Flo Road Trip: 7 D1 Schools In 7 Days For Maui Fundraiser

How Shane Griffith Turned Andrew Luck Into A Wrestling Fan

How Shane Griffith Turned Andrew Luck Into A Wrestling Fan

During an interview with FloWrestling, Shane Griffith explained how he became friends with Andrew Luck and how Luck became interested in wrestling.

Aug 28, 2023 by David Bray

During a 7-day road trip to raise money for wrestlers impacted by recent Maui fires, JD Rader and Tyler Meisinger stopped at the University of Michigan to catch up with the Wolverines, including recent Stanford transfer Shane Griffith.

Griffith may have transferred to Michigan, but not before leaving a lasting impact on the Stanford wrestling program. He famously won an NCAA title during the 2020-21 NCAA season after Stanford had announced that they would cancel the wrestling program along with ten other varsity sports. His championship performance thrust efforts to save Stanford's 11 sports programs into the national spotlight, and ultimately, all 11 sports were reinstated. Griffith received significant notoriety for his achievements and even developed a relationship with Andrew Luck, former Stanford quarterback and four-time Pro Bowler.

At the 4:10 mark in the interview above, Griffith explains how he formed a relationship with Luck through a relationship they formed after Griffith interviewed Luck for a sports journalism course he took at Stanford. Since that time, they've maintained a friendship, and Luck continues to follow wrestling through Griffith, even checking in on the status of Michigan's program now that Griffith is a Wolverine.

Shane Griffith's interview above also covers his transfer to Michigan, his adjustment to his new weight class of 174 lbs, and how he feels about his new Wolverine training situation.

Griffith's Newest Training Partner Is A Former Opponent

The move to Michigan for Griffith means access to new training partners. including three-time All-American Cam Amine, one of Griffith's most recent opponents.

Despite having competed in the same weight class for the past three seasons, Amine and Griffith considered themselves friends even before Griffith's transfer. Amine beat Griffith in a tie-breaker match at NCAAs in March, but now they're training partners. In the interview below, Amine shares his thoughts on training with his former opponent, a guy he considers the best person to prepare him to compete against two-time NCAA champ Keegan O'Toole of Missouri.


Griffith Isn't The Only New Wolverine All-American

Shane Griffith is one of four All-Americans to transfer to Michigan since the conclusion of the 2022-23 season. Also joining the squad are former Northwestern All-Americans Michael DeAugustino, Chris Cannon, and Lucas Davison. Those three hopped in the back of a van to share their experience of entering the transfer portal and ending up in Ann Arbor.

Michael DeAugustino, Chris Cannon, and Lucas Davison explain transfer from Northwestern to Michigan