2023-24 Iowa Wrestling

Iowa Wrestling Cruises To 36-6 Road Win Over Illinois

Iowa Wrestling Cruises To 36-6 Road Win Over Illinois

Iowa won eight of 10 matches, including six by bonus points, for a 36-6 win over Illinois.

Jan 26, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
Iowa Wrestling Cruises To 36-6 Road Win Over Illinois

Iowa won eight of 10 matches during a 36-6 win over Illinois on Friday, January 26 in Champaign, Illinois. 

133: Cullan Schriever, (Iowa) major decision #29 Anthony Madrigal (Illinois), 9-1

First period: Madrigal gets extended on a shot but stalemate is called with 1:38 to go. Shot by Madrigal as he drives Schriever out of bounds but no takedown with a minute to go. No scoring.

Second period: Madrigal takes down and is out in 43 seconds with a sit out. Madrigal leads 1-0. Madrigal hits a single and the action goes to the edge. Schriever hips out and we are back in the center. Madrigal leads 1-0 after two. 

Third period: Schriever takes down and escapes in 21 seconds then hits a shot for a takedown and a 4-1 lead. Schriever gets a tilt at the edge of the mat and four near-fall points. Schriever leads 8-1. Schriever rides out the period for a 9-1 major decision after riding time is tabulated. 

Iowa 4, Illinois 0

141: Brody Teske (Iowa) decision Will Baysinger (Illinois), 5-0

First period: No scoring through two minutes. Great exchange with 20 seconds left but the action goes out of bounds with no score to end the period.

Second period: Baysinger picks down but Teske still riding halfway through the period. Stall warning on Baysinger on the bottom. Teske rides out the period. Still no score. 

Third period: Teske picks down but Baysinger appears committed to riding by throwing in a half but lets Teske go in 18 seconds. Teske leads, 1-0. Teske drops down on the leg for a takedown and a 4-0 lead. Time runs out on back points but wins 5-0 with riding time. 

Iowa 7, Illinois 0

149: #10 Kannon Webster (Illinois) decision #14 Caleb Rathjen (Iowa), 4-1 SV 

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Lots of hand fighting but no scoring. 

Second period: Webster starts on bottom and escapes with a stand-up in 32 seconds. Webster leads 1-0 after an uneventual second period. 

Third period: Rathjen starts on bottom, stands up, and escapes to tie the score 1-1. Webster hits a shot a few seconds later but Rathjen counters. Rathjen gets extended on a shot but sits out and doesn't get taken down. 

Sudden victory: Rathjen tries a throw-by as the action picks up. Rathjen tries to hit a shot but Webster counters and gets the takedown in 1:02. Webster wins 4-1.

Iowa 7, Illinois 3

157: #2 Jared Franek (Iowa) tech. fall Joe Roberts (Illinois), 21-5

First period: Franek has a single near the edge and pulls Roberts back to the middle and eventually scores with 1:37 left for a 3-0 lead. Stalling on Roberts with 50 seconds remaining. Stalling on Franek with 28 seconds left. Roberts hits a switch with 28 seconds left for his first point. Franek leads 3-1.

Second period: Franek starts on bottom and gets an escape in eight seconds. Franek hits a straight single for another takedown and a 7-1 lead. Roberts escapes with 49 seconds left. Stall warning against Roberts out of bounds, which gives Franek an 8-2 lead. A third takedown for Franek with 15 seconds left. He leads 11-2 at the break. 

Third period: Roberts starts on bottom and escapes in six seconds. Stall warning against  Roberts plus a takedown but Franek makes it 15-3. Take-em-down-let up-em-up game garners a 21-5 tech. 

Iowa 12, Illinois 3

165: #6 Michael Caliendo (Iowa) tech. fall #32 Chris Moore (Illinois), 17-2

First period: Caliendo strikes first with a takedown in 38 seconds for a 3-0 lead. Caliendo driving on an arm bar but Moore fends it off momentarily as Caliendo works the position. Caliendo still works a bar tilt and gets four near-fall points but Moore escapes. Caliendo leads 7-1. Caliendo picks the leg, Moore rolls through, but Caliendo gets the takedown for a 10-1 lead. 

Second period: Caliendo starts on bottom and gets out in nine seconds for an 11-1 lead. Another low ankle shot garners another takedown and a 14-1 lead. An intentional release makes it 14-2. Moore gets extended on a shot, Caliendo stuffs the head and gets the takedown and a 17-2 tech. 

Iowa 17, Illinois 3

174: #13 Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) decision #5 Edmond Ruth (Illinois), 5-1

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Kennedy scrambled out of a deep single with 35 seconds left. Still no score as time expires. 

Second period: Kennedy starts on bottom and escapes in 16 seconds. Ruth hits another nice shot but Kennedy defends and we are still neutral. Kennedy leads 1-0 as time expires. 

Third period: Ruth starts on bottom and escapes in five seconds to tie the score, 1-1. Single by Kennedy with 1:35 to go and eventually covers for a takedown and a 4-1 lead. Kennedy rides out Ruth for a 5-1 win with riding time. 

Iowa 20, Illinois 3

184: #30 Dylan Connell (Illinois) decision Aiden Riggins (Iowa), 4-1 SV

First period: Head to the inside shot by Connell but Riggins slipped away. No score.

Second period: Connell chooses down and escapes in 19 seconds for a 1-0 lead. 

Third period: Escape by Riggins makes it 1-1.

Sudden victory: Connell secures the takedown for a 4-1 win.

Iowa 20, Illinois 6

197: #13 Zach Glazier (Iowa) tech fall Joey Braunagel (Illinois), 18-3

First period: Glazier hits a single and scores within 45 seconds for a 3-0 lead. Escape by Braunagel and another takedown and release and takedown for an 11-2 lead. Takedown and release game leads to a 14-3 lead at the break. 

Second period: Glazier starts on bottom and escapes immediately for a 15-3 lead. Glazier runs around for another takedown and an 18-3 tech.

Iowa 25, Illinois 6

285: Bradley Hill (Iowa) fall Peter Marinopolous (Illinois)

First period: Hill holds tight on a single leg then transitions to near-fall points for a 7-0 lead. An escape makes it 7-1. Another takedown near the edge makes it 10-1 with 1:11 to go. An intentional release by Hill makes it 10-2. Single by Hill, whizzer counter out of bounds yields no points. Hill leads 10-2 after a late stall call on Marinopolous at the end of the period.

Second period: Marinopolous starts on bottom and escapes in 30 seconds. Hill scores out of bounds for a 14-4 lead with 25 seconds left. 

Third period: Hill starts on bottom and escapes in 10 seconds for a 15-4 lead. A pair of takedowns then a cradle leads to a fall for Hill. 

Iowa 31, Illinois 6

125: Drake Ayala (Iowa) tech. fall Justin Cardani (Illinois), 18-3

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Stalling on the edge against Cardani. Long shot by Cardani with 1:10 left but Ayala counters out with a single and Ayala counters a roll through for a takedown with 55 seconds left. 

Second period: Ayala chooses down and escapes in eight seconds for a 4-0 lead. Ayala hits a slide-by to a two-on-one but action goes out of bounds. Cardani gets extended on a shot but a stalemate at 1:12. Ayala switches off to a double for another takedown and an 8-0 lead. 

Third period: Cardani starts on bottom and escapes but Ayala gets another takedown for a 12-2 lead, then another takedown for a 15-3 lead. Ayala scores on another single for an 18-3 tech.

Iowa 36, Illinois 6