2024 NCWWC National Championships

2024 National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships Watch Guide

2024 National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships Watch Guide

The National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships are March 8-9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Here is everything you need to know.

Feb 26, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
2024 National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships Watch Guide

What: 2024 National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships
When: March 8-9, 2024
Where: Alliant Energy PowerHouse Arena in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Schedule (All times Central)

Friday, March 8, 2024
Session 1
9:00 am - Doors Open
10:35 am - Opening Ceremonies
11:00 am - Preliminary Round; First Round (Four mats)

Session 2
3:00pm - Doors Open
4:00pm - Championships Quarterfinals (Mats 2 & 3)
Consolation First Round (Mats 1 & 4)
Consolation Second and Quarterfinals (Mats 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Saturday, March 9, 2024
Session 3
9:30 am - Doors Open
11:00 am - Championships Semifinals (Mats 1 & 2), Consolation Semifinals (Mat 3), and 3rd, 5th and 7th places (Three mats)

Session 4
5:30 pm - Doors Open
6:15 pm - Lineup of All-Americans, Exhibit Hall C warm-up area
6:30 pm - Parade of All-Americans, Alliant Energy Powerhouse
7:00 pm - Finals (One Mat)


Get ready for the 2024 National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships. The season-long race between Iowa, King, McKendree, and North Central continues after successful regional tournaments by all four teams. 

Every NCAA team regardless of division (I, II, and III) competes at the National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships. 

Iowa and McKendree squared off at Region V with the Hawkeyes taking down the Bearcats by 27 points. Iowa’s Reese Larramendy secured the upset of the season when she knocked off 2023 Senior World teamer Emma Bruntil of McKendree. Bruntil won NCWWC titles in 2020 and 2021 and returned to college competition for the first time at regionals. 

McKendree’s three-time national champion Cam Guerin continues to shine in the post-season with a dominant run through the 130-pound bracket. She is seeking her fourth title and plans to return for a possible fifth title if she wins this year. 

The Hawkeyes squared off in three regional finals:
101: Emilie Gonzalez (Iowa) won by decision over Sterling Dias (Iowa) (Dec 7-0)
116: Brianna Gonzalez (Iowa) won by decision over Felicity Taylor (Iowa) (Dec 9-3)
155: Marlynne Deede (Iowa) won by decision over Bella Mir (Iowa) (Dec 8-4)

North Central dominated its Region IV with an impressive 113-point victory over runner-up Aurora, winning nine of 10 weights with a finalist in every weight. The Cardinals also had three teammate vs teammate match-ups but none were contested.

King outdistanced Emmanel by 53.5 points for the Region II title. The Tornado had eight champions, nine weights with a finalist, and four King vs King matchups in the finals.

101: Jessica Corredor (King University) won by decision over Avery Kibelbek (King University) (Dec 6-4)
116: Samara Chavez (King University) won by fall over Melanie Mendoza (King University) (Fall 1:01)
123: Montana Delawder (King University) won by decision over Virginia Foard (King University) (Dec 5-0)
143: Aine Drury (King University) won by tech fall over Yasmine Oliveira (King University) (TF 10-0)

Region I Results
Team Champion: Sacred Heart University

Region II Results
Team Champion: King University

Region III Results
Team Champion: Tiffin University 

Region IV Results
Team Champion: North Central

Region V Results
Team Champion: Iowa

Region VI Results
Team Champion: Colorado Mesa

Past college national championships
2023 NCWWC results
2022 NCWWC results
2021 NCWWC results
2020 NCWWC results

Tournament Format

The National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships will have 24 wrestlers per bracket compared to 20 last year. 

Each team can qualify up to 15 wrestlers, but only one at each weight can score. If a team has two wrestlers in the finals (it has happened before) then only the champion will score. However, this can prevent another team from earning placement points. 

Bonus points cannot be scored if two wrestlers from the same team face each other. This prevents a coach from fixing matches to get additional team points. Below is a breakdown of how tournament scoring works.

Reminder: women's college wrestling uses freestyle rules so there are no major decisions.

