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Michigan Takes Down Iowa Wrestling, 23-11

Michigan Takes Down Iowa Wrestling, 23-11

Michigan won seven of 10 matches, including an upset win at 141, to secure a 23-11 win over Iowa.

Feb 2, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
Michigan Takes Down Iowa Wrestling, 23-11

Michigan won seven of 10 matches, highlighted by an upset win at 141 pounds, for a 23-11 win over second-ranked Iowa. Get the score-by-score breakdown below. 

125: #15 Michael DeAugustino (Michigan) dec. #4 Drake Ayala (Iowa), 2-1 TB

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Both wrestlers looking for inside positions but no significant leg shots by either wrestler. Scoreless first period. 

Second period: Ayala starts on bottom and tries for a switch off the whistle, DeAugustino follows but Ayala eventually escapes with a sit-out in 21 seconds. Ayala leads 1-0 after no scoring on the feet. 

Third period: DeAugustino starts on bottom and gets to his feet and escapes in 10 seconds to tie the score 1-1. Ayala worked a two-on-one, steps in for a single, DeAugustino scrambles through and a stalemate is called. DeAugsutino rolls through a shot and is extended on Ayala's left leg and a stalemate is called with 23 seconds left. 

Sudden victory: DeAugustino and Ayala get in a scramble and DeAugustino may have had a takedown so the Michigan bench throws the challenge brick. The call stands. No takedown with 58 seconds left. Ayala hits a single but DeAugustino ankle picks out of the position then Ayala comes out the back door and a potentially dangerous is called with 12 seconds left. 

Tiebreakers: DeAugustino starts on bottom and gets out in 12 seconds for a 2-1 lead. Ayala starts on bottom and DeAugustino rides out the period for the win even though Ayala was close to a reversal.

Michigan 3, Iowa 0

133: #4 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) dec. Cullan Schriever (Iowa), 4-2 

First period: Ragusin hits a slide-by in the first minute for a 3-0 lead. Ragusin takes riding time over a minute just over halfway through the period. Schriever escapes with 26 seconds left but Ragusin leads 3-1 to end the period. 

Second period: Ragusin starts on bottom and escapes in eight seconds for a 4-1 lead. No scoring the remainder of the period. 

Third period: Schriever starts on bottom and escapes in eight seconds but Ragusin leads 4-2 and eventually gets the win after a period of hand fighting and half shots.

Michigan 6, Iowa 0

141: #19 Sergio Lemley (Michigan) major decision #1 Real Woods (Iowa), 14-2

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Low shot from Woods with 40 seconds left and comes out the back door with Lemley draped over the top. Lemley hips in but time runs out with no score. 

Second period: Lemley starts on botttom and Lemley rolls through and gets a six-point move with a reversal and four near-fall points for a 6-0 lead. Woods escapes with 38 seconds left but Lemley leads 6-1 to end the period. 

Third period: Woods starts on bottom, stands up, and escapes in eight seconds. Lemley leads, 6-2. Lemley continues to stalk and tries a Metzger but doesn't score. Woods tries for an extended shot. Illegal move by Woods makes it 7-2, Lemley. Lemley has a cradle to end the period for a takedown and four near-fall points for a 14-2 major decision. 

Michigan 10, Iowa 0

149: #6 Austin Gomez (Michigan) dec. Victor Voinovich (Iowa), 5-1 

First period: Voinovich has a head to the inside shot to start the period but the referee stalemates the position. Gomez went big with 25 seconds left but the position slipped and no score as time expired. 

Second period: Gomez starts on bottom and escapes in eight seconds. Gomez attacks the leg, switches off, and scores a takedown for a 4-0 lead. Voinovich escapes with 1:15 to go. Stall call against Voinovich with 33 seconds left for blocking. 

Third period: Voinovich starts on bottom but Gomez goes over a minute of riding time with 1:10 left. Gomez called for stalling from the top position. Riding time locked up as he rides out the entire period for a 5-1 win.

Michigan 13, Iowa 0

157: #14 Will Lewan (Michigan) dec. #2 Jared Franek (Iowa), 3-2 TB

First period: No scoring. 

Second period: Lewan starts on bottom and escapes in six seconds for a 1-0 lead. 

Third period: Franek starts on bottom and escapes in seven seconds. Stall warning against Lewan. Franek gets to a shot and Lewan eventually squares up off of a scramble but a stalemate is called with 38 seconds left. Franek shoots and gets into a body lock but Lewan fights in off. Lewan shoots and it's defended by Franek.

