Amit Elor's 8th World Gold Medal Is Beyond Historic

Amit Elor's 8th World Gold Medal Is Beyond Historic

Amit Elor won her eighth World gold medal in three years. And she's still a teenager.

Oct 30, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Amit Elor's 8th World Gold Medal Is Beyond Historic

Some watch history and others make history. Amit Elor just kicked down wrestling history's door and is lapping the field.

We should stand in awe of what Elor just accomplished: eight World gold medals in three years. And she’s only 19.

Let that sink in for a minute. A teenager just earned her eighth World gold in three years. That’s two titles when she was 17, three when she was 18, and three when she was 19. 

There’s nothing in U.S. wrestling to compare it to. Amit Elor stands alone. She’s the only face on her own Mount Rushmore. And no one is joining her any time soon.

Her recent win at the U23 World Championships sets her apart domestically from everyone else. 

"Winning eight World titles means I'm probably doing something right," Elor said. "It's hard to believe that I have won that many World titles. I just keep going from one competition to the next, one match at a time, doing my very best. And here we are.

"I'm very happy with my accomplishments so far. I'm excited for the Olympics next year."

Amit Elor At The World Championships

201915Cadet WorldsBronze
202117Cadet WorldsGold
202117Junior WorldsGold
202218U20 WorldsGold
202218Senior WorldsGold
202218U23 WorldsGold
202319U20 WorldsGold
202319Senior WorldsGold
202319U23 WorldsGold

Elor was off to a fast start in 2021 when she bagged U17 and U20 World titles. Then she won U20, U23, and Senior World titles in 2022 — becoming the youngest American to win a Senior World title and the first American to win three gold medals (U20, U23, and Senior) in the same year.

What did Elor do for an encore in 2023? She won all three World titles again, which makes her the first and only American to accomplish the same feat twice. 

She also joined Adeline Gray (6), Helen Maroulis (4), Trish Saunders (4), Tamyra Mensah-Stock (3), and Kristie Davis (2) as the only American women to win multiple World/Olympic titles. 

Did we mention that she’s only 19?

Her last loss was a 3-1 semifinal setback to Japan’s Honoka Naka at the 2019 Cadet Worlds. Since then, Elor has dominated the World. Her closest match was a 3-2 semifinal victory over Japan’s Masako Furuichi at the 2022 Senior World Championships. 

"Amit is one of the leaders on this team, maybe not in age, but in how she goes about her business," USA Wrestling Women's National Team coach Terry Steiner said. "She has developed her talent through a lot of hard work and good decisions. She is beyond her years in how she has committed herself to the task at hand.

"It's hard to believe that this is just the beginning of her journey. She is a generational talent that everyone should stay tuned to."

Elor has nine falls, 15 techs, and surrendered nine points over 29 matches during her three-year run at eight World Championships. 

Below are match-by-match results for the past three years along with links so you can watch all her victories.

Amit Elor's Three-Year World Championship Run (2021-23)

2023 U23 World Championships at 72 kg
Round of 16: FALL Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia)
Quarterfinals: FALL Viktoryia Radzkova (Independent Neutral Athletes)
Semifinals: DEC Wiktoria Choluj (Poland), 5-0
Finals: TECH Jyoti Berwal (India), 10-0

2023 Senior World Championships at 72 kg
Round of 16: DEC Nesrin Bas (Turkey), 7-0
Quarterfinals: DEC Miwa Morikawa (Japan), 6-0
Semifinals: TECH Kendra Dacher (France), 12-2
Finals: DEC Davaanasan Ankh Amar (Mongolia), 8-2

2023 U20 World World Championships at 72 kg
Round of 16: TECH Tastanbek Shamshiyabanu (Kazakhstan), 10-0
Quarterfinals: FALL Patrycja Cuber (Poland)
Semifinals: TECH Yuka Fujikura (Japan), 10-0
Finals: TECH Bukrenaz Sert (Turkey), 10-0

2022 U23 World Championships at 72 kg
Quarterfinals: FALL Kendra Dacher (France)
Semifinals: FALL Larisa Nițu (Romania)
Finals: TECH Wiktoria Chołuj (Poland), 11-0

2022 Senior World Championships at 72 kg
Round of 16: TECH Anastasiya Alpyeyeva (Ukraine), 10-0
Quarterfinals: FALL Buse Tosun (Turkey)
Semifinals: DEC Masako Furuichi (Japan), 3-2
Finals: TECH Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan), 10-0

2022 U20 World Championships at 72 kg
Round of 16: FALL over Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia)
Quarterfinals: TECH Zsofia Virag (Hungary), 10-0
Semifinals: TECH Reetika Reetika (India), 12-1
Finals: TECH Anastassiya Panassovich (Kazakhstan), 10-0

2021 Junior World Championships at 68 kg
Quarterfinals: TECH Arju Arju (India), 10-0
Semifinals: TECH Molnar Zsuzsanna (Slovakia), 11-0
Finals: TECH Elizaveta Petliakova (Russia), 11-0

2021 Cadet World Championships at 69 kg
Quarterfinals: TECH Barbara Sere (Romania), 10-0
Semifinals: FALL Viktoryia Radzkova (Belarus)
Finals: FALL Yevhenii Siedykh (Ukraine)