Championship advancement: 1
Consolation advancement: 0.5
Technical superiority: 1.5
Fall: 2

Placement points
First: 16
Second: 12
Third: 10
Fourth: 9
Fifth: 7
Sixth: 6
Seventh: 4
Eighth: 3

Qualifiers by schools (head coach)

Adams State (Kyle Sand) — 1
Adrian (Cliff Cushard) — 6
Albion (Adam Wilson) — 4
Alma (Kaitlyn Monroe) — 4
Augsburg (Ali Sprenger) — 3
Augustana (Anthony Willaert) — 3
Aurora (Justin Pearch) — 5
Carthage (Jake Calhoun) — 1
Chadron State (Taylor Summers) — 4
Colorado Mesa (Travis Mercado) — 11
D’Youville (Carlene Sluberski) — 5
Delaware Valley (Andrew Taylor) — 2
Dubuque (Dennis Hall) — 2
East Stroudsburg (Anibal Nieves) — 8
Elmira (Cody Griswold) — 3
Emmanuel (Bryce Killian) — 6
Emory & Henry (Pete Hansen) — 3
Frostburg State (Breonnah Neal) — 2
Gannon (Erin Vandiver) — 6
Hiram (Christy Powell) — 3
Huntingdon (Matthew Oliver) — 2
Iowa (Clarissa Chun) — 15
John Carroll (Mark Hawald) — 3
King (Jason Moorman) — 15
Lindenwood (Frank Yattoni) — 4
Linfield (Frank Johnson) — 1
Lock Haven (Matt Lackey) — 6
McKendree (Alexio Garcia) — 13
Minot State (Brittney Mitchem) — 1
Mount Olive (Dan Willis) — 7
New England (Raymond DeRosa) — 1
New Jersey City (Barry Hart) — 2
North Central (Joe Norton) — 15
Northern Michigan (Tony DeAnda) — 3
Presbyterian (Brian Vutianitis) — 7
Quincy (Jimmy Eggemeyer) — 3
Sacred Heart (Paulina Biega) — 13
Schreiner (Tarkyia Mensah) — 5
Simon Fraser (Justin Abdou) — 11
Simpson (Jeff McGinness) — 1
Sioux Falls (Toby Bryant) — 4
Texas Woman's (Randi Miller) — 2
Tiffin (Chandler Minnard) — 5
Trine (Theresa Rankin) — 2
Ursinus (Joseph Jamison) — 1
Wartburg (Brady Kyner) — 2
Western New England (Tyler Keane) — 3
William Jewel (Desiree Ramos) — 2
Wisconsin Stevens Point (Jake Wozniak) — 8
York (Duane Bastress) — 1

Teams represented at nationals
2020: 19
2021: 21
2022: 30
2023: 37
2024: 50

Team champions
2020: McKendree (Sam Schmitz)
2021: McKendree (Sam Schmitz)
2022: McKendree (Sam Schmitz)
2023: North Central (Joe Norton)

Top Five Teams

2020 NCWWC
1. McKendree - 191
2. Simon Fraser - 178.5
3. King - 123
4. Colorado Mesa - 92.5
5. Emmanuel - 86

2021 NCWWC
1. McKendree - 209
2. King - 171.5
3. Emmanuel - 133.5
4. Colorado Mesa - 97
5. Augsburg - 88.5

2022 NCWWC
1. McKendree - 188
2. King - 166
3. Simon Fraser - 145.5
4. North Central - 128
5. Colorado Mesa - 89

2023 NCWWC
North Central - 198
King - 163
McKendree - 147.5
Colorado Mesa - 108
Augsburg - 87.5

Individual champions

2020 NCWWC
101: Pauline Granados (McKendree)
109: Emily Shilson (Augsburg)
116: Karla Godinez-Gonzalez (Simon Fraser)
123: Alex Hedrick (Simon Fraser)
130: Alexia Ward (McKendree)
136: Emma Bruntil (McKendree)
143:Ana Godinez-Gonzalez (Simon Fraser)
155: Alex Glaude (McKendree)
170: Jessika Rottier (UW-Stevens Point)
191: Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

2021 NCWWC
101: Angelina Gomez (Emmanuel)
109: Emily Shilson (Augsburg)
116: Felicity Taylor (McKendree)
123: Cheyenne Sistenstein (King)
130: Cameron Guerin (McKendree)
136: Brenda Reyna (McKendree)
143: Emma Bruntil (McKendree)
155: Alara Boyd (McKendree)
170: Yelena Makoyed (North Central)
191: Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

2022 NCWWC
101: Olivia Shore (Tiffin)
109: Emily Shilson (Augsburg)
116: Karla Godinez-Gonzalez (Simon Fraser)
123: Alex Hedrick (Simon Fraser)
130: Cameron Guerin (McKendree)
136: Zoe Nowicki (Adrian)
143: Ashlynn Ortega (King)
155: Alyvia Fiske (Simon Fraser)
170: Yelena Makoyed (North Central)
191: Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