Sudden victory: A few shots but both wrestlers but no score. Franek hits a single with 15 seconds left but Lewan has a shin whizzer. No score. 

Tiebreakers: Franek starts on bottom and escapes in four seconds. Lewan starts on bottom and gets out in two seconds. Lewan fights off a shot by Franek for a 3-2 win in tiebreakers. 

Michigan 16, Iowa 0

165: #6 Michael Caliendo (Iowa) dec. Beau Mantanona (Michigan), 9-4

First period: No scoring halfway through the period but Caliendo is in a seatbelt position and gets on a single out of bouts. The action goes off the mat. Stall call against Mantanona with 30 seconds left. No scoring but Caliendo was the aggressor. 

Second period: Caliendo starts on bottom and escapes in five seconds. Mantanona shoots a few seconds later but can't score. Caliendo finishes with a double and gets a 4-0 lead. Mantanona escapes but Caliendo leads 4-1 as time expires in the period. 

Third period: Mantanona starts on bottom but Mantanona rolls through for a reversal but Caliendo escapes for a 5-3 lead with one minute left. Counter by Caliendo and scores out of bounds with 25 seconds left. Caliendo leads, 8-3. Mantanona escaped to cu the lead in half but Caliendo won 9-4 with a riding time point.

Michigan 16, Iowa 3

174: #3 Shane Griffith (Michigan) major decision #6 Patrick Kennedy Iowa), 12-1

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Kennedy working from an under hook that last half of the match but can't get any momentum. No score.

Second period: Kennedy starts on bottom and Griffith gets four near-fall points on a tilt for a 4-0 lead. Kennedy nearly spins out from bottom but Griffith follows. Stall call against Griffith nine seconds left. Kennedy gets to his feet but Griffith holds tight and doesn't give up the escape. 

Third period: Griffith starts on bottom but an optional start by Kennedy and gives up the escape. Griffith eventually gets the three-point takedown with 1:15 left for an 8-0 lead. Kennedy escapes with 50 seconds left. Another takedown by Griffith makes it 11-1. He rides out the period for a 12-1 win with riding time. 

Michigan 20, Iowa 3

184: Aiden Riggins (Iowa) decision Joseph Walker (Michigan), 6-5

First period: Takedown by Riggins, reversal but Walker and an escape by Riggins ends the period, 4-2.

Second period: Walker starts the period on bottom. Two cautions against Riggins on top but accumulates over a minute of riding time as Walker looks for another reversal and finally gets it with 40 seconds left. Walker ends the period on top. Score: 4-4.

Third period: Riggins starts on bottom. Walker puts the leg in and looks for a guillotine but gets high and Riggins reverses the position for a 6-4 lead. Walker Granby's out for an escape but Riggins leads 6-5. Riggins is dinged for stalling as Walker attempts a shot but Riggins gets the 6-5 win.

Michigan 20, Iowa 6

197: #12 Zach Glazier (Iowa) tech. fall Bobby Striggow (Michigan), 20-4

First period: Glazier hits a head-to-the-outside shot and switches to a double in the first 30 seconds for a 3-0 lead. Striggow stands up and Glazier lets him go. Glazier scores on another single for a 6-1 lead with 53 seconds left. Stalling warning on top against Glazier with 25 seconds left but Glazier finishes on top with a 6-1 lead.

Second period: Striggow starts on bottom and gets an uncontested release. Glazier reaches across the far ankle for another takedown and a 9-2 lead. He finishes on top.

Third period: Glazier starts on bottom and escapes with 1:35 left for a 10-2 lead. Glazier gets his fourth takedown for a 13-2 lead with 1:07 left. Another escape ty Striggow makes it 13-3 but he's hit with a stall call. Single and escape makes it 16-4 for Glazier. Glazier hits a single at the buzzer for a 20-4 tech with riding time.

Michigan 20, Iowa 11

285: #6 Lucas Davison (Michigan) major decision Bradley Hill (Iowa), 11-2

First period: Davison hits a single and eventually switches off and scores the three-point takedown. Stall warning against Davison on top. Davison finishes the period on top for a 3-0 lead and 2:11 of riding time.

Second period: Davison starts on bottom, gets to his feet, and escapes in 13 seconds for a 4-0 lead. A straight single to the left side by Davison secures a second takedown and a 7-0 lead. Escape by Hill makes it 7-1 with a minute to go. The period end in the neutral position.

Third period: Hill starts on bottom and gets the escape after an intentional release. Hill has a low shot, Davison scrambles out and gets another takedown for a 10-2 lead with 45 seconds left. Davison rides out the period for an 11-2 major decision.

Michigan 23, Iowa 11