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Match Notes: Iowa vs Purdue - More 125 Pound Madness

Match Notes: Iowa vs Purdue - More 125 Pound Madness

All the NCAA D1 college wrestling action brought to you in real-time as the Purdue Boilermakers wrestle the Iowa Haweyes in historic Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Jan 19, 2024 by Andrew Spey
Match Notes: Iowa vs Purdue - More 125 Pound Madness

The Boilermakers of Purdue will enter hostile territory and Carver-Hawkeye Arena to take on #2 ranked Iowa in a primetime college wrestling dual. 


The contest is slated for Friday night at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00PM local central time) and will be televised on the Big Ten Network. You can stream it on the Fox Sports app as well but you will need to log in using your cable TV provider. 

We'll have you covered with the play-by-play of all ten bouts, but first, the projected matchups.

Projected Matchups

125: #1 Drake Ayala, Iowa vs #8 Matt Ramos or Ashton Jackson, Purdue

133: Cullan Schriever, Iowa vs Dustin Norris or Jacob Macatangay, Purdue

141: #1 Real Woods, Iowa vs #32 Greyson Clark, Purdue

149: #14 Caleb Rathjen, Iowa vs Marcos Polanco, Purdue

157: #2 Jared Franek, Iowa vs #23 Joey Blaze or Ike Ruble, Purdue

165: #6 Michael Caliendo, Iowa vs #32 Stoney Buell, Purdue

174: Patrick Kennedy, Iowa vs Brody Baumann, Purdue

184: Aiden Riggins, Iowa vs James Rowley or Hayden Filipovich, Purdue

197: #13 Zach Glazier, Iowa vs Ben Vanadia or Mitch Hutmacher, Purdue

285: Bradley Hill or Ben Kueter, Iowa vs Tristan Ruhlman, Purdue

The all-time series between these two programs is 47-4-3 in Iowa's favor. The last Purdue victory was all the way back in 1961. Iowa has won the last 34 meetings. 

The dual is starting at 125 so we're gonna get fireworks right off the bout! 

The first dual of the BTN tripleheader, Penn State vs Michigan, is just finishing up (PSU will win by a lot) and then we're get underway in Iowa City. 

125: #1 Drake Ayala, Iowa vs #8 Matt Ramos, Purdue

1st period: And we do get the top 10 bout to kick things off. Ramos charges ahead on the whistle and Ayala gets dinged for a stall call early in the bout. Ramos continues to control center. No scores after two minutes. Hand fighting and collar ties but not much else. 0-0 after first. 

2nd period: Ayala defers and Ramos takes down. Quick stand and the first point of the dual goes to Ramos and the Boilermakers. Ayala getting a little more aggressive but no shots from either wrestler. Short time in the period and Ramos shoots a double leg from his knees and converts quickly for two. Ramos with the ride out and a four point lead going into the final period. 

3rd period: Ayala's turn on bottom. He escapes in no time. Riding time not a factor. 4-1 lead for Ramos. The number one ranking has been a curse for 125 pounders all season long, will Ayala be the next victim? Outside step to a single leg for Ayala. They go down to the mat but Ramos somehow keeps Ayala from scoring. Ayala picks up the leg but they go out of bounds and no score. Fans wanted stalling. 30 seconds to go, Ayala needs a takedown and rideout to tie. Ramos hit with his first stall call with 15 seconds to go. Snaps from Ayala, trying to run around Ramos but he won't get it. Matt Ramos defeats Drake Ayala 4-1 and the curse of 125 continues!

Purdue 3, Iowa 0

133: Cullan Schriever, Iowa vs Dustin Norris, Purdue

1st period: Schriever gets the start over Kale Petersen and and Brody Teske. Norris gets the nod over his teammate Macatangay and he reaches is for a single leg and converts quickly for the early lead. Schriever with a few stand attempts that are stymied by Norris who runs riding time over a minute. Schriever out after his next attempt though an is right back in on a shot. He converts to take the lead by 1 point and goes to work on that riding time. 30 seconds left in the period, riding time now under a minute, Schriever still leads 4-3. And Schriever gets the ride out and has the momentum going into the second period. 