2023 NCWWC
101: Maddie Avila (North Central)
109: Emily Shilson (McKendree)
116: Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central)
123: Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa)
130: Cameron Guerin (McKendree)
136: Ana Luciano (King)
143: Katie Lange (Augsburg)
155: Marlynne Deede (Augsburg)
170: Yelena Makoyed (North Central)
191: Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

Returning NCWWC champions
Pauline Granados (McKendree), 2020
Emma Bruntil (McKendree), 2020, 2021
Cameron Guerin (McKendree), 2021, 2022, 2023
Maddie Avila (North Central), 2023
Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central), 2023
Alara Boyd (North Central), 2021
Yelena Makoyed (North Central), 2021, 2022, 2023
Felicity Taylor (Iowa), 2021
Marlynne Deede (Iowa), 2023

2024 Individual National Qualifiers

REGION V1011IowaEmilie Gonzalez
REGION V1012IowaSterling Dias
REGION II1011KingJessica Corredor
REGION II1012KingAvery Kibelbek
REGION V1013McKendreeLizette Rodriguez
REGION II1014Mount OliveJeulenea Khang
REGION II1013PresbyterianChiara Barbieri
REGION V1014SimpsonEmaline Hicks
REGION I1011Sacred HeartAaliyah Payne-Parris
REGION I1012East StroudsburgOlivia Klein
REGION I1013New EnglandAlexis Dobson
REGION I1014Sacred HeartSamantha Yap
REGION III1011AlbionGabriella Motz
REGION III1012AlmaMackenzie Burger
REGION III1013HiramLexi Doerflinger
REGION III1014GannonChloe Kitagawa
REGION IV1011North CentralMadison Avila
REGION IV1012AuroraGenesis Ramirez
REGION IV1013Wisconsin Stevens PointMorgan Bethea
REGION IV1014Wisconsin Stevens PointKelly Enriquez
REGION VI1011Colorado MesaJennesis Martinez
REGION VI1012SchreinerOdelia Lopez
REGION VI1013Simon FraserGina Bolognese
REGION VI1014ChadronMana Chanthasone
REGION II1094HuntingdonShelby Fugate
REGION V1091IowaAva Bayless
REGION II1092KingDanielle Garcia
REGION II1093KingAlyssa Guardiola
REGION V1094LindenwoodKate Cooper
REGION V1092McKendreePauline Granados
REGION V1093McKendreeConsuelo Garcia
REGION II1091Mount OliveSamantha Miller
REGION I1091Lock HavenKaelani Shufeldt
REGION I1092ElmiraAbby Duke
REGION I1093Sacred HeartAhsia Torres
REGION I1094East StroudsburgAlanna Barberio
REGION III1091TiffinJenavi Alejandro
REGION III1092AdrianEmily Mendez
REGION III1093TrineRiley Morrison
REGION III1094GannonKealonie Vega
REGION IV1091North CentralKendra Ryan
REGION IV1092North CentralJaslynn Gallegos
REGION IV1093CarthageNatalie Majer
REGION IV1094AuroraMia Moore
REGION VI1091Colorado MesaIsabella Morales
REGION VI1092Colorado MesaAdriana Gomez
REGION VI1093Simon FraserIvy Threatful
REGION VI1094ChadronHeavynne Robles-Wright
REGION II1163EmmanuelKarissa Turnwall
REGION V1161IowaBrianna Gonzalez
REGION V1162IowaFelicity Taylor
REGION II1161KingSamara Chavez
REGION II1162KingMelanie Mendoza
REGION V1163McKendreeJulia Vidallon
REGION II1164Mount OliveAyonna McNeil
REGION V1164QuincyTrinity Pendergrass
REGION I1161New Jersey CityIzabella Frezzo
REGION I1162Sacred HeartNohea Moniz
REGION I1163East StroudsburgEmily Klein
REGION I1164Sacred HeartTatiana Walker
REGION III1161AdrianCarleigh Czerneski
REGION III1162TiffinGrace Jones
REGION III1163GannonJuliana Cubias
REGION III1164AlmaChloe Colton
REGION IV1161North CentralSydney Petzinger
REGION IV1162Wisconsin Stevens PointAbby Nelson
