE
70Alec PeraltaSIUE
70Braxton StrickSIUE
70Brock WoodcockSIUE
70Eric AlmarinezSIUE
70Moses Espinoza-OwensSouth Dakota State
70Daniel CardenasStanford
70Luke RobertsVirginia
70Tom CrookVirginia Tech
70Samuel HillegasWest Virginia
70Gabe WillochellWyoming
74Jayden DobeckApp State
74Nicholas GrizalesApp State
74Dakota MorrisArmy
74Grant O'DellBellarmine
74Gray OrtisBellarmine
74Lucas LeClercBellarmine
74Zach CowanBellarmine
74Fin NadeauBinghamton
74Keegan RothrockBrown
74Hunter ShautBuffalo
74Rafael KnappBuffalo
74Kendall LarosaCal Poly
74Christopher EarnestCampbell
74Chandler AmakerCentral Michigan
74Cole HopkinsCentral Michigan
74Tyler SwiderskiCentral Michigan
74Thomas SnipesCitadel
74John AltieriClarion
74Wesley BarnesClarion
74Benjamin ShvartsmanCornell
74Alex GareeEdinboro
74Tyler SheaFranklin & Marshall
74Andrew DicksonGeorge Mason
74Damon McGeeGeorge Mason
74Bryce LoweryIndiana
74Derek GilcherIndiana
74Drake RhodesIowa
74Isaiah FentonIowa
74Richard GrungoLehigh
74Max BrignolaLehigh
74Matthew BianchiLittle Rock
74Nick StampoulosLock Haven
74Brady BensonMichigan State
74Luke AhrbergNC State
74Derek FieldsNC State
74Dez GartrellNebraska
74Jagger CondomittiNebraska
74Kavan TroyNorthern Illinois
74Jack ThomsenNorthern Iowa
74Ryder DowneyNorthern Iowa
74Carter ChaseOhio State
74Patrick DowningOhio State
74Reed FullmerPenn
74Grant MacKayPittsburgh
74Rocco CamillaciPrinceton
74Colton WashleskiRider
74Lane RobinsonSIUE
74Jacob FistlerSouth Dakota State
74Marcus Espinoza-OwensSouth Dakota State
74Cael SwensenSouth Dakota State
74Hunter GarvinStanford
74Nick SankoVirginia
74Bryce AndonianVirginia Tech
74Brett McIntoshWyoming
74Cooper VoorheesWyoming
79Alexander HopperApp State
79Joseph ZovistoskiApp State
79Logan EllerApp State
79Lucas UlianoApp State
79Will MillerApp State
79Gunner FilipowiczArmy
79Cole NanceBellarmine
79Drew ClearieBrown
79Harrison TrahanBrown
79Marcus PetiteBuffalo
79Logan HeckertCampbell
79Riley AugustineCampbell
79Benjamin HaubertCitadel
79Brodie PorterCitadel
79Brody OleksakCornell
79Evan CanoyerCornell
79Justin MayesCornell
79Zahir McLean-FelixCornell
79Julian RamirezCornell
79Guillermo EscobedoCSU-Bakersfield
79Jasiah QueenDrexel
79Tate NichterDrexel
79Joey ArnoldEdinboro
79Dominic WheatleyFranklin & Marshall
79Josh PalmucciFranklin & Marshall
79Michael DugganFranklin & Marshall
79Evan MaagGeorge Mason
79Logan MesserGeorge Mason
79Nick FosterGeorge Mason
79Magnus KuokkanenIndiana
79Nick SouthIndiana
79Tyler LillardIndiana
79Patrick KennedyIowa
79Sebastian RoblesIowa
79Liam Gil-SwigerLehigh
79Owen QuinnLehigh
79Austin KealLittle Rock
79Brendon AbdonLittle Rock
79Joey BianchiLittle Rock
79Brett BarbushLock Haven
79Donavan SmithLong Island
79James JohnstonLong Island
79Ceasar GarzaMichigan State
79Martin LarkinMichigan State
79Roland DenkerMichigan State
79Ryan BoucherMichigan State
79Clayton WhitingMinnesota
79Adam ThebeauNebraska
79Bubba WilsonNebraska
79Lenny PintoNebraska
79Cade TenoldNorth Carolina
79Isaias EstradaNorth Carolina
79Marcus MurabitoNorth Carolina
79Nick FeaNorth Carolina
79Nolan O'BoyleNorth Carolina
79Omaury AlvarezNorth Carolina
79Mannix MorganOklahoma
79Graham GambrallOregon State
79Sergio MontoyaOregon State
79Lance UrbasPenn
79Erik GibsonPenn State
79Aaron CramerSIUE
79Hayden ShepherdSIUE
79Hayden TrezekSIUE
79Connor GaynorSouth Dakota State
79Riggin BogerSouth Dakota State
79Dylan NewsomeVirginia
79Parviz NiyozzodaVirginia
79Ty FinnVirginia Tech
