2023 Senior Nationals - US Olympic Trials Qualifier

The NCAA D1 College Wrestling Fan Guide To 2023 Senior Nationals

The NCAA D1 College Wrestling Fan Guide To 2023 Senior Nationals

A guide to all the NCAA D1 wrestling programs represented by the entries for the 2023 Senior Nationals Olympic Trials Qualifier in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dec 13, 2023 by Andrew Spey
The NCAA D1 College Wrestling Fan Guide To 2023 Senior Nationals

Some of the best wrestlers in the country will be at Senior Nationals, the most important tournament leading up to the US Olympic Team Trials in April. 

Many NCAA D1 wrestling programs will be represented as well. We count 39 distinct teams will have former, current, or future rostered wrestlers in the competition. 

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Some wrestlers have been on multiple teams' rosters. We've listed those teams in chronological order. The list below is in Alphabetical order of the schools. 

57kg: Brandon Courtney, Arizona State

74kg: Joshua Shields, Arizona State

97kg: Lou DePrez, Binghamton

97kg: Sterling Hecox, Brown

125kg: Samuel Schuyler, Buffalo/Iowa State

86kg: Bernie Truax, Cal Poly/Penn State

74kg: Drayden Morton, California Baptist

86kg: Andrew Morgan, Campbell

97kg: Morgan Smith, Campbell

86kg: Max Dean, Cornell/Penn State

86kg: Michael O'Malley, Drexel

65kg: Austin DeSanto, Drexel/Iowa

65kg: Patricio Lugo, Edinboro/Iowa

86kg: Alex Hamm, Garnder-Webb

65kg: Grant Martsolf, Indiana

65kg: Henry Porter, Indiana

74kg: Jack Chesman, Indiana

97kg: Nathan Jackson, Indiana

125kg: Jacob Bullock, Indiana

57kg: Liam Cronin, Indiana/Nebraska

57kg: Spencer Lee, Iowa

74kg: Alex Marinelli, Iowa

74kg: Jeremiah Moody, Iowa

97kg: Jacob Warner, Iowa

97kg: Anthony Cassioppi, Iowa

65kg: Ian Parker, Iowa State

86kg: Marcus Coleman, Iowa State

65kg: Alec Pantaleo, Michgan

86kg: Cameron Caffey, Michigan State

86kg: Owen Webster, Minnesota

74kg: Joey Lavallee, Missouri

74kg: Jarrett Jacques, Missouri

125kg: Dominique Bradley, Missouri

65kg: Jaydin Eierman, Missouri/Iowa

97kg: Tyrie Houghton, NC State

74kg: Isaiah White, Nebraska

74kg: Tyler Berger, Nebraska

97kg: Timothy Dudley, Nebraska

97kg: Eric Schultz, Nebraska

125kg: Christian Lance, Nebraska

57kg: Joshua Rodriguez, North Dakota State

97kg: Kallen Kleinschmidt, North Dakota State

65kg: Andrew Alirez, Northern Colorado

86kg: John Gunderson, Northern Iowa

86kg: Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa

97kg: DeAndre Nunn, Northern Iowa

74kg: Yahya Thomas, Northwestern

65kg: Luke Pletcher, Ohio State

97kg: Kollin Moore, Ohio State

125kg: Gary Traub, Ohio State/Oregon State

65kg: Dean Heil, Oklahoma State

65kg: Carter Young, Oklahoma State

74kg: Wyatt Sheets, Oklahoma State

86kg: Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State

65kg: Michael McGee, Old Dominion/Arizona State

57kg: Devan Turner, Oregon State

74kg: Doug Zapf, Penn

57kg: Cael Nasdeo, Penn State

57kg: Nico Megaludis, Penn State

57kg: Luke Lilledahl, Penn State

65kg: Beau Bartlett, Penn State

65kg: Timothy Levine, Penn State

65kg: Tyler Kasak, Penn State

74kg: Joseph Sealey, Penn State

74kg: Terrell Barraclough, Penn State

74kg: Alex Facundo, Penn State

86kg: Connor Mirasola, Penn State

86kg: Mark Hall, Penn State

86kg: Aarif Asif, Penn State

86kg: Morgan McIntosh, Penn State

86kg: Donovon Ball, Penn State

97kg: Cole Mirasola, Penn State

125kg: Daniel Kerkvliet, Penn State

57kg: Nick Suriano, Penn State/Rutgers/Michigan

125kg: Demetrius Thomas, Pitt

65kg: Matthew Kolodzik, Princeton

74kg: Quincy Monday, Princeton

65kg: Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers

65kg: Seth Gross, South Dakota State/Wisconsin

65kg: Aden Valencia, Stanford

65kg: Joseph McKenna, Stanford/Ohio State

57kg: Benyamin Kamali, Virginia

97kg: Jonathan Aiello, Virginia

57kg: Cooper Flynn, Virginia Tech

86kg: David McFadden, Virginia Tech

65kg: Christian Monserrat, West Virginia

125kg: Trent Hillger, Wisconsin

86kg: Evan Wick, Wisconsin/Cal Poly

Let us know if we missed anyone!