2nd period: Schriever goes underneath again and he's out in a hurry this time. Another attack by Schriever and he converts at the edge of the mat after a brief scramble. Schriber now leads 8-3. Coaches want Schriever back on his feet so he cuts Norris. Heavy snaps from Schriver, now in short time. Another takedown by Schreiver as he gets another TD and rideout. Schriever leads 11-4.

3rd period: Norris will choose down and Schriever will cut him again. Coach Brands wants a bonus win from Schriever. Single leg attack from the Hawkeye. He corrals Norris and it's 14-5, Schriever fully in command. Catch and release in full effect. Norris shoots, Scheirever down blocks, goes behind and immediately cuts. 17-7 Schriever. Gets one more takedown and its 20-7. That first takedown and ride by Norris prevented the tech fall but otherwise it was all Schriever. The major gives the Hawkeyes the lead as well.

Iowa 4, Purdue 3

141: #1 Real Woods, Iowa vs #32 Greyson Clark, Purdue

1st period: Woods off the whistle head inside single but Clark wrestles to a stalemate. Another single leg for Woods and a lengthy scramble ensues. Clark again wrestles to a stalemate and then needs a bloody nostril plugged up. Shot by Clark and Woods looks for a go behind. Another scramble. Woods finally gets the first points and starts riding. Woods with a variety of holds, smothering Clark. Starts to run an armbar but the period ends, Woods leads 3-0 with over a minute of RT. 

2nd period: Clark wants neutral, and I don't blame him. Woods drops down onto an ankle but Clark wrestlers his way to a potentially dangerous and a restart. Woods shoots in, Clark dinged for stalling and Woods trying to finish out the back door. Solid scramble but Woods bides his time and spins behind when he sensed the opportunity and he leads 6-0. Make it 7-0 after Clark gets hit with his second stall call. Woods will get the rideout and he'as amassed over 2 minutes of RT.

3rd period: We're in neutral again. Action slows down a bit, no scores after a minute. Woods in on a shot, riding time locked up, Woods trying to ice it and secure that major. Stalemate back to neutral. 20 seconds left, it'll be 8-0 if Clark can't score. No quit in Clark but Woods shuts him down and it's an 8-0 shut out major victory for the undefeated #1 ranked Real Woods. 

Iowa 8, Purdue 3

149: Victor Voinovich, Iowa vs Marcos Polanco, Purdue

1st period: No Caleb Rathjen as expected from the match notes. Voinovich, a transfer from Oklahoma State, gets the start for the Hawkeyes. He fires off a shot early and will finish the double for a 3-0 lead.Voinovich throws in legs but Polanco gets to his feet. Stalemate and Polanco's corner wanted a stall call on Iowa. On the restart Voinovich goes optional start. Escape makes it 3-1, still for Voinovich. Action slowing down as we get a rare neutral stalemate but the restart is what Voinovich needed as he hits a high crotch that he doubles off to snag a quick 3 before time expires. 6-1 going into the second after that short time takedown and ride out. 

2nd period: Voinovich chooses down and is out quickly to make it 7-1. Reattack from Voinovich makes it 10-1. Double boots are in from Voinovich but that grinds everything to a halt so we get a stalemate. Optional start again to make it 10-2 but Voinovich right back in on a shot. Another takedown and rideout late in the period and it's now a 13-2 lead with 2 minutes of RT as Voinoivich will be gunning for the tech in the third. 

3rd period: Polanco chooses down, optional start and it's 13-3. Voinoich in on legs again, takedown 16-3. Escape 16-4. A takedown will give Voinoich the tech. Shot from Voinovich and Polanco hit with a stall. Riding time locked up but it likely won't come into play. Elbow pass to a high-c to a double and Voinovich gets a 19-4 tech fall. More bonus for Iowa. 

