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Iowa Wrestling Dominates Pair Of Home Duals

Iowa Wrestling Dominates Pair Of Home Duals

Iowa won 19 of 20 matches during its final two home duals of the season.

Jan 22, 2024 by Kyle Klingman

Iowa had quite a day at home against two highly-touted NAIA programs. The Hawkeyes blanked Missouri Valley 42-0 before downing Life University 35-6 by winning nine of 10 matches. 

The meet against Life featured a cross-divisional match-up against the two top-ranked women’s freestyle teams in the country. Both programs recently won the NWCA National Duals in their respective tournaments. 

Head coach Clarissa Chun’s team only gave up 15 match points in 20 bouts, and only three matches lasted a full six minutes. 

“We have gratitude for Life taking the opportunity to wrestle us,” Iowa coach Clarissa Chun said. “What better way to go than NAIA and NCAA? They’re a tough team. Less than a month ago, a couple of those matches went in favor of Life. 

“(This dual) wasn’t taken lightly on our end. They have strong competitors on their team. It was nice to see our women work on those things and execute.” 

Chun attended Missouri Valley and the team recognized her coach, Mike Maccholz, before the dual.

Life notched a 33-13 win over Missouri Valley to open the triangular. 

"There's no environment like Carver-Hawkeye Arena in all of women's wrestling," Life coach Ashley Flavin said. "The ceremony, the fans, the level of competition. Mistakes made at this level are hard to overcome and still win. Everything can be capitalized on, there's little room for error, but the lessons we need to learn for March can't come from any environment but this one. 

"We're grateful for this push as we keep moving forward." 

Iowa 42, Missouri Valley College 0
101 — Emilie Gonzalez (I) pinned Sage Beltran (M), 0:57
109 — Ava Bayless (I) tech. fall Hailey Holland (M), 11-0
116 — Brianna Gonzalez (I) pinned Laura Lincoln (M), 1:40
123 — Felicity Taylor (I) tech. fall Ashley Whetzal (M), 10-0
130 — Emily Frost (I) tech. fall Chase Kiel (M), 11-0
136 — Lilly Luft (I) tech. fall Aniseta Acosta (M), 11-0
143 — Ella Schmit (I) tech. fall Willow Barnes (M), 10-0
155 — Bella Mir (I) tech. fall Elia Falcetti (M), 10-0
170 — Haley Ward (I) decision Kelani Corbett (M), 7-0
191 — Alivia White (I) pinned Tylah Allen (M), 1:16

Iowa 35, Life University 6
101 — Sterling Dias (I) tech. fall Devyn Gomez (L), 10-0
109 — Ava Bayless (I) tech. fall Diana Gonzalez (L), 10-0
116 — Brianna Gonzalez (I) pinned Ariana Martinez (L), 2:07
123 — Felicity Taylor (I) tech. fall Anna Krejsa (L), 10-0
130 — Sarah Savidge (L) tech. fall Emily Frost (I), 11-0
136 — Lilly Luft (I) pinned Zaynah McBryde (L), 1:42
143 — Reese Larramendy (I) decision fall Jamilah McBryde (L), 12-4
155 — Marlynne Deede (I) decision Latifah McBryde (L), 3-1
170 — Kylie Welker (I) tech. fall Margaret Graham (L), 10-0
191 — Jaycee Foeller (I) decision Madeline Welch (L), 2-0

Life 33, Missouri Valley 13
101 — Devyn Gomez (Life University) over Sage Beltran (Missouri Valley) Fall 2:11
109 — Diana Gonzalez (Life University) over Hailey Holland (Missouri Valley) Dec 12-4
116 — Ariana Martinez (Life University) over Laura Lincoln (Missouri Valley) Fall 1:59
123 — Anna Krejsa (Life University) over Ashley Whetzal (Missouri Valley) Dec 8-2
130 — Riley Dalrymple (Life University) over Madeline Santana (Missouri Valley) TF 10-0    
136 — Zaynah McBryde (Life University) over Willow Barnes (Missouri Valley) TF 10-0
143 — Jamilah McBryde (Life University) over Serenity De La Garza (Missouri Valley) TF 12-2
155 — Latifah McBryde (Life University) over Elizabeth Hubbard (Missouri Valley) Fall 0:42
170 — Tylah Allen (Missouri Valley) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
191 — Kelani Corbett (Missouri Valley) over Madeline Welch (Life University) Fall 4:48