86Dalton BattleApp State
86Tomas BrookerApp State
86Andrew ChristieArmy
86Evan GrazziniBellarmine
86Colby IsabelleBrown
86Nathan HaasCalifornia Baptist
86Conor MaslanekCampbell
86Jet GalbreathCitadel
86Micah DiCarloCitadel
86Adrian GacekClarion
86Kaeden BergerClarion
86Patrick CutchemberClarion
86Joe CurtisColumbia
86Carson CraceCornell
86Colt BarleyCornell
86Ethan WilsonDrexel
86George RhodesDrexel
86Justin GriffithDrexel
86Jake AllredFranklin & Marshall
86James ConwayFranklin & Marshall
86Malachi DuVallGeorge Mason
86Jack WiltLehigh
86Nicholas ThompsonLittle Rock
86Parker HenryLittle Rock
86Cael BlackLock Haven
86James LledoLock Haven
86Anthony DAlesioLong Island
86Lucas DalyMichigan State
86Luke VanadiaMichigan State
86Colton HawksMissouri
86Dylan FishbackNC State
86Shane MoranNorthern Illinois
86Carson BabcockNorthern Iowa
86John GundersonNorthern Iowa
86Gavin BellOhio State
86Deanthony ParkerOklahoma
86Benjamin MowerOklahoma State
86Brayden ThompsonOklahoma State
86Timothy McDonnellOregon State
86Maximus HalePenn
86Reece HellerPittsburgh
86Mikey SquiresPrinceton
86Brock FettigSouth Dakota State
86Shane McConvilleSouth Dakota State
86Abraham WojcikiewiczStanford
86Tye MonteiroStanford
86Griffin GammellVirginia
86Joe BurchVirginia
86Samuel FisherVirginia Tech
86Brian FinnertyWest Virginia
92Gunnar PoolApp State
92Wolfgang FrableArmy
92Andrew BaileyBinghamton
92Dillon BechtoldBucknell
92Eli SheerenCalifornia Baptist
92Levi HopkinsCampbell
92Ethan WiantClarion
92Noah FoxFranklin & Marshall
92RJ MooreFranklin & Marshall
92Gabe SollarsIndiana
92Zach GlazierIowa
92Remy BrancatoLehigh
92Matthew McKennaMichigan
92Jacob CardenasMichigan
92Chase HorneNC State
92Cade LauttNorth Carolina
92Matthew ZuberNorthern Illinois
92Wyatt VoelkerNorthern Iowa
92Cole RobertsonOhio State
92Seth ShumateOhio State
92Christian CarrollOklahoma State
92Trevor DoppsOklahoma State
92Trey MunozOregon State
92Martin CosgrovePenn
92Lucas CochranPenn State
92Jared ThirySouth Dakota State
92Jack DarrahStanford
92Luke DuthieStanford
97Austin KohlhoferArmy
97Thomas GodbeeArmy
97Cole JacksonCal Poly
97Adam OrtegaCitadel
97Mason AyersCitadel
97Connor JacobsClarion
97Aiden HanningCornell
97Ibrahim AmeerDrexel
97Donovan SprouseGeorge Mason
97Dontae HooseLehigh
97Tyler PerryNorthern Colorado
97Adam AhrendsenNorthern Iowa
97Kalob RunyonNorthern Iowa
97Cody DonnellySouth Dakota State
97Nick StemmetStanford
97Christopher SmithVirginia Tech
97Massoma EndeneWisconsin
125Levi AndrewsApp State
125Lucas StoddardArmy
125Logan ShephardBucknell
125William HotalingBuffalo
125Caden FerrisCentral Michigan
125John MeyersClarion
125Mason CoverCleveland State
125Billy McChesneyColumbia
125Ashton DavisCornell
125Shane WhitneyDrexel
125Kade SottolanoEdinboro
125Colin PedersenGeorge Mason
125Jacob BullockIndiana
125Nathan TaylorLehigh
125Keith MileyLittle Rock
125Robert HildLittle Rock
125Aeden BegueLong Island
125Christopher PowellLong Island
125Ira JenkinsMichigan
125Lance TrostMichigan
125Max VanadiaMichigan State
125Jarrett StonerMissouri
125Seth NitzelMissouri
125Remington PetersonNorthern Colorado
125Cameron GeutherNorthern Iowa
125Nick FeldmanOhio State
125Juan MoraOklahoma
125Ryder WieseOklahoma
125Matthew CruisePenn
125Zachary DelsanterPenn
125Greg KerkvlietPenn State
125Daniel McKiernanSIUE
125Kail WyniaSouth Dakota State
125Luke RasmussenSouth Dakota State
125Cooper RudolphVirginia
125Ryan CatkaVirginia

Enjoy the wrestling, college fans!