Iowa 13, Purdue 3

157: #2 Jared Franek, Iowa vs #23 Joey Blaze, Purdue 

1st period: The biggest matchup after 125, Franek is coming off a loss to Minnesota's Michael Blockhus last Sunday. Blaze has a win over Ed Scott this season. Franek is the favorite but this is no gimmie. Franek taking ground from Blaze and the Hawkeye partisans in the arena want a stall call. Doesn't get one. 2 minutes down. Franek gets to Blaze's legs, there's a long scramble, Franek gets a 2 count in neutral danger but not the third for the takedown. And action is stalemated. Period ends 0-0.

2nd period: Franek takes bottom. He gets the escape after 20 seconds. Franek taking ground but not a lot of scrambles. Fans want a stall call again. And there it is, late in the period. Missed a stall call in there because a point goes on the board. Period ends and Franek has a 2-0 lead. 

3rd period: Blaze goes underneath for the first time. Franek on the ankle, then back up, does that a couple of times before Franek releases Blaze and it's 2-1, Franek leads. Blaze was right in on a shot but we get potential dangerous in the scramble. Back to neutral, Blaze looking for an opening. We'll get another scramble late in the bout. Riding time won't matter, Blaze looking for neutral danger. Can Blaze steal this match? No he cannot! Franek holds on to win 2-1 and the Hawkeyes win their fourth bout in a row as we hit the midpoint break. 

Iowa 16, Purdue 3

165: #6 Michael Caliendo, Iowa vs #32 Stoney Buell, Purdue

1st period: Our last ranked bout of the night will start the second half of this dual met. Caliendo came over with Franek from North Dakota State. Buell is a recruit from Michigan. And covering a huge amount of space for a duck/boot scoot is Caliendo who gets behind Buell and snags the first three points of the match. Buell able to free himself after 30 seconds. Caliendo chases a single leg, doubles off, then level changes and pivots, almost as if to hit a lat drop and he thunders Buell to the mat for three more. Nearly had back points as well. Buell able to escape with 59.9 on the RT clock, though there are still two periods to go. Caliendo on the attack as time runs out and it's still 6-2 at the buzzer. 

2nd period: Caliendo chooses bottom. Stand to a granby to an ankle pick and Caliendo looks smooth getting a reversal, extending his lead to 8-2. Smothering ride from Caliendo has riding time over a minute and climbing. One minute remaining in the period when Buell gets dinged for stalling, his first warning. RT at 2 minutes and counting for Caliendo. Buell able to fight free to make it 8-3. Caliendo has 2:21 of RT as the period ends.

3rd period: Buell goes back underneath. Riding time all but locked up. And about 20 seconds in you can book that extra point if this bout goes the distance. Caliendo keeps the ride going. Now in short time Caliendo cuts Buell to make it 8-4, though 9-4 with the RT point. Caliendo can get a major with one more takedown, but Buell defends reattack as time runs out and it's a 9-4 regular decision for Caliendo. 

Iowa 19, Purdue 3

174: Patrick Kennedy, Iowa vs Brody Baumann, Purdue

1st period: Kennedy wrestling up again at 174. Was 165 the last two seasons and wrestled 165 at the Soldier Salute. Weight not a problem against Baumann as he gets the first takedown in the first 30 seconds. Kennedy cuts him and gets another takedown in the next minute. Escape with a minute left in the period and it's already 6-2 in Kennedy's favor. Kennedy feasting on Baumann legs and another shot is converted. Ride out makes it 9-2 going into the second. 

2nd period: Kennedy chooses bottom. Kennedy's out to make it 10-2. Baumann defends a single leg but heavy hands from Kennedy and Baumann succumbs to a snap down go behind. It's 13-2. Escape and another go behind makes it 16-3. Another escape and takedown and I can barely keep up. But i'll have some time to finish this sentence as that last takedown makes it a 19-4 tech fall for Kennedy. The three-point takedown doing it's job, as Kennedy was clearly the superior wrestler. Technical falls should be more attainable in these mismatches and the three-point takedown rectifies that. 19-4 officially for Kennedy. 