REGION IV1163Wisconsin Stevens PointRose Ann Marshall
REGION IV1164DubuqueShea Reisel
REGION VI1161Simon FraserMaddie Mackenzie
REGION VI1162Colorado MesaKiely Tabaldo
REGION VI1163Adams StateAustria Holland
REGION VI1164SchreinerJaia Ashley
REGION II1234EmmanuelMakayla Correa
REGION V1234IowaAva Rose
REGION II1231KingMontana Delawder
REGION II1232KingVirginia Foard
REGION V1231McKendreeShelby Moore
REGION V1232McKendreeNichole Moore
REGION II1233PresbyterianAlyssa Mahan
REGION V1233William JewellAlexandra Waitsman
REGION I1231Sacred HeartAlexandra Fitzgerald
REGION I1232East StroudsburgMia Macaluso
REGION I1233East StroudsburgJackeline Ovieo-Ramos
REGION I1234Delaware ValleyBridgette Schoultz
REGION III1231AlbionHannah Arledge-Teran
REGION III1232AdrianAngela LoRusso
REGION III1233GannonJayden Bazemore
REGION III1234Frostburg StateJada Fowler
REGION IV1231North CentralAmani Jones
REGION IV1232Northern MichiganZhivanna Magdaleno
REGION IV1233AugustanaSandie Pfeil
REGION IV1234AugustanaHannah Suboni-Kaufman
REGION VI1231Simon FraserVictoria Seal
REGION VI1232ChadronAna Rojas Zamora
REGION VI1233SchreinerIleah Brown
REGION VI1234Simon FraserKelsey Louen
REGION V1303IowaEmily Frost
REGION II1301KingMaria Victoria Baez Dilone
REGION II1303KingAnna Dicugno
REGION V1301McKendreeCameron Guerin
REGION V1304McKendreeJennifer Soto
REGION II1304Mount OliveBrielle Bibla
REGION II1302PresbyterianCassia Zammit
REGION V1302WartburgKylie Rule
REGION I1301East StroudsburgZoe Gress
REGION I1302Lock HavenLillian Sherer
REGION I1303Sacred HeartBayley Trang
REGION I1304Western New EnglandLinda Holeman
REGION III1301TiffinAriana Carrasquillo
REGION III1302AlbionDanielle Ruiz
REGION III1303Frostburg StateLillie Costilla
REGION III1304John CarrollDelaney Burns
REGION IV1301North CentralSalome Walker
REGION IV1302AuroraAlexis Janiak
REGION IV1303Wisconsin Stevens PointNgao Shoua Whitethorn
REGION IV1304North CentralSara Sterner
REGION VI1301Simon FraserMarquesis Haintz
REGION VI1302Simon FraserLaura Alcantor Soto
REGION VI1303Colorado MesaKaydence Boyd
REGION VI1304Sioux FallsTeila Peters
REGION II1362EmmanuelGianna Anaya
REGION II1364HuntingdonRaya Carpenter
REGION V1362IowaLilly Luft
REGION II1361KingClaire DiCugno
REGION V1361McKendreeViktorya Torres
REGION V1364McKendreeEstella Gutches
REGION II1363Mount OliveAngelica Steffy
REGION V1363QuincyMadeline Barton
REGION I1361Lock HavenGrace Stem
REGION I1362YorkMaura White
REGION I1363East StroudsburgRuth Ansah
REGION I1364Western New EnglandSabrina Sedor
REGION III1361D`YouvilleMadison Wellen
REGION III1362HiramMallory Chunat
REGION III1363TrineMadison Small
REGION III1364AlmaJaclyn Dietz
REGION IV1361North CentralYele Aycock
REGION IV1362North CentralTaylor Graveman
REGION IV1363Wisconsin Stevens PointAmor Tuttle
REGION IV1364AuroraNatasha Markoutsis
REGION VI1361Colorado MesaHolly Beaudoin
REGION VI1362Simon FraserJade Trolland
REGION VI1363Sioux FallsMcKenna Hendrickson
REGION VI1364Texas Woman`sLivier Dubon
REGION II1434EmmanuelSofia Vergara
REGION V1431IowaReese Larramendy
REGION V1434IowaElla Schmit
REGION II1431KingAine Drury
REGION II1432KingYasmine Oliveira
REGION V1432McKendreeEmma Bruntil
REGION II1433PresbyterianMaddie Kubicki
REGION V1433William JewellAthena Willden
