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Penn State Wrestling Handles Michigan 27-9 In Ann Arbor

Penn State Wrestling Handles Michigan 27-9 In Ann Arbor

Penn State won eight of 10 matches to notch a 27-9 win over Big 10 rival Michigan.

Jan 19, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
Penn State Wrestling Handles Michigan 27-9 In Ann Arbor

What: #1 Penn State (5-0) vs #14 Michigan (5-1)
When: Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 at 5 p.m. CST
Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan (Crisler Center)
How To Watch: Big Ten Network


157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State dec. #12 Will Lewan, Michigan, 2-1

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Double stalling with 45 seconds remaining. 

Second period: Haines starts on bottom and escapes in eight seconds for a 1-0 lead. A few half-shots from each wrestler but no scoring. 

Third period: Lewan starts on bottom and escapes in 19 seconds to tie the score 1-1. Stalling against Lewan, which gives Haines a 2-1 lead. Lewan tries a desperation shot but doesn't score. Haines wins 2-1.

Penn State 3, Michigan 0

165: #8 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State major decision #7 Cam Amine, Michigan, 12-1

First period: Good pace but no scoring halfway through the period. Stalling on Amine with 1:08 left. Stalling against Amine with 21 seconds left. Mesenbrink leads 1-0 off of two stalling calls.

Second period: Amine starts on bottom and escapes in 17 seconds to tie things up, 1-1. A third stall call with 40 seconds left gave Mesenbrink a 2-1 lead. Mesenbrink hit a drop-down double for a takedown and a 5-1 lead with 30 seconds left. 

Third period: Mesenbrink escapes in six seconds for a 6-1 lead. A fourth stall call gives Mesenbrink an 8-1 lead. Mesenbrink stuffed the head and came around the right side with a minute left for an 11-1 lead. A riding time point gives Mesenbrink a 12-1 major decision.

Penn State 7, Michigan 0

174: #3 Shane Griffith, Michigan dec. Terrell Barraclough, Penn State, 2-1

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. No scoring in the period.

Second period: Griffith starts on bottom and Barraclough rides for the first minute. Stall call on Barraclough on top. Griffith hits a powerful switch for a reversal for a 2-0 lead. 

Third period: Neutral start. Barraclough hits a high crotch but Griffith fights out of the position. Griffith holds on for a 2-1 win after Barraclough's riding time point.

Penn State 7, Michigan 3

184: #5  Bernie Truax, Penn State dec. #14 Jaden Bullock, Michigan, 4-1

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. The period ends scoreless.

Second period: Truax starts on bottom Truax escapes in seven seconds and Bullock hits a double immediately but runs out of room and doesn't score. Truax hits a low single, works his way up the body, and finally scores a three-point takedown for a 4-0 lead. The officials reviewed the call since the action went out of bounds. After review, the call is overturned and no takedown is awarded. Truax leads, 1-0. 

Third period: Bullock starts on bottom and explodes out to tie the score 1-1 after the escape. Sweep single by Truax and scores the three-point takedown with 35 seconds left. Truax rides out the period for a 4-1 win.

Penn State 10, Michigan 3

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State tech fall Bobby Striggow, Michigan, 20-5

First period: Brooks scores off a knee pick for a 3-0 lead. Escape by Striggow with 1:17 left followed by a throwby off an underhook then an escape by Striggow. The action goes out of bounds and they start in the center with 30 seconds left. Double unders to a throw-by for Brooks for another takedown and a 9-2 lead as the buzzer sounds.

Second period: Brooks starts on bottom and gets a reversal for an 11-2 lead. Escape by Striggow makes it 11-3 but another takedown, escape, takedown makes it 16-4 as the action goes out of bounds. Escape and takedown gives Penn State a technical fall. 

Penn State 15, Michigan 3

285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State dec. #4 Lucas Davison, Michigan, 8-3

First period: No score halfway through the period but Kerkvliet scores 15 seconds later on an ankle pick for a 3-0 lead. Escape by Davison makes it 3-1. 

Second period: Kervliet starts on bottom and he rolls out for an escape for a 7-1 lead after a takedown. Davison escapes with 1:07 remaining and gets hit with stalling. Shot by Davison at the end of the period but Kerkvliet sprawls out and the period ends.

Third period: Davison starts on bottom and escapes in 1:08 when Kervliet lets him go for a 7-3 lead. Kerkvliet wins 8-3 after a riding time point is tabulated.

Penn State 18, Michigan 3

125: #14 Braeden Davis, Penn State dec. #17 Michael DeAugustino, Michigan, 5-1

First period: No score halfway through the period. No scoring. 

Second period: DeAugustino starts on bottom and Davis hits a minute of riding time. Stall call on Davis as the action goes out of bounds with 32 seconds left. DeAugustino escapes with 17 seconds remaining for a 1-0 lead.

Third period: Davis starts on bottom. Davis escapes and riding time is at 59 seconds but Penn State challenges that riding time was at one minute. After review, there was one minute of riding time when the escape was called. Challenge won. DeAugustino gets in a few wild positions but Davis counters a throw at the end of the match and gets the takedown for a 5-1 win with the riding time point.

Penn State 21, Michigan 3

133: #6 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan fall #4 Aaron Nagao, Penn State, Fall SV

First period: Nagao hits a single off the whistle but Ragusin counters out and is in on a shot. Stalemate called with 2:27 left. Nagao hits a low shot and scores a three-point takedown for a 3-0 lead. Ragusin gets the escape and is on a shot, drags Nagao back to the center of the mat for a takedown and a 4-3 lead. An escape by Nagao makes it 4-4 with 45 seconds left. The period ends 4-4.

Second period: Nagao starts on bottom and Ragusin is still on top halfway through. A locked-hands call on Ragusin late in the period makes it 5-4 in favor of Nagao. Penn State challenges a reversal call at the end of the period. The call is confirmed. No reversal.

Third period: Neutral start and Nagao darts in on a leg but Ragusin counters. Ragusion hits a low shot off the whistle at 47 second but Nagao counters and a scramble ends up on the feet with a body lock. The score is tied 5-5 after the riding time point for Ragusin.

Sudden victory: Single-leg by Ragusin and Ragusin gets the uncontrolled fall during a scramble.

Penn State 21, Michigan 9

141: #2 Beau Bartlett, Penn State dec. #24 Sergio Lemley, Michigan, 7-5

First period: Bartlett hits a single halfway through the period, hits a tree top, and eventually secures a takedown for a 3-0 lead. Bartlett rides out the period.

Second period: Bartlett starts on bottom and escapes in 35 seconds for a 4-0 lead. 

Third period: Lemley starts on bottom and escapes in 10 seconds and a stall call on Bartlett shortly after. Lemley scores a takedon as Bartlett tries to roll through but Bartlett scores a reversal and a locked hands call makes it 7-5 after an escape. Bartlett wins 7-5 as Lemley attempts multiple takedowns. 

Penn State 24, Michigan 9

149: David Evans, Penn State dec. Fidel Mayora, Michigan, 5-2

First period: Stalling on Mayora with nine seconds left. No score. 

Second period: Mayora starts on bottom. Mayora gets to his feet and escapes with 58 seconds left for a 1-0 lead after Evans takes riding time over a minute. 

Third period: Evan starts on bottom and escapes but Evans jumps out to a 4-1 lead after a takedown. Mayora escapes to cut the lead in half. Evans wins 5-2 with the riding time point. 

Penn State 27, Michigan 9