Iowa 24, Purdue 3

184: Aiden Riggins, Iowa vs James Rowley, Purdue

1st period: Rowley, a transfer from Wisconsin who was originally recruited out of Oregon, makes the start for Purdue. He'll go against Riggins, who will allow Gabe Arnold, who has four starts, to keep his redshirt for at least another week. Not a lot going on in the first period and it ends 0-0. 

2nd period: Rowley chooses down. He's out quickly to score the first point of the match. An arm drag from Rowley and he brings Ridggins to the mat to earn the first takedown of the bout and a 4-0 lead. Rowley throws in a boot and goes into a cross body ride. Riggins nearly bucks him off but Rowley adjusts and sinks back to stay on top. Rowley now 8 seconds away from a rideout after a stalemate is called. Rowley gets the rideout and has 1:38 of RT. Plus a 4-0 lead. 

3rd period: Coach Brands tells Riggins to choose bottom and earn an escape and so Riggins obliges and goes back underneath. Rowley able to slip his boots back in off the whistle and riding time starts ticking over two minutes. Riggins finally escapes with about a minute left in the match. RIding time is locked up, score is 4-1. Riggins needs more than a takedown because of that RT point. No stall calls on Rowley yet. 22 seconds on a restart. Riggins shoots off the whistle. Rowley defends and the match ends while still in the scamble. 5-1 official win for James Rowley and Purdue gets their second win of the night. 

Iowa 24, Purdue 6

197: #13 Zach Glazier, Iowa vs Ben Vanadia, Purdue

1st period: Fan favorite Zach Glazier gets the start and he shoots and scores early for the 3-0 lead in the first 15 seconds. Escape for Vanadia but Glazier right back in on a shot to make it 6-1. Escape and it's 6-2. Glazier keeps attacking. Stall on Vanadia, and Glazier converts on the attack to make it 9-2. Escape and another takedown and Glazier races to a 12-3 lead. 12-4 after cutting him. I can barely keep up with another takedown but we may see a 1st period tech fall. 15-4, now 15-5, 30 seconds left in the period. Another stall on Vanadia, 16-5, plus a takedown 19-5. Glazier rides out for a 19-5 first period. Riding time over a minute but I'll be shocked if that comes into play. 

2nd period: Glazier chooses down. An escape will give him the tech. He stands and is out. 20-5 Glazier wins by technical fall. 

Iowa 29, Purdue 6

285: Bradley Hill, Iowa vs Tristan Ruhlman, Purdue

1st period: No Kueter, as the true frosh double athlete gets a break after he beat the ranked Bennett Tabor of Minnesota last Sunday. Hill starts the last matchup of the evening off with a double leg to take a 3-0 lead. Escape makes it 3-1.Another takedown and escape makes it 6-2 with a minute to go in the first. Hill stays on the attack, he converts a single leg. Plus the escape and it's 9-3. Hill fights through a whizzer gets 3 more points before the buzzer sounds. 12-3 lead for Hill going into the second. 

2nd period: Hill takes down. Escape makes it 13-3. Ruhlman shoots but Hill evades him and runs behind to make it 16-3. Escapes makes it 16-4 but Hill just needs one more TD. And he'll get it quickly and you can put it in the books! Hill wins via tech 19-4. 

FINAL TEAM SCORE: Iowa 34, Purdue 6

Big win for Ramos defeating #1 Drake Ayala as the curse of 125 pounds claims another victim (though of course we credit Ramos for the win and not some silly curse we made up as a joke). Rowley also impressed and Blaze gave All-American Franek a tough match but otherwise is was all Hawkeyes in a dominant victory for Iowa. Thanks for reading, sorry for the typos, now read the Nebraska at Minnesota live blog!