REGION I1431ElmiraZoey Lints
REGION I1432Sacred HeartKhadijah Sanusi
REGION I1433Western New EnglandDakota-Marie Dinielli
REGION I1434Lock HavenPaige Jackson
REGION III1431GannonLili Ujfalvi
REGION III1432D`YouvilleAlessandra Elliott
REGION III1433AdrianTaylor Cutler
REGION III1434D`YouvilleSaniyah Ward
REGION IV1431North CentralAlara Boyd
REGION IV1432Northern MichiganMarisa Angelos
REGION IV1433AugsburgAutumn Flanigan
REGION IV1434Northern MichiganAlissa Caltagirone
REGION VI1431LinfieldAlice Rickett
REGION VI1432Sioux FallsBrinley Green
REGION VI1433Colorado MesaErica Schroeder
REGION VI1434Minot StateHaleigh Lematta
REGION II1554EmmanuelJocelyn Yepez
REGION II1553Emory & HenryMolly Keller
REGION V1551IowaMarlynne Deede
REGION V1552IowaBella Mir
REGION II1551KingCheyenne Bowman
REGION V1553LindenwoodAlana Duggan
REGION V1554McKendreeRuby Rios
REGION II1552Mount OliveNia Miranda
REGION I1551Sacred HeartMadison Sandquist
REGION I1552ElmiraSkylah Chakouian
REGION I1553UrsinusEmma Matera
REGION I1554Lock HavenAzariah Moore
REGION III1551AdrianNyla Burgess
REGION III1552TiffinErin Martin
REGION III1553John CarrollJordan Palmer
REGION III1554HiramErika Novak
REGION IV1551AugsburgNina Makem
REGION IV1552North CentralLondon Houston
REGION IV1553DubuqueAlex Hofrichter
REGION IV1554North CentralTiera Jimerson
REGION VI1551Colorado MesaDalia Garibay
REGION VI1552Simon FraserPaige Maher
REGION VI1553SchreinerAzana King
REGION VI1554Texas Woman'sSheanareial (Nari) Miller
REGION II1701EmmanuelAlyssa Arana
REGION II1703Emory & HenryKatie Gakin
REGION V1701IowaKylie Welker
REGION V1703IowaHaley Ward
REGION V1702McKendreeTristan Kelly
REGION II1702PresbyterianHenlee Haynes
REGION II1704PresbyterianTa`Niya Roberts
REGION V1704WartburgKami Senlycki
REGION I1701Sacred HeartLove Daley
REGION I1702Sacred HeartCara Broadus
REGION I1703Lock HavenStella Steigler
REGION I1704East StroudsburgJade Huerta
REGION III1701GannonSchyler Caringi
REGION III1702TiffinSidney Ramos
REGION III1703D`YouvilleElizabeth Stricklin
REGION III1704John CarrollTalia Mitchell
REGION IV1701North CentralYelena Makoyed
REGION IV1702Wisconsin Stevens PointJade Herzer
REGION IV1703AugustanaSawyer Graham
REGION IV1704Wisconsin Stevens PointTabitha Breitrick
REGION VI1701Colorado MesaCaylee Collins
REGION VI1702SchreinerJadine Mata
REGION VI1703Simon FraserRupinder Johal
REGION VI1704Colorado MesaKimberly Carlin
REGION II1913Emory & HenryBrittney Reed
REGION V1912IowaJaycee Foeller
REGION II1911KingAlexa Garcia
REGION V1911LindenwoodSara Lake
REGION V1913LindenwoodMakayla Rivera
REGION II1914Mount OliveJada Arnold
REGION II1912PresbyterianElla Beam
REGION V1914QuincyIvana Elliott
REGION I1911New Jersey CitySandra Guerrero
REGION I1912Sacred HeartMadeline Hodges
REGION I1913Sacred HeartJacklyn Smith
REGION I1914Delaware ValleySophie Pollack
REGION III1911AlbionLogan Ryan
REGION III1913AlmaCassidee Easey
REGION III1914D`YouvilleRiley Wentlent
REGION III1915Adrian CollegeXsaria Puente
REGION IV1911North CentralTraeh Haynes
REGION IV1912North CentralBrittyn Corbishley
REGION IV1913AuroraSydney Manos
REGION IV1914AugsburgMelissa Jacobs
REGION VI1911ChadronKamila Montenegro
REGION VI1912Simon FraserJulia Richey
REGION VI1913Colorado MesaJayleen Sekona
REGION VI1914Sioux FallsZoe Adam